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Tips and Tricks to Run the Best Hotel in Grand Hotel Mania

Any hotel manager in the world will tell you that running any kind of luxury accommodation is no easy feat. There are a whole range of things that have to be thought about and controlled, from the cleanliness of rooms to the quality of the food and drink. The best hotels in the world are little slices of paradise where everything is taken care of for you, and that is precisely what you are trying to achieve in Grand Hotel Mania.

So, with that in mind, here are our tips and tricks for building the best hotel in Grand Hotel Mania with BlueStacks.

Plan ahead

Your bellhop is capable of many things, but he will not do any of them without your say so. As a result, it is you that must direct almost every move which is made in your hotel. This, unfortunately, involves planning.

Your bellhop can be given 4 tasks to do at any one time, which he will proceed to do in the order you gave them. As each task is finished, you will then be able to assign him a new one. Simple, right?

The thing is that the Bellhop in the Golden Apple moves very, very fast. Trying to keep up with him and act quickly when there is a chance to issue new instructions is a big part of the game in Grand Hotel Mania. In order to deliver the very best service to your guests, you will need to plan ahead.

To start with, you need to figure out what order to instruct the bellhop to do tasks in. On the whole, tasks that take longer, like making a sandwich, are best dealt with as soon as possible so that other, quicker tasks can then be completed without worrying about a big task to come. So far, so good.

Tips and Tricks to Run the Best Hotel in Grand Hotel Mania

Where it gets tricky is when you have to plan beyond those 4 tasks we talked about above. While the bellhop is working, you need to be figuring out what customer requests to complete next, once there is an instruction slot open. The difficulty with this is that you will only have a matter of seconds to survey the situation in your hotel and decide what needs doing. Ideally, you want to have planned about 8 steps ahead before you even give the bellhop his first 4 tasks, that way, you’ll never be stuck for ideas as to what needs doing next.

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

At the end of every successful level, you will earn coins from the customers you served and from any bonus achievements like likes and smiles. As a result, you will probably notice your coin purse getting pretty full, pretty quickly. That’s all well and good, of course, but that money isn’t doing much for you just sitting in the bank. 

Tips and Tricks to Run the Best Hotel in Grand Hotel Mania

Make sure you take time out of running your hotel after every few levels to check if there are any upgrades you can buy. Upgrades are vital to your continued success in Grand Hotel Mania. Not only will they make rounds easier (once they have been delivered), but you will find that rounds become almost impossible without upgrades as you reach higher and higher levels.

Tips and Tricks to Run the Best Hotel in Grand Hotel Mania

Like in most games, the levels in Grand Hotel Mania do increase in difficulty, meaning that if you forget to upgrade your equipment, you may eventually find yourself coming up against challenges that you simply are not able to face. In order to avoid this, you must buy upgrades regularly.

Also, consider spending gems to speed up the delivery of upgrades, or even watching advertisements for the same reason. 

Tips and Tricks to Run the Best Hotel in Grand Hotel Mania

The delivery times for upgrades in Grand Hotel Mania are fairly long from the outset, so you’ll want to speed up the installation of improvements if you want to keep playing with ease.

The bellhop has two hands

Your bellhop is able to hold two items at any one time. This may not seem like much during the early stages of the game, but later on it can become very important. Especially when cleaning rooms, if there are two rooms next to each other which need to be cleaned, it doesn’t make any sense to send the bellhop to the cleaning cart twice if he could just pick up enough supplies for two rooms. There is a whole journey to the centre of the hotel saved by paying attention to what he has in his hands.

Tips and Tricks to Run the Best Hotel in Grand Hotel Mania

Be careful with trying to look into the future though. It may seem like a good idea to always have one of the bellhop’s hands occupied with a sandwich, ready to go when a customer orders it, but that could land you in trouble. If you need to clean two rooms or deliver a coffee and a clean, you may be forced to discard the sandwich. This is always annoying, but it could be especially bad if one of your objectives is to not discard anything that round. 

Tips and Tricks to Run the Best Hotel in Grand Hotel Mania

Throwing away a sandwich, or anything for that matter, would spell instant failure in that case, so be careful how you plan ahead in levels like that.

You have lives, but don’t worry about it too much

Grand Hotel Mania does work on a life-based system, like many other games. You have a maximum of 5 lives and you lose one whenever you fail a level.

Thankfully, especially in the early game, failing a whole level doesn’t happen that often. Losing a customer is more common, but whilst that is a bad thing it will not necessarily cause you to lose the level and therefore a life.

Tips and Tricks to Run the Best Hotel in Grand Hotel Mania

Even if you do lose a life or two, they recharge of their own accord fairly quickly in comparison to some other games, so provided you don’t have 5 failures straight after each other, you should be ok for the most part.

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