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Start Smoking Your Enemies in Free Fire Clash Squads with This Guide

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Clash Squads in Free Fire is probably one of the most interesting implementations of the classic team deathmatch mode. Granted it is not the classic team deathmatch that many have come to expect from games like CS: GO but it is close enough. There is a lot of information that one needs to keep in mind when playing a match. Mostly what decides the outcome of a game is what character each team has on their side and how well versed a player is in using them. For players that are new or just not that much into character abilities, it does become a little challenging to win in Clash Squads.

Start Smoking Your Enemies in Free Fire Clash Squads with This Guide

That is not to say that they can’t. What your main focus should be if you are not well versed in the Free Fire mythos is to use throwables as much as you can. There is a lot that the game offers in terms of throwables and that includes even the Gloo Walls. Recently it is the smoke grenades that are wreaking havoc in Clash Squads and that has created an interesting situation. Basically, there are players who know how to use smoke grenades and when to use them. Then there are the players that see the smoke popping up on their screens and then die in-game. The thing is, that for the longest time players have just assumed that smoke grenades are only good for providing a smokescreen and cover. That is not what they are used for in team deathmatch or in Free Fire’s case, Clash Squads.

Start Smoking Your Enemies in Free Fire Clash Squads with This Guide

In Clash Squads, you are playing in a small part of a bigger map. In that small area, there are a very limited number of spots that you can fight in and also find your enemies in. A smoke grenade can block the vision of the enemy team for an entire section of the map. Not only they can’t see you but they can’t even approach or rush on you. In a battle royale match, you use smokes mostly when you’re under fire and need to escape from the enemy. In game modes like Clash Squads, you use smokes as a tactic to take on the enemy team. One smoke grenade in a critical corner of the map can decide who is going to win the game. That is exactly what we are going to cover in this Free Fire Smoke Grenade game guide and that pun was unintended. 

Factory Setting

When you are playing in Factory which is on the Bermuda map, you need to keep the structure in mind. A better way to explain it would be to take that area as a map itself. There is a big but hollow structure in the middle that has four corners of entry. The factory itself is a building that is open from two sides. So here’s the plan: your team has two corners on their side and so does the other team. The approach tactics they can use will rely on two areas. They can either rush on your team using one or both corners of the factory in teams of two. This is a terrible tactic but frequently used by randomly matched players. 

Start Smoking Your Enemies in Free Fire Clash Squads with This Guide

The other tactic they can most likely use is two players coming from the outside of the factory from one of the angles and the other two coming from the inside of the structure. What you will need is one smoke grenade and maybe two gloo walls to win one round. Send all four players of the team with one keeping a distance and staying a little back. Now what you need to do is cook a smoke grenade and then throw it to cover the angle the other team is coming from. Listen for the footsteps here carefully. While you’re smoking one angle, send the other two players inside the factory and they need to use gloo walls almost immediately to give up their position. Chances are they will be in the corners hiding and will immediately start firing at your team. This will let you know their position. 

Start Smoking Your Enemies in Free Fire Clash Squads with This Guide

Coming back to that smoke outside, you need to just wait for a second till the firing starts. Once it does the other players of the enemy team will either rush through the smoke or will stand just outside the smoke. Once that second is over you need to immediately rush through the smoke with almost replicating the bunny hop movement to take them on. Keep running inside the smoke as well when you start shooting. This will cover you from the enemy’s vision but they will still shoot at you since they can see your area of entry. By this point, you can understand that character ability is useful but it still can’t compete with just a well-coordinated attack. 


When playing Clash Squads there will be times when you get to the Observatory location. This is a prime location for snipers and using smoke grenades can make a huge difference. If you take a look at the Observatory, it is a place that has a top and bottom level. Since the bottom level is mostly used for getting to the top to snipe it mostly serves as a place for cover. What you can do here is throw a smoke grenade from the bottom level to the top. This will alert other players about your location, but the advantage here is that the enemy team won’t be able to see you. 

Start Smoking Your Enemies in Free Fire Clash Squads with This Guide

With the way smoke grenades work in Free Fire right now, you can actually open the scope inside the smoke. The enemy team won’t be able to see you because of the distance and the smoke cover. You on the other hand will be able to take clear shots on them. Even when you rush towards the other team you can use the smoke grenades. Use the cover of those damaged cars to give yourself cover and throw a cloud of smoke to distract the enemies. Additionally, you can also use the smoke grenade and the grenades in combination as well. 

Start Smoking Your Enemies in Free Fire Clash Squads with This Guide

When the enemy team is doing a push towards your location, you can throw a smoke grenade to block their vision. To do this you need to throw a smoke not at the enemy team but in front of them. The distance should be enough that they don’t immediately run through it. This will block their view and give your team a chance to set up their positions. Then, once you see some movement from the enemy team, throw a grenade in the smoke. The grenade blasts and the smokescreen will make them hesitate before charging in and give your team more time to mount an attack. 

The thing about using smoke grenades is that you need to be creative with them. Since Free Fire has primarily been a battle royale game, most players have the mentality to use a smoke grenade only to hide. Hopefully, this Free Fire guide will be helpful with giving you ideas on how you can use smokes beyond the usual ways.

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