Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on...

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne is an MMORPG with an interesting premise. Whereas most gamers are accustomed to playing the proverbial role of the knight in shining armor, this real-time strategy mobile game sets you up as the king with an obscure moral compass…one who is willing to emerge victorious no matter the cost.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

How you plan to expand, enrich, and protect your empire is entirely up to you. It doesn’t matter whether you take the high- road or ruthlessly eliminate all the enemies that stand in your way.

Your insatiable quest for power will eventually drive you to battle rival factions, slay mythical monsters and dragons of medieval times, and form deadly alliances to conquer surrounding lands.

Not to worry though, you are not alone in this epic adventure. Lenneth—your advisor—will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

Building Your Empire

Once you familiarize yourself with all the nitty-gritties of your kingdom, construction is the first order of the day. Under the supervision of Lenneth, you will learn how to build groundbreaking infrastructures such as hospitals, barracks, research centers, and farms for your people.

All these will play a critical role in your subsequent expansion strategies.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

To get started on BlueStacks, navigate the cursor over an empty parcel of land and click on it. This will open a new window with the title Building List.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

Here, you will select the type of building you want to construct. It can be anything from a Market Place to a Smithy.

One unique advantage of playing this particular game on BlueStacks is the ease with which you can navigate your kingdom. Take notice of how effortless it is to move from one section to another by simply shifting the mouse cursor.

You can also assign certain keys to execute particular functions using the keymapping tool.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

For example, if you want to zoom in and out of specific areas to have a better study of enemy territory, open the keymapping tool feature to access the keyboard user interface.

Once you do so, navigate to the zoom option and drag and drop it onto the game screen. Here you can assign specific keys for the zoom-in and zoom-out features respectively.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

You can further use the keymapping tool to enhance navigation by utilizing the ‘swipe’ feature. Proceed to assign keyboard letters for swiping either vertically or horizontally to analyze all the vantage points of your empire.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

By assigning these two options, you have made navigation fast and seamless. An integral part of playing Game of Kings!

Making Construction Smoother

As we had stated earlier, construction is a monumental part of this game.

Building different aspects of your kingdom makes you a force to reckon with as you come face to face with other players in the realm.

To begin construction, find an empty parcel of land and click on it.

Doing so will open a window showing the different structures that you can construct. Once you’ve clicked on, say a barracks, you’ll be directed to a new window where you have the option to select either Build or InstaBuild.

A standard build can have a wait-time of 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the type of infrastructure you’ve chosen.

Play  Game of Kings: The Blood Throne on BlueStacks!

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

Indeed, building is critical to expansion. But it can be quite tedious due to all the clicking you’ve got to do.

Fortunately, BlueStacks simplifies this with its amazing key sequencing option, Combo Key. All you’ve got to do is record one of your building sequences and assign a particular key to it.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

For example, if you wanted to create a sequence for creating a barracks, navigate first to the BlueStacks keyboard tab. After doing so, click on the ‘+’ sign atop the options page to record a new sequence. You can record all the clicks it takes to create a barracks and assign it a specific key for future reference (say B for Barracks). You also have the option to edit the sequence depending on any new adjustments you’d like to make.

Which comes in handy if you’re preparing for war and would like to quickly build a barracks to produce more soldiers, or open a research center to enhance your kingdom’s technology. Execute the sequence using the assigned key and a building will automatically be constructed.

Going on Quests

Going on quests is essential in maintaining and upgrading the different aspects of your kingdom. In the quests window, you have four options to choose from: city quests, daily quests, alliance quests, or VIP quests.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

A city quest mainly focuses on your kingdom’s resources; and the idea is to go on adventures which will earn you upgrades on your farms, quarries, or residences. These include receiving items such as wood, food, blocks, etc.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

On the other hand, daily quests are timed quests that will appear at varied times of the day.

They range from legendary quests to regular quests. The higher the level of the quest (for example a legendary quest or an epic quest) the greater the reward you’re bound to receive.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

However, if you fail to start a quest within it’s given time frame, the quest will time out, and you’ll no longer be able to access it.

When it comes to alliance quests, one has to first join an alliance before participating. We will discuss more on alliance features further in the article.

Lastly, VIP quests are only achievable if you obtain VIP status either by selecting a one-time 60-minute free trial or by purchasing a VIP duration status using your gold coins.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

On the bright side, VIP quests can be pretty rewarding!

Purchasing Items from the Store

The item store is where you can boost your upgrades to improve your military and economic prowess. It is divided into two categories; one is the My Items option, while the other is generally known as the Store.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

In the My Items store, you can purchase Specials, Upgrades, Resources, Speed Ups, War Improvements, or Chests that mainly focus on building your kingdom.

As for the general Store, most purchases focus on VIP points, Hero Points, and other special features that boost your ranking in the game.

Alliance Features

Joining a particular alliance opens you to a whole new section of the game.  You now gain access to the latest alliance news to determine who has joined or left an alliance.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

While still in the Alliance window, you can check out the store history to see the total amount of funds that alliance members have spent, as well as the loyalty coins they’ve accumulated while in the alliance.

This is why alliance groups are so great in this game! Not only do your ally members come to the rescue when you’re under attack by rival factions, but also provide you with the necessary artillery and resources to recuperate after a war.

But how do you exert your influence on a particular alliance? How do you become the puppet master behind the scenes?

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

 One ingenious way of doing this is by employing the BlueStacks Multi-Instance feature.

With this particular feature, you can create multiple accounts in Game of Kings and use them to join a particular alliance. This way, you can influence decisions to benefit all your alliance accounts and amass wealth beyond your wildest dreams!

Navigate to the Instance Manager under the My Apps section of the BlueStacks home page.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

Once you click on it, a new window will pop up showing whether you would like to Select a New or Clone Google Play account. After creating a clone play account, you can re-open Game of Kings under a different user.

Then search for the same alliance that you had initially joined and add yourself as a new member.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

And now, you can participate in different alliance quests to reap twice the rewards!

Exploring the Entire Community

Game of Kings has a massive community. As such, you need to explore it to strategize how to conquer neighboring lands.

When you click on the kingdom icon twice, you can move between your kingdom and the entirety of the community map.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

Here, you will see all the different lands occupied by diverse online users, the numerous resources available for occupation such as quarries and kingdoms, as well as several mythical monsters you can attack to gain a fortune.

Here’s where your military tactics come into play…

By simply clicking on a particular piece of occupied land, you can command your swordsmen, outriders, archers, ballista, and other important warriors from your barracks to invade.

Nevertheless, it’s always important to strategize ahead before launching an attack because you never know who you’re coming up against. Maybe your target has reinforcements from allied factions waiting to decimate your army!

In war, BlueStacks key sequencing feature also comes in play. You can record your first battle and project the same click sequence as a shortcut on your keyboard for you to act promptly while attacking a neighboring kingdom.

Guide to Playing Game of Kings on BlueStacks

For example, you can save a sequence depending on the type of warriors you plan to use. If you want to use archers to attack a neighboring land, you can call that sequence ‘archers’ and employ it with the press of a keyboard button. (for example, ‘W’ for War)

Overall, Game of Kings: The Blood Throne is an exciting game to indulge in especially if you’re into strategy-based MMORPGs!

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