In this Free Fire Battlegrounds guide, you will be learning how you can better survive in a solo vs squad game. In every squad game and especially in ranked ones, there are a few players who play solo. Most of the time, players do it to increase their K/D in a short burst of games. Many players just prefer the thrill and fun of taking on whole squads and elevating their game. This Free Fire guide is going to explain how you can get the maximum number of kills playing solo in squad games. These tips will not explain how to aim, but rather where to aim and how to approach the BR.

Landing and Looting

When you’re playing solo in a four-man squad game, your landing and looting mindset needs to change. Areas like Clock Tower and Peak are prime landing locations when it comes to squad games. Most of the teams will be landing in these prime locations of each map, and so should you. When it comes to collecting kills, prime locations offer the maximum number of unarmed players in the beginning. Since you’re playing solo, not only your time to loot will be shorter, but you can jump into the action faster. 

Free Fire Guide For Solo Vs Squad Games For Maximum Kills

Just pick the first weapon you can get your hands on and start shooting. If you’re using a character like Chronos then it’ll be even better. Since you will be landing solo in these hot locations, you should try to avoid getting in a middle of a squad fight. If the location you’re in is surrounded by three squads, then try to stay put and hold. Don’t get in the middle of a fire fight and die uselessly. Instead, bide your time and wait for the right moment to strike. Stay on the sidelines and use the confusion of the other squads to your advantage. 

Steal Kills

One of the best parts of playing solo in squad games of Free Fire is that you can steal kills. Since you’re alone, you won’t get lambasted on the comms when you do steal some. The above tip mentioned being surrounded by three squads. Now you can stay put if your loot is miniscule but if you have gotten some decent loot, you can hide and steal kills from those other squads. The best part is that when you do steal some kills, no one would be thinking that a solo player did it. 

Free Fire Guide For Solo Vs Squad Games For Maximum Kills

What this tip is trying to say is to look for fights that other players are having. Then sit nearby until you can see the right moment to take a kill. Take the kill and change locations immediately, then repeat.  

Speed and Intelligence

When you’re playing solo and taking on a squad in a fight, what you should be aiming for is isolating your fights. No solo player can take on more than two players at a time in Free Fire, assuming you have an excellent character combination. Here is where your game sense needs to be dialed to the max. Every bit of information is necessary, and so is your kill speed. If you have taken an enemy down, finish them off quickly. Don’t try to use a knocked player as bait when you’re solo. That knocked player has information on you that they probably have already shared with their teammates. 

Free Fire Guide For Solo Vs Squad Games For Maximum Kills

So killing them and changing locations is a much smarter move when it comes to surviving in the battle royale solo. What you will be needing here is good decision-making that comes by playing the game and observing patterns of players in your rank. By isolating your fights, you will be taking on the enemy in a controlled environment. You can however bait by knocking the enemy if you’re using a sniper rifle like the M82B. Use the terrain and your location to your advantage. As a solo player you will need to work extra hard to win the Booyah but to get the maximum number of kill, you just need to be smart. 

Free Fire Guide For Solo Vs Squad Games For Maximum Kills

Use the right character abilities and pets to increase your chances of survival in fights. Also, if there’s a four man rush towards you, then it’s highly suggested that you hide and change locations. Don’t be too brave for your own good. 

Put it in Action

Since this Free Fire guide is about getting the maximum kills as a solo player in a squad game, you need to know certain things. The point of you playing here is to get the most kills as possible and not to go for end game. This mindset alone changes a lot of priorities. First is that you are supposed to take fights from the beginning of the game. Think about that for a moment because by the end game you are not going to get many kills. The reason for this is quite simple. In early game, you can safely assume that most players in a squad don’t have good loot with them. Squads then to be not well organized at the start of the game, but as the game progresses they get a feel for each other. 

Free Fire Guide For Solo Vs Squad Games For Maximum Kills

You on the other hand don’t need to adjust your play style for anyone else. So picking kills in the chaos of early game is comparably easy for a solo player. In mid stage of the match, you will be dealing with squads who’re well equipped and probably have even looted an airdrop. So not only do they have better guns and more of them than you, but also they’re now much more in sync than before. That’s why isolating your fights becomes much more important than before. You should also try going for headshots more often since that will finish the enemies quicker and make your K/D better as well. Use the right character like Chronos and the right gun like the AK or SCAR and you should see your kills go through the roof. Of course, spend some time in training to improve your game sense as well.