So you just started your adventure in Gaia Odyssey and want the crash course on how best to progress and power up in this new MMORPG? Well, you’re in luck since this is precisely what we’re going to do in this handy beginner’s guide.

Beginner’s Guide for Gaia Odyssey - The Best Starter Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Read on to find the best Gaia Odyssey tips, tricks, and strategies to follow as a beginner who just downloaded and installed the game.

Choose the Right Class For Your Playstyle

One of the most important parts about playing any MMORPG is choosing the correct class for your preferences. While it isn’t as important in Gaia Odyssey since you can create up to three characters in one account, potentially covering all three available classes, it’s still something you need to consider since your first impression of the game is directly linked to your first character. Simply put, if you’re not having fun, then you’ll definitely hate the game, and that’s not good!

Beginner’s Guide for Gaia Odyssey - The Best Starter Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

The three available classes as of launch are the following:

  1. Berserker: The tank of the bunch. Can engage and fight numerous enemies at the same time with his powerful two-handed sword.
  2. Lancer: A balanced choice, featuring a good mix of attack and defense. Not as strong as the Cannoneer nor as tanky as the Berserker, but can thrive in most situations.
  3. Cannoneer: Pure DPS, specializing in raining destruction on her enemies from afar using her cannon.

Of all the three classes, the Berserker is by far the easiest to play. Not only can he dish out decent damage, but he’s also beginner-friendly since he’s very resilient. However, if you’re not sure what to pick, go for the Lancer since he’s a good middle ground and can easily handle most situations, even while auto-battling.

Beginner’s Guide for Gaia Odyssey - The Best Starter Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Crank Your Settings to the Max

Gaia Odyssey has surprisingly good graphics and can also maintain a stable framerate, provided you meet the necessary requirements. When gaming on your phone, you’d need a powerful and expensive device to play the game at max settings. However, on BlueStacks, you can easily play any game on the highest settings, without having to worry about performance issues, overheating, or battery life.

However, having good performance is important for many reasons, especially when it comes to staying alive and out of harm’s way. In other words, it’s much easier to evade enemy attacks when the game is running at a stable 60 FPS than it is if it would be running at sub-30 FPS with constant slowdowns. And if the game is stuttering, you could even drop inputs, causing you to get hit and possibly fall in battle.

Beginner’s Guide for Gaia Odyssey - The Best Starter Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

If you’re playing Gaia Odyssey on PC, we recommend going into the in-game settings menu and setting your graphics and FPS to the highest settings. That way, you can enjoy not only the best visuals that the game can provide, but also a stable FPS that will allow you to easily defeat any boss, and even other players in PvP.

Automate Most of the Grind

As we mentioned above, this MMORPG has a heavy emphasis on auto-battling and auto-questing. You can even leave your character grinding against powerful enemies for experience for as long as you want. For this reason, you need to become familiar with the automation systems in order to progress as fast as you can. After all, most of the features in the game are locked either behind the main story progression, or behind a level requirement, both of which can be unlocked simply by auto-questing.

A good idea as soon as you begin the game, aside from paying attention to the story (if that’s your thing), is simply using the auto-questing feature. Especially if you don’t know what to do, this function is very useful as it’ll always point you to the right location. You can find this feature simply by clicking on any quest in the quest log on the far left of the screen, after which your character will automatically walk to the quest location and try to complete the objective. In the case of combat quests, you’ll need to either defeat the required monsters manually, or activate auto-battle once you arrive at the location to get your character to do it for you.

Beginner’s Guide for Gaia Odyssey - The Best Starter Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

If you’re playing with BlueStacks, it’s actually possible to completely automate the process, without having to manually turn on auto-battle every time you reach a quest area, by creating several BlueStacks macros. You can simply record yourself completing a combat quest once, and then use the resulting macro to automate it every other time in the future.

Upgrade. Absolutely. Everything

If you want to tackle all the content that Gaia Odyssey has to offer, you’ll need to keep your character upgraded as much as possible. This can be quite confusing since there are many, many different ways to power up both your character as well as your minions, spirits, mounts, and other aspects.

Beginner’s Guide for Gaia Odyssey - The Best Starter Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Nevertheless, there’s a good way to always stay on top of your current upgrades without having to waste time manually searching through all the different windows and menus in the game: by using the “Strengthen” feature.

Whenever there’s an upgrade available for your character, you’ll see a “Strengthen” icon appear beside your skill buttons. You can simply click it to see what enhancements you can purchase in your current state, allowing you to power up your character without putting too much thought into it.

Beginner’s Guide for Gaia Odyssey - The Best Starter Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Use this feature often as it’ll come in handy throughout most of the game.

Do Your Daily Quests and Dungeons

Last but not least. When you reach a certain point in the game, you’ll unlock certain dungeons and daily missions, which you can complete on a daily basis to earn special rewards.

The daily missions consist of 20 quests that require you to run around and talk to NPCs, defeat monsters or bosses, or loot certain items. Though completing these quests takes about 10 to 15 minutes, you can always automate these simply by clicking on the quest in the missions list, as well as by creating a custom macro for this purpose, like we mentioned above.

The daily dungeons are more straightforward and simply consist of arenas that you can enter to defeat monsters and obtain specific rewards. There are dungeons for leveling, for grinding materials, gold, and others. You have limited allowances every day, so try to use them all whenever possible. You can also increase your total allowances by reaching VIP 4. However, this requires spending real money, so only purchase it at your discretion.

Beginner’s Guide for Gaia Odyssey - The Best Starter Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

While Gaia Odyssey can seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially due to all its different upgrade options and features that unlock as you progress through the main story, you can easily find your way after playing it for a few hours. The tips in this beginner’s guide will definitely help in this regard. Feel free to swing by our blog where you’ll find more guides for this awesome new MMORPG.