At its core, Game of Kings is a classic base-building game. Before you can even think about joining a powerful alliance or waging a bloody war against your neighbor, your must first ensure that your kingdom is solid enough to support your great ambitions.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – How to Build a Powerful Base

If you’ve ever played Final Fantasy XV: A New Kingdom (or any similar mobile strategy game, for that matter), you’ll immediately feel at home with your base in Game of Kings. One novel thing about the latter, however, is that when you max out your buildings (at level 21), they grant some interesting kingdom-wide bonuses. As we shall see in a moment, you should consider this detail carefully when you plan how to best use your available construction sites.

The Complete List of Buildings, Functions and Bonuses

With the exception of resource buildings that are found outside the kingdom walls, all maxed out constructions in Game of Kings offer a unique bonus. What’s more, identical bonuses from multiple copies of the same building (say, a Residence) do stack, which can significantly boost different aspects of your kingdom, from your base defense to your overall attack power.


This is the largest structure in your kingdom and the building you must upgrade in order to unlock new levels for all other constructions. At level 21, the Stronghold increases your solo march size to 250k, grants 5 march slots, and gives you the possibility to offer help to guildies 25 times a day.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – How to Build a Powerful Base


This building lets you train troops and grants a 10% defense bonus at level 21. Unlike with other constructions, however, the Barracks bonus kicks in progressively even before it hits level 21. At Stronghold level 5, for example, you get a 1% defense boost from your Barracks. This increases to 2% at level 10, 3% at 15, and 4% at 20.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – How to Build a Powerful Base


This is where your troops retire to get healed after being injured in a raid (provided, of course, that there is enough room). At level 21, the Hospital grants a 5% health boost to all troops.


Although this is technically a resource building (since it generates Silver), it nevertheless has a max level bonus and is actually found inside the city walls. At level 21, each Residence grants a stackable 2% boost to your troops’ attack. With 5 maxed out Residences, for instance, you do 10% more damage during raids, which can, in some instances, prove lethal for your opponent.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – How to Build a Powerful Base


This is where you can use materials gathered from monsters to craft new gear for your heroes. At level 21, the Smithy allows your heroes to equip a third Accessory.


Although it might seem unimportant at first, this is actually one of the most influential buildings in your base, as well as the place where you will likely dump the most resources. The Academy lets your research new technologies across a number of branches so that you can improve your kingdom’s building and gathering speed, your troops, your heroes, and your defensive capabilities. This construction grants no bonus when maxed out, but it does provide access to several highly attractive end-game technologies.

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Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – How to Build a Powerful Base

Hall of Heroes

This building increases the amount of bonus XP gained by your active hero and prevents the latter from losing all of their accumulated XP when killed. At level 21, the Hall of Heroes grants 20 hero skill points and 10 monster skill points.


Once you hit Stronghold 10, this is where you can hold heroes that you have captured in battle. At Stronghold 15, you can execute these captives for a series of bonuses. When maxed out, the Prison grants a passive bonus to your attack based on the level of the incarcerated hero.


When you execute a captive hero, this building grants a number of different bonuses. At level 21, the Altar grants a whopping 38% boost to the Attack, Defense, and HP of your hero, as well as a 22% boost to their speed.


This is where you stash your most precious resources to prevent them from being stolen during raids. When maxed out, the Warehouse allows you to better protect your Silver.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – How to Build a Powerful Base


This is the building you use to send and receive resources to and from your alliance members. At max level, the Marketplace increases your trade march speed by 100%.

Embassy & the Hall of War

The first of these buildings allows your alliance members to send you reinforcements and grants a 10% bonus to the latter at level 21. The Hall of War, on the other hand, provides notifications that help you better coordinate your alliance rallies and grants a 10% to your rally attack when maxed out.


When its level is high enough, the Watchtower warns you if incoming raids and provides a broad description of the attacking force. This can help you prepare by calling in help from your allies or, if defense is not an option, it can give you enough time to either send your troops away or purchase and use a kingdom shield. At level 21, the Watchtower inflicts a 10% attack penalty to all armies who attempt a raid on your kingdom.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – How to Build a Powerful Base

The Wall

This structure is your first line of defense against raids. Its most important feature is the fact that it allows you to train traps, which behave like lower tier troops when you’re under siege. When maxed out, the Wall lets you build an additional 10% traps to better protect your kingdom.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – How to Build a Powerful Base

Resource Farms

These buildings include the Farm (food production), the Lumber Mill (wood production), the Mine (iron production), and the Quarry (stone production). All of these resources serve essential functions for the development of your base and army, so you should quickly level up all production buildings as soon as you hit Stronghold 10.

Many of these buildings are unique in the sense that you can only have one copy of them in your kingdom at any given time. Some, however, can be duplicated and this is when you have to ask yourself which maxed out bonuses would you rather invest in. Do you need more Hospitals, for example, or would you prefer a higher attack boost from multiple Residences? The answer will often depend on your specific circumstances, but now that you know what these buildings will do for you at level 21, you can plan your kingdom layout earlier and avoid later demolitions.

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