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Beginner Tips and Tricks for Game of Kings: The Blood Throne on PC

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War games like Game of Kings all feature a similar playstyle revolving around building your town, raising an army, and waging war against your neighbors to become the strongest player in the server. However, each game has a different pacing, which helps them to stand apart among the rest.

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Game of Kings: The Blood Throne on PC

In this beginner’s guide for Game of Kings, we’re going to share four crucial tips that you must follow if you want to survive long enough to actually get a foothold in the world and make a name for yourself in your server.

If you’re recently starting in Game of Kings, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind:

Prioritize Building Your Troops

At the beginning of the game, your resources are very limited—you barely have enough to build a few structures and upgrades. However, while establishing a passive resource generation in your town is crucial, the resources that these buildings produce per hour won’t be nearly enough to fund the development of your base. Especially when considering that the peace shield that the game gifts you lasts 24 hours, it’s vital that you manage to establish a decent production within the first day.

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Game of Kings: The Blood Throne on PC

In this sense, in order to supplement your passive production, you will need to build an army early on. This is because, while you won’t be able to plunder and attack with these few units, you can send them to gather resources from the world map. While your farms, lumber mills, and other production buildings can produce a couple of hundred units of resources every hour, you can gather much more than that from the map within the same period.

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Game of Kings: The Blood Throne on PC

The ideal way to use your troops for this purpose is simply by sending them to gather the resource that you’re going to need more than the rest. We recommend training Swordsmen from the start. While Ballistae can carry more resources per unit, they’re also weaker in combat and won’t help much to defend your town in case of an unexpected assault.

Don’t Hoard Resources at the Start

Since you really can’t defend yourself very well yet, a good idea to dissuade potential attackers is to always keep your resources low. In this sense, no one will have any incentive to attack you unless, for some reason, they really REALLY want to erase you from the map, in which case there really isn’t anything you can do except starting over.

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Game of Kings: The Blood Throne on PC

In order to raise the maximum amount of resources that you can protect from enemy attacks, make sure to upgrade your warehouse. At the first level, this building can protect up to 100,000 units of every resource from enemy attacks, which means that you shouldn’t have more than this amount when you log off for the day. However, by upgrading the warehouse, this protection limit increases, allowing you to safely keep more resources stored without risk.

Find Support in an Active Alliance

In our BlueStacks usage guide for Game of Kings, we talked about how you can use the tools our emulator offers in order to greatly speed up your progress in this game. You can use things like the Instance Manager to play on multiple cities simultaneously, or the Macro Recorder to automate certain aspects of the game. However, even armed with the best tools, you’re still only one person and can get rushed if not careful at all times.

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Sadly, since we’re all only human, we have to eat and eventually sleep at times, not to mention most of us have to go to school or work. During this downtime, you could easily get attacked and destroyed, and all your hard work would’ve been for nothing. Imagine going to the store to grab some groceries and coming home to find that you’re completely erased from the map!

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Game of Kings: The Blood Throne on PC

To avoid this, you’ll need to team up with an active alliance that can help keep you safe when you’re offline. While you can’t be online 24/7, there will always be someone to watch your back when you’re busy with other tasks. Similarly, you can return the favor and defend your allies when they’re not playing. Besides, just by belonging to a guild, you can enjoy many benefits such as timer speedups, alliance missions, and access to the alliance store, among others.

There are many reasons for joining a guild in Game of Kings. If you want to live past the first few weeks, you’d do well to join an active alliance.

Follow the Main Missions

Game of Kings doesn’t hold your hand at all. Unlike most games, which usually offer a short tutorial, this war game simply shows you how to build and sets you off on your path of domination. Sure, the guide will pop up every now and then, but there’s no tutorial per se. In this sense, if you need guidance, you’ll need to turn to the mission list, which features numerous tasks that you can do in order to continue advancing your town.

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Game of Kings: The Blood Throne on PC

Keep in mind that these missions actually grant resources upon completion, so they’re more than simple guidelines. In order to claim your prizes for finishing each mission, you’ll need to go click on the “Quests” button in the bottom panel, and then on “City Quest.” You’ll receive many prizes such as resources, hero experience, and city power for every task you complete.

Another type of mission that you’ll also want to do is the daily quests. Unlike other games that require you to fulfill certain tasks to receive optional rewards, the daily quests in Game of Kings are finished automatically. You can find these missions in the “Quests” menu, and all you need to do to start them is click on them. Each task has a different duration and, once the timer expires, you’ll be able to claim your rewards. Make sure to complete all 5 daily missions as they’re a good way to snag some extra resources and useful materials.

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Game of Kings: The Blood Throne on PC

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Game of Kings: The Blood Throne on PC

The most important part about beginning in Game of Kings: The Blood Throne, is that you’re able to establish a decent resource production, while also keeping the said resources safe from enemy attacks. By diligently training troops and sending them out to collect resources on the map, you’ll be able to perform all the upgrades you need, well before your initial peace shield wears off. At this point, winning in this game is just a matter of being consistent and diligent with your daily tasks.

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