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Free Fire MAX Guide: Wins Your Clash Squad Games on Bermuda MAX

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Garena has released Free Fire MAX and there are a lot of new additions in it. The MAX version of the game brings with it better graphics and animations, among other things. The MAX version of the game is for players who have devices that can handle more textures. Yes, at its core Free Fire MAX has the same maps, guns, character skills, lobbies, and everything in between. The only major difference between the two games is the Bermuda MAX map. That is what this Free Fire MAX guide is going to explain, how to win in Clash Squad games on the Bermuda MAX map. 

However, before the tips and tricks begin you need to learn about the new additions Free Fire MAX brings with it. The reason for that is only the players who are using the MAX version of the game can play on the Bermuda MAX map. So all the players who are playing Clash Squad on the Bermuda MAX map are seeing the same textures as you. This is something that you will need to take into consideration as well. The added textures in the MAX version of the game have changed the look of a lot of in-game elements. Bushes in the MAX version can be used as a softcover to stay hidden from the enemies. 

Free Fire MAX Guide: Wins Your Clash Squad Games on Bermuda MAX

That is not the case for the original version of the game. A very small detail by any standard but when you are playing on the Bermuda MAX map, it can come in handy if you are hiding near the Clock Tower and camping for easy kills. The Bermuda MAX map has brought with it two very massive changes. Two locations that have been iconic in Free Fire is the Clock Tower and Factory. These two places have been the hottest drop places for a very long time. In the Bermuda MAX map, these places have gone through extensive renovation. The outline of both these locations remains the same, however, the inside is very different now. So different in the fact that you need to re-learn entirely how you used to play in these locations. Many players are having a difficult time adjusting to the new location because they’re not used to the surroundings. The aim of this guide is to explain how you can use the new surroundings to your advantage. 

Roomier Spaces:

So, if you are playing on the Clock Tower Location and are spawning on the tower’s side, you should run inside. The new Clock Tower has now a lot more places for camping and sniping. The windows have new ledges that you can easily go crouch or prone and snipe your enemies. Even the rooms inside are bigger and have a lot more elements. As a player, you can utilize those additions to your advantage in a Clash Squad game. In the battle royale game, this very tower will probably become the biggest kill spot of the game. 

Free Fire MAX Guide: Wins Your Clash Squad Games on Bermuda MAX

Many of the rooms now have beds that can be used for cover in a close-range fight. Since the rooms are bigger in the new Clock Tower, now you can actually use your gloo walls and grenades inside the building without much harm to yourself or your teammates. On the other side of the Clock Tower, things more or less remain the same. Basically, if you are on the other side of the Clock Tower, you need to snipe well. 

Free Fire MAX Guide: Wins Your Clash Squad Games on Bermuda MAX

Clock Tower is a sniper’s den now and the only way to win is to use the right guns. Since this guide is for Clash Squad games, the players on the other side of the Clock Tower should use gloo walls for cover when sniping on the team at the Clock Tower’s side. The right guns to use in your Clash Squad games in this location would be the Desert Eagle, AWM, M82B, KAR98K, SVD, Woodpecker, M14, and M4A1. All of these guns have excellent long-range capabilities and can easily down enemies from a distance. 

Free Fire MAX Guide: Wins Your Clash Squad Games on Bermuda MAX

For active character, skills go with Chrono’s Time Turner so you will have some protection from the enemy fire. Passive skills you can use would be Laura’s Sharp Shooter skills as it increases accuracy when you’re using your scope. Another character skill that would help you in the new Clock Tower is Rafael’s Dead Silent skill. When this skill is used, any enemy you down in the game will suffer faster HP loss – a good skill to have when you want your every shot to be a kill shot. Maro’s Falcon Fever is a skill that increases damage with distance. Basically, this skill negates the effect of bullet drop that happens due to distance. 

New Scaffolding:

There is also a new Factory in the Bermuda MAX map and one of the biggest additions is the scaffolding. The tower is now way bigger in size, and you can actually climb to the very top of it to see the entire area of the new Factory and beyond. From the top of the new tower, you can easily snipe any player that is on the roof of the factory without much return fire from them. The top of the new Factory tower is a sniping nest for any player that knows how to hold a position for a long time. 

Free Fire MAX Guide: Wins Your Clash Squad Games on Bermuda MAX

In Free Fire MAX a lot of new textures have been added as mentioned above and these textures are used mostly in the Bermuda MAX map. On the factory roof, there are water tankers, and now you even have stairs to climb on these tankers. This too can be a great hiding spot in your Clash Squad games. The new factory is the opposite of the new Clock Tower. This location is best for medium to close range fights and you should pick your guns accordingly. Ideal guns for this location would be the AK, SCAR, M1014, MP5, and MP40.

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