People who play Gold & Goblins have enjoyed the game so far and are still diving deeper into the lower mines. Despite the game seemingly having extremely simple gameplay mechanics, it can actually get complicated in ways that you might not expect. Players may need to utilize advanced strategies in the lower mines since normal tactics won’t get them anywhere quickly. While the game doesn’t lock you out for not solving puzzles, it is still a good strategy to look for some tips and tricks that will help you with the game.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Gold & Goblins

The hardest part about Gold & Goblins is waiting for your workers to finish. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to make working in the mines more efficient and that is by properly managing your miners. Mining can be a tough job and players are rewarded for being smart about playing the game. There are two types of players in this game: the player who patiently waits for their work to finish and the one that likes to find ways to efficiently speed up their progress. Which one are you?

Don’t Waste Your Elixirs!

Elixirs are arguably the most important resource in Gold & Goblins (aside from the game’s premium currency). This resource is used to upgrade cards, which significantly increase the speed at which you earn profits and progress through the game. We already talked about the importance of cards in our Card Guide so check that out if you want to learn more. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you won’t get enough elixirs to upgrade all your cards so spend it wisely.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Gold & Goblins

The game makes it seem like you need to upgrade all your cards and spend your elixirs at every stage. However, you don’t necessarily need to automate all of your mining structures, especially the ones you see at the start of the mine. The ones you need to automate are the structures toward the end of the mine. Usually, the cards that are marked as uncommon and higher are worth spending Elixirs on. Otherwise, you always want to spend your elixirs upgrading your cards that boost other sectors of mining.

Even Low-Level Goblins are Useful

When clearing out nodes, repairing structures, or opening gates, a specific level goblin is needed to work on them efficiently. However, it is not mandatory for the goblin to have the same level or higher to work on a node for it to start being processed. The only downside to a goblin working on a node that is of a higher level is that the amount of time needed to work on that is increased exponentially. That being said, it’s actually better than not having a goblin work on the node since slow progress is still better than no progress.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Gold & Goblins

The general strategy is to put all of your low-level goblins to work on any node available until they are ready to be fused with another goblin. You always want to have higher-level goblins because you’ll save a significant amount of time on work. Once a high-level goblin is finished with a current task, you can move it over to help the low-level goblin or replace it to finish up faster. Putting a low-level goblin to work will shave off a couple of seconds on the node so it is actually helpful.

Clear Out All the Nodes

Emptying out the mine feels like a waste of time especially since it seems like there are no good rewards from opening regular rocks. In the higher levels, it may be more of an incentive to do this but the lower levels reward players on completing the entire level a lot more since you get the chance to get additional prizes like elixirs. It’s a good idea to try to work on all of the nodes in the mine even the ones that are hidden behind multiple tiles of plain rocks that make it hard to reach.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Gold & Goblins

The best way to clear out all of the nodes quickly is to allocate your workers efficiently. Ideally, you want to maximize the space given to you so all accessible nodes should have a goblin working on it, even if the goblin doesn’t reach the required level to work on it efficiently. Swapping goblins once they finish to meet the requirements and finish quickly will help you out. Using bonus tools such as dynamites will also help you achieve this goal more quickly.

Maximize Dynamite Usage

Dynamite is a special tool that the player acquires from the game at random from the initial structure that you get (the one that gives you goblins every few minutes). Dynamite allows the player to take a significant amount of time off a node that is similar or lower level indicated in the tool. Dynamite also works on stuff like mining structures and gates so make sure to use them wisely when you’re playing the game so that you can efficiently work through tough stages that have a lot of obstacles.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Gold & Goblins

The best way to use dynamites is to use them immediately. Wait for a node that is exactly the same level as the dynamite to be exposed so that you can use the dynamite on that quickly. The reason you don’t want to save your dynamites for a better target is that it practically has the same impact on your efficiency since it doesn’t add or remove any time on your progression speed. You can also try saving it until your reach a gate so that you don’t have to wait for hours just to reach the next mine.

Watching Ads?

Gold & Goblins uses a lot of advertisements to incentivize the player to get rewards. Most players aren’t fond of watching pointless ads while playing the game, especially if they are forced to do so without their consent. However, Gold & Goblins don’t have a lot of forced ads and players can go about playing the game without being interrupted. That being said, there is an argument to be made about watching ads voluntarily.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Gold & Goblins

Like most other mobile games, Gold & Goblins offers really good incentives for watching 30-60 second ads. It is the player’s choice to click on an ad. If you are using BlueStacks, ads won’t affect you as much since you can simply Alt+Tab to a different application, browser, or BlueStacks instance so that you’re not forced to stare at a minute’s worth of advertisements just to get a reward.