There are players who are playing ranked games in Free Fire alone. They are not playing solo matches, but instead going for duo and squad games alone. That may not be the most ideal way to play the game. It wasn’t certainly meant to be played that way. However, by using just a bit of your game sense and a ton of practice, anyone can go solo. 

In this guide of Free Fire, you will be getting tips on how you can win your games solo in a team play environment. The fact is that no player alone can take an entire squad, let alone a well-coordinated one. That’s why here you will be getting tips on how you can win games in ranked matches. Good habits and game sense are something that every serious player needs to learn to reach Grandmaster rank in this game. 


If you are playing to reach the Grandmaster rank by playing squad games alone, then your landing and looting need to adapt. If you were playing a solo match, then you can land at the prime spots of the map where most players will land. However, as a solo player in duo and squad games, you need to land at locations that have fewer players dropping. The reason is simple here, you’re trying to survive the early game. Don’t think that you will be camping in your games. Camping is a terrible habit and ruins the experience of other players. What you will be doing is landing and getting loot to start with. 

Free Fire Guide to Ranked Games: Learn How to Dominate the BR

Since you’re alone, you need to make sure that you land on a house or someplace where you have cover. Never go running outside to kill players when you’re playing solo vs teams. Taking longer engagements is almost necessary when you’re taking on teams alone. As a solo player, you need to loot in a manner that you have enough ammo and health items. Getting a sniper rifle and an AR is ideal, even if it is a Kar98k. Use a character whose ability can regenerate health, and definitely use Chronos’ Time Turner ability. Always use the sniper towers in the game to hide and take kills till the first circle ends. 

Free Fire Guide to Ranked Games: Learn How to Dominate the BR

Since you’re alone, running around without a good vest and helmet is not a great idea. You can use that sniper tower to take a few kills and loot those kills. Teams usually distribute loot among themselves, so looting them will help you save time and get kills. 

Character Skills

When you’re playing a game like Free Fire, you need to give a lot of focus on your character. This is something that is very unique to this game. A good combination of character skills is almost necessary for players who are pushing their ranks. When it comes to playing solo in team games, you need a character skill combination that will help you to survive the longest. 

Free Fire Guide to Ranked Games: Learn How to Dominate the BR

When you’re holding your position on the sniper tower, an ability like Time Turner can come in handy. So even if you do get spotted on the tower, you still have a good defense to fall back on that is not a gloo wall. A good character combination can be made by combining Chorons, Kelly, Hayato, and Moco together. All of these characters bring something to the table that will make your life much easier when taking on squads. 

Last Circle Survival

One of the things about playing ranked games in the purgatory map is that the sniper tower rarely is outside the safe zone. More often than not, the sniper tower will be inside the safe zone. So the question does become when should you actually start rushing and going for kills. The way Free Fire point system works is this: till there are more than 12 players left you should hold your position. This is only applicable when you’re playing alone in a team game match. Always keep an eye on your kill feed and the number of players alive. If you die when more than 12 players are left, then you will get negative points. 

Free Fire Guide to Ranked Games: Learn How to Dominate the BR

That is to say, if you die without killing anyone and there are more than 12 players left, then you’re going to lose points. If you have killed a player or more in the game, then your negative points will get balanced out with your kill points. So try to survive till the last or second last safe zone circle. Ideally, go for taking kills when they’re 10 or fewer players left alive. Then you can loot airdrops in peace and take fights from the last remaining players. Your entire focus when playing for pushing rank solo is to deliver the maximum amount of damage. Damage means points in Free Fire, and those points is exactly what you need. 

Free Fire Guide to Ranked Games: Learn How to Dominate the BR

Among other things, you should be very aware of your landing situation. Pushing rank is not easy, especially when you’re at the higher ones. So make sure that you land in an isolated place. The downside of doing so is that you might not even get a weapon when you land. If that is the case, then you should run away fast. Without a weapon, you’re nothing more than a free kill. Try finding some wheels as soon as possible once you have a mid-tier loot. Having a set of wheels will guarantee you a way of running from a bad engagement, and it can be used as cover too. Stock up on your utilities and throwables. 

Free Fire Guide to Ranked Games: Learn How to Dominate the BR

A gloo wall comes in very handy when you’re trying to loot an airdrop. If you’re serious about pushing rank, then spend some time in practice as well. That will help in getting your hands and head familiar with the game mechanics. It also will help you get more familiar with each weapon that you will in the game. Always be inside cover when you’re playing solo. This is something that many players need to learn, but no matter how enticing the kill looks, stay put.