If you have any experience with mobile MMO games, you probably know by now that there’s always that one building that is the heart of your base. In Game of Kings, that’s your Stronghold. This is where you can see the overview of your realm and decide just how far you can go into your playthrough.

Game of Kings: How to Grow Your Stronghold Fast

The higher the level your Stronghold, the more things you can do overall. Don’t even get us started on your army. Without a properly levelled SH, your army will be frail and generally laughable. You get a second march at level 6, whereas level 15 allows you to send out three separate armies to conquer bases, defeat monsters, or just farm resource nodes.

More importantly, the Stronghold is the place that decides when you can hasten your build/upgrade timers. You start off at 5 minutes and you get an additional two by the time you get to SH 7.

Fasttrack to Level 15

To begin with, you’ll need multiple march slots because, well, multitasking is the way to play. You might want some of your army to farm wood while the remainder of your troops are hunting monsters with your hero. In addition, your march size is quite limited. Prior to SH 10, we can send out just 30,000 troops at a time. Being able to reinforce those with another 30k is no small bonus. Aside from making you a force to be reckoned with, more march slots enable you to play the game more strategically.

Game of Kings: How to Grow Your Stronghold Fast

What we actually mean by strategy is the ability to attack other bases and successfully plunder millions of resources. If you’ve read our Game of Kings review, then you probably know that you can never have enough resources. Especially once you hit Stronghold level 10 and beyond, upgrade requirements can get quite steep even if you’ve stacked your base with production buildings.

Game of Kings: How to Grow Your Stronghold Fast

The only way to keep up with the constant demand of materials is to go out into the medieval world and find a kingdom ripe for attacking. We suggest you first start off with inactive accounts before you get a hang of the way combat works in GoK (hyperlink to: “Game of Kings: How to Win Every Combat”). One golden rule is to use as many resources as possible before logging off. Always assume somebody is going to attack you, because chances are, they will. Everybody needs resources to keep upgrades queued up.

Getting a Lot of Power Early On

Beyond ensuring that you always have upgrades on-going and as few resources lying about as possible, you need to follow the main mission quests and always upgrade everything it asks you to. If you want to reduce the amount of dead time you spend collecting resources, you can check out our guide to playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks. Believe us, it’s worth it.

Game of Kings: How to Grow Your Stronghold Fast

If you build and upgrade only to fulfil quest requirements, you’ll have plenty of rewards to reap from the City Quests as a result. You shouldn’t focus on getting an army just now. Soldiers will use some of your Corn and their benefit early on is quite small. A few hundred, even thousands of troops have marginal farming potential by comparison to what you’ll need to keep progressing at a steady pace. Just to give you an idea, with 350 troops and our hero, all we are able to get from a node is roughly 2,000 Iron. Even if we multiply that by 10, it’s still a marginal gain for how often we need to do it and how much time it takes to keep a steady supply running.

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Game of Kings: How to Grow Your Stronghold Fast

When you’re not doing main quest upgrades, you should look to maximize your passive resource gain. First off, you need to fill your base with Lumber Mills, Mines, Quarries, and Farms. Make sure you get a good balance between their numbers. They don’t need to be upgraded too much so you can stop when they start requiring more time than your Stronghold instant upgrade can do. You can only place these outside of your castle walls, so make sure you count the available spots before building stuff randomly.

Game of Kings: How to Grow Your Stronghold Fast

Now, head over to your academy and put some work into the Economics branch. Combat, Hero, and Training are all appealing, but none of them will help you grow fast when you need it the most. You’ll get to them eventually, just not now. Although productions are also important, construction speed bonus should take priority over everything else. The reasoning behind this is simple: if you can build things in less time, your power will grow at an exponentially faster rate. Resources you can get from other places, but lower construction times, you cannot.

Furthermore, you can benefit from additional rewards by way of the Building and Researching event, which will send Yellow Crystal Hearts, speedups, silver, and hero energy your way. Woot!

Don’t Forget About the Competition

The more you grow, the more likely it is that others will notice your flourishing kingdom. Because GoK lifts your beginner protection after no more than 24 hours from the moment you started playing (or when you reach Stronghold level 6), you need to be prepared for heavy attacks. If you ask us, this is a steep timer. There’s no way you can get all of your base ready to defend on such short notice. However, it does make things more interesting.

Game of Kings: How to Grow Your Stronghold Fast

You will get Peace Shields once in a while, but we recommend you don’t use them just yet. They’ll be more useful later on when your base is stacked and you can’t upgrade anything. For the times when no shield is available and you also have resources lying around, you can rely on the Warehouse to safeguard some of your hard-earned income.

Game of Kings: How to Grow Your Stronghold Fast

Once you get to an income of several hundred thousand resources every day, you can start focusing on maxing out other aspects of the Academy, like Battle Tactics and Training. These will give you massive power boosts for each successfully completed Research.

Less than a full day into our Game of Kings playthrough and we’ve reached 20k power. If you follow our advice and you play the game diligently, we’re convinced you could do even better. Don’t forget to let us know how it goes in the comments section below!

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