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Guide to Choosing Your Main Class in Gates of Chaos

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The quest to become the greatest Agathos in the world of Vargundo is the goal of every player in Gates of Chaos. This fantasy MMORPG contains a lot of the beloved elements we’ve come to love in similar games but with the transition to the android platform, it has become more accessible to more players around the world. Playing an MMORPG on the go, wherever you may be has always been the dream of most fans in this genre and has now finally come true.

Guide to Choosing Your Main Class in Gates of Chaos

However, one thing that has remained constant in MMORPGs is that the most difficult choice at the beginning of the game is still present no matter what title you play – choosing your main character. As games tend to introduce multiple classes in the beginning, branching out to several class advancements, choosing what you want to play can be an extremely difficult choice. To make the choice easier, let’s break down each character class and the roles needed in-game.

Character Classes in Gates of Chaos

  1. Berserker

Guide to Choosing Your Main Class in Gates of Chaos

Berserkers are the standard warrior class in the game who specializes in dealing melee damage in extended fights. Since Berserkers can have a balanced offensive and defensive stat distribution (STR, AGI, VIT), they can go be frontline damage dealers or semi-tanks. Because of the very balanced distribution, they tend to have a hard time dealing damage in a short amount of time but excel greatly in stamina battles between two or more enemies.

  1. Paladin

Guide to Choosing Your Main Class in Gates of Chaos

Paladins are the dedicated tanks of the game and are extremely difficult to kill. They feature a combination of AoE effects to taunt enemies, self-healing skills, and other defensive abilities. While Paladins have high defenses, they have only average attacking capabilities. However, because of their ability to stay in battle longer than other classes, they are excellent in trying to bring fights into the edge where they’ll eventually secure an advantage over the other.

  1. Mage

Guide to Choosing Your Main Class in Gates of Chaos

The Mages are high-output artillery damage dealers meaning they specialize in casting spells from a safe distance. Mages are able to quickly dispatch enemy units but are really vulnerable when the distance is closed. Luckily, mages also feature control spells that push back enemies into the distance or lock them in place so that they won’t be able to reach the mage in time. They can be great attackers or support characters who like to keep the enemies at bay for the team.

  1. Shadowdancer

Guide to Choosing Your Main Class in Gates of Chaos

The Shadowdancer is your assassin class capable of dealing devastating damage at short bursts. Despite being a melee class, they are hard to catch because of the amount of mobility built into their kits. Shadowdancers are excellent against lesser enemies but tend to have a hard time against groups where they have very little space to move around and escape. If you want the highest damage output class, this very tricky class is definitely the one for you.

Class Roles in Gates of Chaos

While the class advancement in this game is pretty linear, choosing which skills and which stats to place on your character will determine your role in the party. This means that you’ll need to learn what you need to be as you level your character so that you’ll have a place in parties when you try to queue up for them. This won’t be easy to achieve on auto-battle which is why you’ll need to go manual but with BlueStacks and the keymapping feature, you can easily do it.

Guide to Choosing Your Main Class in Gates of Chaos

  1. Tank

Tanks are frontliners who take the majority of the enemy’s damage dealt towards themselves. These units often have AoE skills that taunt or pull other enemies causing them to attack only the tank. Tanks build towards getting high amounts of HP, DEF, Evasion, and other resistances with the secondary stat being their damage stat. Tanks have really low damage but have high sustain capabilities in damage absorption and self-heals.

  1. Damage Output

Damage output, or DPS, characters deal high amounts of damage consistently. They are the ones in charge of killing enemy monsters or the boss. The DPS’ job is to make sure they stay out of harm’s way and let the tanks do their job by creating space for themselves. These characters build towards ATK, Crit., and Elemental bonuses. Secondary stats will be Speed and HP in order to survive the environment.

Guide to Choosing Your Main Class in Gates of Chaos

  1. Control

Control characters aim on keeping enemies at bay or stopping them on their tracks. These characters use spells or abilities which are capable of stunning, freezing, or pushing back enemies. The stats you’ll need to prioritize depends on whether you want to be more defensive or be useful so that you’ll contribute some damage as well. The control aspect of a character is only usually secondary towards its main role.

  1. Support

Supports are able to help their allies by providing heals, shields, or buffs that will greatly boost the damage output of the team. They are in charge of making sure that the team is kept alive. While the characters can be full support classes, it’s still best to be taken as a secondary role since it’ll be difficult for support characters to do PvE if they have really low damage. Supports become really crucial especially in higher-level raids with more people.

Choosing your Main Class According to Your Preference

Now that you know what each class does and the roles they are associated with, you can choose which class you want to main. In the end, it all depends on what playstyle you are most comfortable playing on MMORPGs. If you’re not comfortable with the class you’ve chosen, don’t worry. Gates of Chaos allows you to play more than one character per account so you can create a secondary character if you decide that the first one you chose isn’t the one.

Guide to Choosing Your Main Class in Gates of Chaos

Additionally, if you think that playing one character at a time isn’t enough for you, fear not. With BlueStacks’ Multi-Instance function, you can level up as many characters as you like all at the same time. Enhance your experience playing this game by using BlueStacks’ different features to make sure that you’re on top of everybody else on the leaderboard.

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