One of the best ways to get a good start in any gacha game is by unlocking the best heroes as soon as you can, if possible from the very beginning. And when it comes to bolstering your roster with good characters, rerolling is often the way to go. This applies to virtually every game with gacha mechanics, whether they’re RPG, strategy games, or any other genre—as long as they have randomized summoning mechanics, they’re probably good candidates for rerolling.

The Top Gangpire Heroes To Look For When Rerolling

The new Gangpire is not an exception as, despite being a strategy conquest game, it has a large roster of unlockable heroes. And while you can get a few of these characters for free simply by playing the game, the best ones are locked behind the summoning feature, which is accessed from the Bar building in your empire. The bad part is that, like in many similar games, the odds of getting the best and rarest heroes are close to 0. Particularly, the chances of getting a specific character of the highest rarity is, according to the in-game table, 0.07%.

With odds as low as those, it will definitely be a while before you unlock good heroes in this game. However, even if you decide to reroll in Gangpire, you’d still need to know which heroes to look for, which is the purpose of this brief guide. 

In the following paragraphs, you’ll find the top characters that are good candidates for being the best heroes that you can unlock from the gacha in this game.

Regan – The Whip Cracker

Regan combines good support and utility in the field, being able to not only damage targets in an area, but also to restore rage. During scenario battles, she shines brightly thanks to her Bullet Fury skill, which not only deals massive damage to the target, but also buffs her own attack speed, while reducing the enemy’s defense temporarily. 

The Top Gangpire Heroes To Look For When Rerolling

Regan is a great fit in any team, though she’s noticeably better in scenario battles than in the strategy mode.

Loko – The Prankster

Much like Regan, Loko is a utilitarian character as well, but this time as one who specializes in debuffing the target and in dealing massive AoE damage. During strategy combat, he can deal damage in an area and inflict a debuff that increases the damage taken by the enemy for a few seconds. In scenario battles, he can not only inflict heavy damage in an area, but also reduce the enemy’s attack power considerably.

The Top Gangpire Heroes To Look For When Rerolling

Put Loko and Regan together on the same team and you’ve got a whole suit of debuffs along with some nice burst and AoE damage.

Daddy Teddy – Firearm Expert

As the so-called “Firearm Expert”, you’d think Daddy Teddy would be an offensive powerhouse, but in reality, this character is more a defensive option if anything. During strategy battles, he can provide valuable defensive buffs to allied units, as well as dish out decent damage in an area. Furthermore, during scenario battles, he can keep his allies all topped up in health while also dealing good damage.

The Top Gangpire Heroes To Look For When Rerolling

Daddy Teddy is a great support option for rounding out your formation. 

Sandro – Silver Fox

Another support hero, but this time focused more on offensive support rather than defense and healing. Sandro can provide a powerful 4-second shield during strategy battles, while also buffing the attack and damage of many unit types for the same duration. In scenario battles, he’s much more dangerous as he can deal massive damage by throwing bombs, while also reducing the enemy’s max HP, and restoring a set percentage of his rage.

The Top Gangpire Heroes To Look For When Rerolling

Sandro is great for “glass cannon” team loadouts.

Domingo – El Líder

Our last entry is more of a circumstantial choice since, while he can dish out good damage, he performs much better when teamed up with characters that can buff his stats. This is because, in strategy mode, each of his attacks have a high probability of dealing extra damage, and with a few buffs under his belt, his DPS can go through the roof. On the flipside, in scenario battles, while his damage output is very decent, he shines since he can effectively incapacitate all the enemies in an area by blinding them for a couple of seconds. 

The Top Gangpire Heroes To Look For When Rerolling

Domingo is best used in scenario battles, though this doesn’t mean that he can’t be great in general.

Kanghua – The Loyal Keeper

While we’ve mentioned a couple of support heroes so far, Kanghua is the first and only one that is a “full” support character, specializing in keeping his team alive. In strategy mode, he can debuff the enemy with various effects, dealing light damage to up to three crews in a fan-shaped area while reducing their defense, HP, and attack by a set percentage for a short duration. In scenario battles, however, he is a healing powerhouse that can restore a large chunk of everyone’s health immediately, and continue healing them for a short duration as well. And as if that wasn’t enough, Kanghua also significantly boosts the attack of all affected allies for the duration of the healing effect.

The Top Gangpire Heroes To Look For When Rerolling

Kanghua could be THE support of choice in Gangpire. However, your choice will obviously depend on your entire setup. While having nice heals and buffs is always a welcome addition, Kanghua is quite weak offensively, so you’d need to make up for this shortcoming by bringing along strong fighters.

These are our top picks for the best heroes in Gangpire. What are your choices for the best heroes in the game? Feel free to leave us your comments below!