If you’ve played Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire or any other similar base-building war game, chances are that it won’t take you long to learn the ropes in Game of Kings: The Blood Throne. Although it does have a unique look of its own, this release by Lightning Studios is loyal to its predecessors in pretty much every respect. As such, you won’t have many surprises in terms of game mechanics.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If, on the other hand, you’re new to this genre, then the following tips and tricks will help you get a much faster start. Before long, you’ll be able to raid other kingdoms and organize entire war campaigns with your alliance!

#1 – Join an Active Alliance

Do this as soon as possible because being in an alliance allows you to help others and receive help when building in your base. This can significantly reduce your construction times, but only if the other members of the alliance are as active as you are.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

It may be difficult to find a great alliance from the get-go, but, as soon as you hit Stronghold level 10, you should be able to apply to a decent group and make a good case for yourself in order to join.

#2 – Ask Your Alliance Leader to Include New Items in the Shop

In Game of Kings, the alliance shop is one of the most important vendors for the development of your kingdom. Here, you can purchase anything from resources, to army boosts, kingdom shields, and VIP points so long as you have the right amount of Loyalty Points.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Not all goods are available for purchase straight away, though. Your alliance leader must select an item from the catalogue and introduce it to the shop for you to be able to buy it, so don’t be afraid to ask for something you need to be included in the list.

#3 – Start and Complete as Many Quests as Possible

Quests are a great source of building materials and Loyalty points, so you should complete as many as possible throughout the day.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

This is not necessarily a difficult thing to do, either. These quests basically complete themselves once you start them and the only thing you need to do is collect the rewards once the timer runs out.

#4 – Use Your Hero to Fight Monsters

As you start out in Game of Kings, you are given one default hero, Ruth. Although you can purchase other heroes with real currency as you advance in the game, you should nevertheless make the most of Ruth and send her out to defeat monsters as often as possible.

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You’ll need to spend some resources researching her abilities at the Academy before she can tackle higher level monsters and dragons, but the materials you collect will be worthwhile.

#5 – Boost Hero Skills to Improve Your Kingdom

Something else that Ruth can do even better than other heroes is to boost the overall operations of your Kingdom.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Unlike with other heroes, her skills include a balanced mix of personal combat enhancements and kingdom improvements. Although you might be tempted to prioritize the former, faster construction, research, and troop training are definitely worth considering too.

#6 – Rush Stronghold Level 10

Once you complete the very brief tutorial, your AI guide will recommend that you follow the main quest requirements to progress in the game. Most of these quests will then ask you to upgrade a series of buildings in your kingdom, which you can definitely do if you want a gradual expansion.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Our recommendation, however, is to rush Stronghold 10 by upgrading only those buildings that are required to advance the Stronghold. This is a common tactic in base-building war games because, once you hit level 10, this allows you to gather far more resources, as well as gain access to a wider range of troops and other researchable boosts.

#7 – The Academy Is Your Most Important Building

Several buildings might catch your eye as you develop your kingdom, including the Wall, the Barracks, or the Hospital. Although all of the above fulfill important functions, the building with the most significant impact for your growth will be the Academy.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you have the required resources, you should always keep the Academy busy by researching different branches. Bear in mind, however, that the further you go down a branch, the more exorbitant new upgrades will be. It is likely that you will have to prioritize between different trees, so try to focus on Combat and Traps, but don’t neglect Economy, either.

#8 – Set Up Farm Accounts to Keep Up with Resource Demands

Once you surpass Stronghold level 10, you’ll notice that the resources required for upgrading buildings and researching new technologies increase astronomically. Meanwhile, the number of farms you can keep in one kingdom remains limited, so you’ll likely have to set up separate accounts to generate more resources.

Focus each new kingdom on a particular resource and make sure to relocate it close to your main base and alliance cluster. When you build farm kingdoms, don’t buy any building upgrades you don’t absolutely need and choose only those Academy technologies that benefit your production.

#9 – Always Ask Your Alliance for Permission Before You Attack a Kingdom

Ok, maybe you don’t always have to ask for permission, especially if you’re in a casual alliance. However, if your alliance is competing for realm domination, it is considered polite to consult with the other members before you send your troops to raid a neighboring kingdom.

Game of Kings: The Blood Throne – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

This is not so much a matter of control as it is a practical problem. If you stumble upon someone who is much stronger than you initially thought they were or if your opponent’s alliance decides to back them up, you might need your own teammates to step up for you. At that point, they might choose to leave you hanging if you haven’t warned them prior to the attack.

Seems like a lot to remember? We haven’t even gotten into the different types of troops, hero gear, attack strategies, and other such aspects of the game! But don’t worry. In Game of Kings, it’s much easier to learn by doing, so feel free to experiment with army compositions, research priorities, and alliance interactions to earn more experience. Just remember not to annoy someone who is much stronger than you are or you may never see the end of their vengeful raids.

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