Gaia Odyssey is a new MMORPG with a focus on auto-battling and auto-questing, which offers lots of different challenges to overcome and powerful bosses to defeat. Like many other mobile MMORPGs, the fact that this game features such a heavy emphasis on automation might make it seem like it’s a simple and straightforward experience, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As we mentioned in our BlueStacks guide for Gaia Odyssey, while you will be relying mostly on auto-battling to grind your way to the top, there will be moments when you’ll need to assume manual control in order to dodge enemy attacks and optimize your skill usage. Particularly against the toughest bosses, you will have to fight them manually if you want to survive.

However, your success here is also intrinsically tied to your starting class as each offers unique skills suited to specific playstyles. There are 3 main classes in Gaia Odyssey:

  1. Berserker: Wields powerful two-handed weapons and specializes in slow yet devastating blows. Can absorb as much damage as he can dish out, making him the specialized tank of the group.
  2. Lancer: Features a balance between offense and defense, able to act as off-tank if the need arises, but can also take a more offensive role and deal tons of damage.
  3. Cannoneer: Featurings tons of AoE damage, as well as being the only purely-ranged class, she can rain destruction on her enemies. Though she isn’t the strongest in terms of DPS, she’s the safest choice, making her the most beginner-friendly class.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the three classes that are available in Gaia Odyssey as of launch, and hopefully help you to decide which one to choose if you’re new to the game.

Berserker – A Powerful Tank

The melee specialist who also happens to be the most tanky and durable class in the game. The Berserker specializes in AoE and CC skills, often affecting entire hordes of enemies with every single swing of his weapon. This class is perfect for those who enjoy tanking and for the players who like to dive face-first into combat with reckless abandon. If you’re impatient and like to fight enemies head-on, then this is the class for you.

The Berserker’s core skills are the following:

  1. Waltz Slash: Deals 215% damage to 3 players (or 5 NPCs) in a circle around the player.
  2. Claws Stab: Deals 335% damage to 4 players (or 5 NPCs) in a cone in front of the player.
  3. Wrath Fountain: Deals 440% damage to 5 players (or 6 NPCs) in a circle around the player.
  4. Void Slash: Deals 800% damage to 5 players (or 8 NPCs) in a small area.

Lancer – Perfectly Balanced All-Rounder

The Lancer’s stats are well-rounded, making him a jack of all trades in terms of performance, though this also means that he isn’t as specialized as other classes. He trades powerful defense and offense for being moderately decent at everything, with a degree of success. While he won’t deal as much damage as the Cannoneer nor absorb as much punishment as the Berserker, he can easily switch between roles in the middle of combat. This class is great for the indecisive few that can’t choose a starting class—you simply can’t go wrong with the Lancer.

The Lancer’s core skills are the following:

  1. Drasoar Stab: Deals 200% damage to 3 players (or 5 NPCs) in a straight line ahead.
  2. Flash Gundance: Deals 600% damage to 4 players (or 6 NPCs) in a circle around the player.
  3. Dragon Breath: Deals 490% damage to 4 players (or 5 NPCs) in a straight line ahead.
  4. Firing Squad: Deals 765% damage to 5 players (or 8 NPCs) in a small area.

Cannoneer – Ranged Destruction and Pure DPS

The only pure DPS in the game as of now. Though the other two classes can dish out decent damage, the Cannoneer outclasses everyone else in this regard, especially since she can eliminate her enemies from long distances. For this reason, she’s not only the safest class, but also the strongest in terms of DPS, especially when paired with a melee character that can keep the enemies distracted while she rains destruction on the enemy.

However, you need to be extra careful when using the Cannoneer since she’s considerably more fragile than the other two. In this sense, you’ll need to know when to plant down and start DPSing, and when to move to avoid damage. The dodge function is your best friend when playing this class.

The Cannoneer’s core skills are the following:

  1. Close Jet: Deals 335% damage to 3 players (or 5 NPCs) in a straight line ahead.
  2. Black Hole Effect: Deals 400% damage to 3 players (or 6 NPCs) in a straight line ahead.
  3. Magnetic Field: Deals 610% damage to 4 players (or 5 NPCs) in a circle around the player.
  4. Outrage Bombing: Deals 765% damage to 5 players (or 8 NPCs) in a small area.

Which Class Should I Play?

Now that we know what each Gaia Odyssey class can do, you can go ahead and choose the one that fits your playstyle the most. However, if you still can’t make up your mind, consider the following:

  1. Berserker: The easiest class since all his skills affect nearby enemies and there’s no need to consider your positioning in most cases. He’s tanky and doesn’t go down easily, allowing for many mistakes.
  2. Lancer: Combines the AoE of the Berserker with the DPS of the Cannoneer, though some of his skills require careful positioning to affect the most number of enemies.
  3. Cannoneer: The strongest DPS. Though quite fragile, she can often destroy her enemies before they can get close enough to fight back. As the most fragile class, she has a higher learning curve since you need to constantly dodge attacks to stay alive against the toughest bosses.

Which Gaia Odyssey class is your favorite, so far? Leave us your comments in the section below!