Battle royale games almost require a four-man squad. Yes you can still play solo and duo matches, but it is those squad matches that are the most fun to win. In Free Fire as well you can play with your squad and you need a good one to win as well. In a well oiled squad there are four teammates who all have their roles cut out for them. Out of those three there is one player that is bound to be a sniper. One could even say that without a sniper your squad is incomplete. 

A Complete Guide for Wanna be Snipers of Garena Free Fire, Learn Your Place

It is the job of that sniper to convey to their teammates the situation of the battlefield and spot enemies. A sniper’s job is to convey as much information as possible while giving cover fire from behind. Typically, a sniper will be a support player and hence it becomes imperative that we make a guide for them. In the case of Free Fire a sniper cannot just be someone who found a sniper rifle. A real team player understands the importance of sharing their loot or resources with the team. Ideally a sniper is someone who also acts like a support player from the back. 

An easier way to explain this would be to look at snipers in Free Fire as healers and spotters. They cannot be on the front lines to rush on enemy teams and more often than not they will have to revive their teammates. Some of the basics that a player who wants to be a sniper in Free Fire has to cover includes Movement, Spotting, Stealth, and looting. Believe it or not but as a sniper a player has to carry extra health items for their teammates. While the entry fragger or fraggers depending on the formation your squad is running has to fight with the enemies directly. 

A Complete Guide for Wanna be Snipers of Garena Free Fire, Learn Your Place

More often than not these entry fraggers will concentrate on ammunition and everything else before health items. It becomes the job of the support player or in this case a sniper to carry more health items than bullets. That is only one example of the difference in perspective a sniper needs to have. So what exactly this Free Fire game guide is going to cover? Everything that can be possibly covered about sniping in Free Fire. From character combinations to positioning to weapon selection.

Weapon Selection:

Even before we begin talking about weapon selection a quick brief. In Free Fire there are a few weapons that are proper sniper rifles. Those guns are the KAR98K, AWM, and M82B. Out of the three it is the M82B that is the most powerful weapon in the game and rarest to find as well. Out of all the weapons in the game it is the M82B that can actually penetrate gloo walls and give damage to the players hiding behind it. With that out of the way let’s take a look at some weapon combos you can run. 

High ranking squads have a dedicated sniper player that probably is practicing as well. These type of sniper players usually run with two snipers to reduce reloading time. At that level your aim and movement is at a pretty high level plus your teammates are also able to protect you from the enemies. The ideal weapon combination to run for a sniper player like this is M82B with AWM. Both are the most brutal sniper rifles present in the game and will destroy a half decent squad from a distance. 

A Complete Guide for Wanna be Snipers of Garena Free Fire, Learn Your Place

Now coming to players that are in squads that is still figuring out their teamwork. You need to prioritize what type of player you are and how your squad plays. Let’s say your squad is made of highly individualistic players then you need a sniper rifle plus a weapon that is going to be your mid to close range weapon. This is just an example but what it essentially means is that you need another weapon that can be used to fight off enemy players since your teammates might not be able to cover you. In those scenarios you need either an SMG or an AR. 

A Complete Guide for Wanna be Snipers of Garena Free Fire, Learn Your Place

What you can do in this situation is run either AK or SCAR rifles if your engagements are medium range most of the time. AK does have a higher recoil but if you practice enough with it then you will be raking up that body count in no time. SCAR is a more manageable assault rifle in terms of recoil and is more suited for players who are new in the game. Another good choice if you are running into a ton of close range combat is using SMGs. The MP40 and the MP5 are both excellent weapons for close combat. Both offer high rate of fire and the ammo both of them use is available in plenty. 

Positioning and Movement:

As mentioned above positioning and movement is what differentiates a great sniper from a player who has a sniper rifle. Let’s say you are playing with your team in Free Fire on the Kalahari map. That map is known for being sniper friendly. If you haven’t already figured it out why that is the case then the reason is its terrain. Kalahari map has a ton of high vantage points that are a boon for snipers. This in itself shows how critical positioning is for a sniper. Taking refuge in areas that can mask your position while giving you a good view of the battlefield will make all the difference needed.

A Complete Guide for Wanna be Snipers of Garena Free Fire, Learn Your Place

Now movement is a whole different ball game. See, if this was a guide made for entry fraggers then how you rush on the enemies would be more important in movement. For snipers that changes drastically. Your movement should be more focused towards hiding your presence from the enemies. Let’s say you’re inside a big structure on the Bermuda map, and you’re holding a good position then it is more beneficial to hold that position. When it comes to sniping the better vantage point you have the better your FOV will be. 

Character Selection:

Characters are a big part of Free Fire and the game revolves around them. Over the updates the devs have added a ton of characters that have unique abilities. Players can even add the abilities of different characters to make their own unique one. Since the guide specifically deals with snipers, your character should represent that. For a sniper it is imperative that they prioritize healing abilities or defensive abilities above all. A character like Laura, for example, is perfect for snipers. 

A Complete Guide for Wanna be Snipers of Garena Free Fire, Learn Your Place

Her ability is called Sharp Shooter which increases accuracy when you take a shot with open scope. At level 1 the accuracy increase is by 10% which is not significant but at her maximum level the accuracy increases by 30% which is massive. Use Laura as a baseline character and add skills from characters like Chronos to make it a complete package. 

With all that said you still need to put in that practice. Having a proper training regime can make a significant difference in your gameplay. Even if you don’t play the same number of matches you will still put in daily practice. Not only that but as your skills improve in Free Fire your training regime also will evolve. That is the only way to ensure that your skills never get stagnant.