Battle Royale games are nothing without their weapons. That may not be the case for Free Fire because of its character roster. However, guns are still the main tool that you will be using to kill your enemies in the game. So it makes sense that you understand the best guns of each category. There are many guns in the game that you will be picking up, but you can carry only two. So in this guide, you will be learning about the ones that you should be carrying. Obviously, you should be picking the first weapon you find as soon as you land. What you will be learning here is the best weapon you can pick later as you go on looting. 


When it comes to weapons that are capable of destroying enemies behind their gloo walls, then M79 is the best one. This is basically a grenade launcher that can blast your enemies at a distance. One thing about using the M79 is that it is great for taking down enemies in the open. You can also use it to take down enemies that are hiding inside houses. 

Free Fire Weapons Guide: The Top 10 Guns

Bear in mind that there is a limited supply of ammunition with this type of gun. So remember to keep the ammunition of the type of gun you were using before picking M79 up. Basically, if you were using an SMG before picking up the M79, then don’t drop its ammo. 


One of the newer weapons that have come to the game is KORD. This is an LMG that comes pre-attached with a scope on it. The reason KORD is one of the better LMGs is because of how much range it offers. The gun comes with an eighty-round magazine, which is big enough for taking on an entire squad without reloading. 

Free Fire Weapons Guide: The Top 10 Guns

This is one of those few guns that you can pair with a rocket launcher or with the M82B. Having abilities like the Moco’s Hacker Eye or Shirou’s Damage Delivered will give you a lot of rewards with this gun. The only downside of this gun is how hard it is to find, and most of the time will be seen in the end game. So try finding it if you can, it’s worth it. 


If there is one gun that is dominating in Clash Squads, it’s the Vector. The Clash Squads mode is where players have to play in very close engagements, so a gun that is devastating in close range is picked. Among all the SMGs, Vector is the only one that is overly powerful. One of the big areas where SMGs excel is their rate of fire. These are guns that offer a high rate of fire and damage at very close range. The reason Vector is such a powerful SMG is because of the Akimbo perk. When the gun was added to the Free Fire roster, it came with the akimbo perk. 

Free Fire Weapons Guide: The Top 10 Guns

This makes the Vector the only weapon players can dual wield. Granted, that akimbo perk only works when you sacrifice one of your weapon slots. So both your primary and secondary weapon will only be Vector. Since you will be shooting two of them, you will be delivering twice the damage. Basically, you’re shooting two SMGs at once on one target. This reduces the killing time by a significant margin. In Clash Squads, Vector dominates for this very reason. The only attachments available for this gun are the Muzzle and Magazine. 


When it comes to the one SMG that has dominated the Free Fire battle royale games, it’s the MP40. This SMG is the most sought after SMG in battle royale games, and there is a good reason for that. This is probably the only SMG which has a very manageable rate of recoil along with excellent damage. Meaning that you can empty an entire magazine on your enemies, which is a good thing because you can only add the Magazine attachment on this gun. Not a lot of players understand this, but this very lack of attachments means that you can carry more items. 

Free Fire Weapons Guide: The Top 10 Guns

The only drawback this gun suffers from is its small mag capacity, which can be solved with an attachment. MP40 is the kind of weapon that goes well with Luqueta’s Hat Trick, Hayato’s Bushido, or Jota’s Sustained Raids. That is one of the reasons why players tend to carry this gun at least till the mid-game. It also helps that SMG ammunition is available in plenty throughout the game. MP40 has the highest rate of fire of any SMG, so make sure you use it properly. 


Assault rifles or ARs have to balance the thin line that exists between range and damage. Most rifles are made for mid-range combat and can perform well in close range. The main drop in damage delivered is seen when you use ARs for long range fights. Most of the guns will show a massive reduction in damage at a long range and that is why sniper rifles exist. There are some ARs like the AK that actually are very versatile. So versatile that you will find many players using it in the final circle as well. What works in the favor of this gun is the fact that it is one of the few guns that were there since the beginning of the game. 

Free Fire Weapons Guide: The Top 10 Guns

Many guns have been added and removed from the game, but the AK remains strong as ever. AK has the best on paper stats and in-game performance out of any gun in Free Fire. Sure, there are other ARs that may outclass AK in certain aspects. However, one thing to keep in mind is how easy it is to find this gun plus its ammo. That is what makes this weapon so unique. It is so common in the game that almost all players find it and use it. Which also equalizes the game to a certain degree. So if you find the AK, then use it. 


Among the ARs of Free Fire, this gun exists as an anomaly. Most rifles are focused towards mid-range or close to mid-range. This rifle, however, is geared only towards long range. Still, it is not a sniper rifle, but a long range AR. The M14 is a unique weapon with insane long range and damage among all ARs. You can even use attachments like the silencer, muzzle, scope, magazine, and foregrip. 

Free Fire Weapons Guide: The Top 10 Guns

There are 15 rounds in the magazine of this gun, so you can’t carry it with another sniper rifle. What this gun does well is bridge the gap between a sniper rifle and an AR. So players who are not that great in long range fights can use a weapon like this instead of relying on a sniper rifle. You can also carry an SMG for close range fights, like the MP40. 

Desert Eagle:

Clash Squads has something called a pistol round, which has made the handguns important again. The handgun slot or the sidearm slot in battle royale games is usually dominated by the M1873. In the pistol rounds of Clash Squads, the Desert Eagle has been ruling. This gun is nothing less than a cannon and can easily one-shot enemies all day. The range might be a limiting factor to some, but when you have to use a sidearm, you’re not in a ranged engagement. 

Free Fire Weapons Guide: The Top 10 Guns

Even then, the Desert Eagle offers enough range for winning rounds. It is the second most powerful sidearm after the M1873. Even in the battle royale game, using the Desert Eagle has started to make more sense to many players. However, players prefer the blast that the M1873 does to the enemy. You can use a silencer and muzzle attachment with this pistol. 


This is the one gun that will knock your enemies out immediately. It has the highest damage in close range of any weapon in Free Fire. The M1887 is so powerful that despite its carrying capacity being only two bullets, players will pick it up. It is small and agile, so movement speed is not much affected by it. The damage this gun does at close range is enough to kill the enemy in one bullet. 

Free Fire Weapons Guide: The Top 10 Guns

You don’t even need a headshot to finish someone off. This is not a gun that is favored by all players, but only by those who rush. There are no attachments that you can use with this gun, so stock up on the ammo. This gun is best suited for the secondary weapon slot. Just to make sure you understand how powerful it is, its damage stat is at 100.


The name AWM has become synonymous with the best sniper in many battle royale games. Even in Free Fire, AWM is one of the most powerful sniper rifles. The green gun can do some serious damage in long range shots. Its damage is as good as the M82B which means that most of the time your enemies will be dying in a single shot. If you equip the right character skills, then the AWM can take you all the way to booyah

Free Fire Weapons Guide: The Top 10 Guns

One drawback that the AWM has in the game is its reload time. Yes, you can use the magazine attachment, but that only adds more bullets. To reload time will still remain the same. Some of the skills that are suited to the AWM are the Damage Delivered of Shirou and Moco’s Hackers eye. 


When it comes to marksmen rifles like the SKS or the Woodpecker, it is the SVD that has dominated the game. SVD rifle has been in Free Fire for a very long time and even after the addition of Woodpecker, it still remains the preferred choice. What makes the SVD such a brute weapon are its stats. Among the marksmen rifles, the SVD has the highest damage and range. 

Free Fire Weapons Guide: The Top 10 Guns

It also has armor penetration rounds like the M82B, and it’s highly accurate. It also helps that the SVD is an automatic sniper rifle, unlike the AWM, which is bolt action. This gun has everything that you need for long range battles. Abilities like D-Bee’s Bullet Beats along with Shirou’s Damage Delivered will make life hell for your enemies.