In Gangpire, there are two main types of henchmen that will do your bidding and help you to establish your criminal empire: Your heroes, and your troops. We’ve already talked about the best heroes in Gangpire in another article, but we’ve yet to discuss the different troop types that you can recruit and add to your army. 

Gangpire Units Guide - A Brief Overview of the Different Types of Soldiers

In this brief article, we’ll be giving a quick overview of the different troop types in Gangpire, as well as how to recruit them to your army.

How to Recruit New Troops

If you’re a veteran of the strategy conquest genre of mobile games, this won’t come as a surprise, but the best way to train more troops and add them to your army is through the four different training buildings; the Boxing Club, the Shooting Range, the Motor Club, and the Autoworks.

These buildings are not available from the beginning, but are unlocked one by one as you progress through the main story. However, once you unlock and repair them, they will remain available permanently, and you can start training troops in them immediately.

Gangpire Units Guide - A Brief Overview of the Different Types of Soldiers

It’s worth pointing out here that, at the very beginning, the best way to grow your army slightly is by visiting the different Hooligan camps that are strewn throughout your neighborhood. These places offer a few free warriors for your army, which you can add with a single click. Make sure to look for these encampments since you’ll need the extra muscle to clear the tougher fights in the tutorial.

The Different Troop Types

There are four types of soldiers in Gangpire:

Gangpire Units Guide - A Brief Overview of the Different Types of Soldiers

  • Boxers: Trained in the Boxing Club, these melee fighters are strong against Bikers.
  • Shooters: Trained in the Shooting Range, they are strong against Boxers.
  • Bikers: Trained in the Motor Club, they are strong against Shooters.
  • Carriers: Trained in the Autoworks, they are not strong against anything. In fact, they take extra damage from all other troop types. However, Carriers are perfect for gathering expeditions thanks to their superior load capacity.

Keep in mind the different strengths and weaknesses of every troop type and you’ll come out on top every single time, as long as you have enough soldiers in your army, that is.

Upgrading and Healing Troops

While these different troop categories help to illustrate the general usage of the different troop types, there are actually multiple troop tiers within any given category. Units of higher tiers usually have better stats, but are more expensive to train. Furthermore, once you unlock a higher tier, you can upgrade your current units by paying a fraction of the resources, effectively letting you update your current army without having to train better troops from scratch.

Gangpire Units Guide - A Brief Overview of the Different Types of Soldiers

It’s worth mentioning here that your troops can and will be wounded in combat. Those who are only lightly wounded won’t be able to fight further, but will recover automatically once they get back home to your turf. However, the more seriously wounded will be automatically added to your hospital, where you must pay some resources to get them back in fighting form. Regrettably, if your hospital is full, any excess wounded troops that arrive will be permanently lost. In this sense, try to keep your hospital upgraded if you find yourself engaging a lot in PvP or fighting on the world map.

This is all you need to know when it comes to training and managing your armies in Gangpire. Now go out there and start kicking some butt!