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Granny: Guide to Weapons and Multiple-Use Items

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In the eponymous survival horror game by DVloper, Granny’s house of terrors is like a large, freaky puzzle where the pieces are the different items scattered throughout rooms and secret areas. Knowing where all of these items are won’t save you when crazy grandma comes charging at you with her wooden bat and bloody teeth, but it will significantly decrease the time you need to survive before you escape.

In a different post, we covered the various keys in the game, the doors they unlock, and their locations. Now, we’ll focus on the remaining objects, which we’ve separated into three functional categories – weapons, multiple-use items, and single-use items.

Weapons that Stall Granny

In Granny, you have a few weapons at your disposal to either trap the villainous grandma or shoot her straight in the face. No matter how much hatred you pour into your shot, however, this will only disable (not kill) Granny for a short duration of time depending on each weapon and difficulty setting.

The Crossbow. Always found alongside 3 Tranquilizer Darts in the Weapons Cabinet on the first floor, the Crossbow is one of the handiest items in the game. You can use it to temporarily disable Granny, but also to collect the Screwdriver and access the secret Cell in the Sewers. Tranquilizer Darts are not perishable so you can use them an unlimited number of times provided that you can find and re-equip them after each shot.

Granny: Guide to Weapons and Multiple-Use Items

The Shotgun. This weapon always spawns in three separate parts (the Barrel, the Buttstock, and the Trigger) that must be brought together and assembled in the Garage. The gun can be used to timeout grandma, but also to trigger a gasoline explosion, access the secret Sewer Cell, kill the Spider and the Crow, and knock down the Screwdriver from its ledge (inadvisable if the Gasoline Can spawn next to the Screwdriver, though).

Granny: Guide to Weapons and Multiple-Use Items

Shotgun parts can be found at the following locations:

  • The Barrel – the TV table, the wardrobe in the Living Room, the Garage, the drawers in the second Bedroom, the Teddy Room on the first floor.
  • The Buttstock – the Shed in the Backyard, the Hidden Closet on the First Floor, the Basement, on a countertop in the Kitchen, the Guillotine.
  • The Trigger – underneath the microwave in the Kitchen, the desk in the Baby Room on the Second Floor, the Meat Room, the glove compartment in the Car, inside drawers in the first Bedroom.

Granny: Guide to Weapons and Multiple-Use Items

3 Pieces of Shotgun Ammo are always on the Garage table where the gun is assembled. An additional 9 pieces can be found around the house after the assembly – 3 in the first Bedroom, 3 on the TV table, and 3 in the Special Spider Room on the Second Floor.

The Freeze Trap. Always found in the secret Cell in the Sewers area, the Freeze Trap can be placed on the floor (must be face up) in order to temporarily freeze Granny. While frozen, grandma can be broken into pieces (Fun!), but you’d better watch your step because the player character is also susceptible to the effects of the trap.

Granny: Guide to Weapons and Multiple-Use Items

The Gasoline Can (+ Shotgun). The gasoline can is required to fuel the car in the Garage, but it can also be placed on the floor and shot with the Shotgun to create an explosion and disable Granny temporarily. The gasoline is usually in the Basement, the Jail Cell on the Second Floor (behind the wheelchair), next to the Screwdriver on the shelf, in a cabinet in the Crow Room, or in the Shed.

Granny: Guide to Weapons and Multiple-Use Items

Multiple-Use Items

Most of the objects you find around the house in Granny serve just one purpose towards your escape, but there are a few that can be used on several different occasions and should, therefore, be prioritized in your search. These include the Hammer, the Screwdriver, and the Cutting Pliars.

The Hammer. This is probably one of the most important items in the game. Yes, we know just what you’re thinking. But no, unfortunately, you cannot break Granny’s teeth with it. You need the Hammer for the following things:

  • Tearing down the two planks on the Main Door.
  • Breaking the security camera in the Jail Cell on the Second Floor.
  • Accessing the Baby Room on the Second Floor (found behind three planks).
  • Accessing the Closet in the Crow Room (hidden behind planks).

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Granny: Guide to Weapons and Multiple-Use Items

As for its spawn locations, you’ll likely find the Hammer in one of these spots:

  • The workbench in the Basement.
  • The well in the Backyard (requires the Winch Handle to access).
  • The car trunk in the Garage (requires the Car Key).
  • The secret Sewer Cell (requires the Crossbow or Shotgun).

The Screwdriver. Technically, there’s only one use for the Screwdriver in Granny – to access items hidden behind panels. Again, we know what you’d like (love!) to do with this item, but no, you cannot poke Granny’s eyes out with it. Instead, you’ll use the Screwdriver in these situations:

  • In the Basement, there is a white panel underneath a nearby set of stairs. You’ll always find an essential item behind this panel, but you need the Screwdriver to get to it.
  • When you start a game with the Extra Locks setting turned on, a contraption on the left upper corner of the Main Door will be added to deter your escape. To disable it, you need to find a panel in the Backyard, use the Screwdriver to open it and pull the switch inside.

Granny: Guide to Weapons and Multiple-Use Items

The screwdriver is always found in the same location – on a ledge, above and to the right of the Main Door. However, it is one of the most difficult items to get in the game because you need to push it down using the Crossbow or the Shotgun, all while not being massacred by Granny.

Granny: Guide to Weapons and Multiple-Use Items

The Cutting Pliers. Before we note the essential details about this item, let’s get the one most pressing question out of the way. No, you cannot cut off different parts of Granny using the Pliers. Boy, you just can’t stop thinking about hurting this sweet grandma, can you? What did she ever do to you to deserve such evil thoughts?

The Cutting Pliers are essential for your escape, however, and must be used for the following:

  • To cut the wire that powers the upper part of the wire lock on the Main Door.
  • To cut the wire found in the Basement panel and shut off the bottom part of the wire lock on the Main Door.
  • To cut the wire that operates the ventilator in the Jail Room on the Second Floor and accesses the item behind it.

Granny: Guide to Weapons and Multiple-Use Items

You can find the Cutting Pliers at these locations:

  • Inside the crow cage in the Crow Room (requires Bird Feed to distract the crow).
  • Inside the safe in the Basement (requires the Safe Key).
  • In a drawer in the Baby Room (requires the Hammer to access the room).
  • On a table in the Secret Area accessed from the Walk-In Closet next to the second Bedroom.
  • In a drawer in the second Bedroom.

That rounds up all the weapons and multiple-use items currently in Granny’s house. If you’re having a hard time finding one of them, you’ll know exactly where to look and how to use it once you pick it up. Sure, you’ll probably die anyway, crossbow in hand, when grandma jumps out from behind you as you clumsily try to shoot down the Screwdriver in the main hallway. But 10 to 20 attempts later, you’ll get there…

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