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Free Fire Weapon Guide: All Sniper Rifles Explained for All Players

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Sniping in Free Fire is all about skill. No matter how you cut it, not every player is a sniping god. But, they can become one. What is required to become a good sniper is constant improvement. The more you play with a sniper, the better your control will become. In any BR and that includes Free Fire, you need to always be aware of your surroundings. That becomes even more true for a sniper who is taking shots from a distance. Player spotting is just one part of it but more than that you need game knowledge. Think of it this way, there are places that you know players are going to be hiding. Be it the Kalahari map or the Bermuda map, hot locations are constant kill spots. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: All Sniper Rifles Explained for All Players

The reason you know about hot drops or even popular camping spots is because of the knowledge you have gained. This can also be called game sense. Pros of the highest levels are so much tuned into it that they can predict where the last zone will be. To reach that level of intuition or game sense you or any player needs to be aware. When it comes to snipers, you can see why game knowledge is necessary. To expand on it a little more, game knowledge also includes knowing the bugs present in Free Fire. Beyond that, it also includes character knowledge. Characters like Chronos are known to be game breaking. Incorporating those characters’ strengths and weaknesses in your character combinations is almost a given. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: All Sniper Rifles Explained for All Players

That is just one example of Free Fire’s game mechanics. Then there is the weapon knowledge that comes into play. There are multiple different categories of weapons in the game. In each of those categories, there are weapons that are better than most. In snipers, there is the KAR98K, AWM, and M82B. Out of these three, there is only one that can destroy gloo walls and vehicles brutally. To put it mildly, M82B is a god tier sniper rifle in Free Fire. Then comes the AWM and Kar98K which are almost equal in terms of stats. It is the in-game performance and personal preference among players that differentiate these two. In this Free Fire guide, you will be learning about how each of these rifles fare against each other. Then some tips on how you can just tweak your sniping for more sure shots.


Starting off with the least favored and probably the most used sniper rifle. Kar98k is a gun that is somewhat easily found on every map of Free Fire. If there was a sniper that basically gets the job done, then it is this one. In the game, the Kar98k does serve a very useful purpose, and that is getting you a tool for long range. This is where the gun mechanics of the game start coming into play. In simple terms, SMGs are perfect for close range fights. They fire quick and fast, dealing more than enough damage to the enemy. ARs are great for medium to somewhat long ranged combat if you have a scope on. They shoot slower, but more powerful rounds and are perfect for all types of players. Sniper rifles are great for long range shots and Kar98k is the baseline for it. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: All Sniper Rifles Explained for All Players

The sniper comes with a basic barebones setup. It has an 8x scope and can be used to do two things. One is taking shots at enemies that are quite far from you and the other is spotting. See, you don’t need to always take shots at every player you spot. You also need the information of what is happening around you and that 8x does come in handy. What also works for this sniper is the fact that it isn’t a drop gun. What goes against this gun is its slowness. It is a painfully slow sniper rifle to use when compared to the AWM and M82B.


This is probably the second-best sniper rifle in this game. AWM as a rifle is probably the only gun that has been seen in multiple games. From CS:GO to PUBG to Free Fire, this is a legendary gun with a lot of gaming pedigree behind it. In FF the AWM is not as powerful as it has been in other games. As far as gun mechanics go, this is just a more tweaked version of Kar98k. You can add some more attachments to it like the extended magazine to increase its bullet capacity. Beyond that, you will get a faster rifle action on the AWM than on the Kar98k and slightly more range. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: All Sniper Rifles Explained for All Players

Among other things, you also get some slight benefits of using this gun. In the game settings, you can find the option of AWM sniping where you should select the “Hold Fire to Scope” option. This setting will help you a lot in quick scoping opponents, which is especially useful in Clash Squads game mode. It goes without saying but quick scoping with the AWM is way more fun.


This is by far the most powerful weapon in the game, period. The M82B is a beast of a weapon that is only found by a lucky few in drops. You can easily one-shot enemies, destroy gloo walls, take down vehicles, and deal damage like a tank. What sets this sniper rifle apart from others in Free Fire is the gun mechanics. Unlike the other two snipers, the M82B is an automatic sniper. Meaning, there is no bolt action mechanism to deal with plus you get two more bullets in the magazine as well. Another thing that is great about this gun is the lack of attachments. Only the silencer attachment can be added to the M82B, which is perfect. You don’t need to be on the lookout for attachments for making this gun function better. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: All Sniper Rifles Explained for All Players

Like any game would add conditions to even the best weapon, the M82B does have its limits. It’s heavier than the other two snipers, so your movement speed will get reduced when using it. A simple solution to that is switching to either melee or another gun while moving. Its rate of fire is exactly the same as the other two guns, but it’s the penetration power that sets it apart. In Free Fire this gun has armor penetration of 67 which is the highest of any gun. That translates into literal destruction. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: All Sniper Rifles Explained for All Players

When it comes to sniping in this game, you can’t get any better rifles than these. That’s not to say that there are no other guns that can be used for sniping. For what it’s worth, players even use the AK or SCAR for sniping if they want to, but sniper rifles are different. There is a specific feel to them that is just not available on other guns.

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