Grimlight is the newest mobile tactical RPG to grace the market, bringing its awesome 2D artwork, smooth animations, and thrilling combat system that combines automation features with active abilities, and delivers all of this in a wonderful presentation with a unique and stunning art style. The game itself is somewhat reminiscent of Arknights, visually speaking, and in terms of gameplay it’s more akin to AFK Arena, though only in the combat and without the idle aspects. If you’ve enjoyed any of these games in the past, or games similar to these, then Grimlight will definitely be right up your alley.

The Best Grimlight Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Newcomers

Just like any new game, however, Grimlight has its fair share of secrets and unique features, which you’ll need to learn about and understand if you wish to progress at a steady rate. And not only that, but by learning the ins and outs of the game itself, you’ll also be able to optimize your progression and blaze through all its challenges while avoiding getting stuck on tough levels or bosses.

In this brief guide, we’ll be sharing some of the most important tips and tricks for Grimlight, as well as discussing some of the best strategies for optimizing your gameplay.

Play on BlueStacks to Get the Best Tools and Features

While most of your progression in this game will be obtained through your own hard work and effort, you can also optimize your game by playing Grimlight on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android app player will not only let you play on your large computer monitor, but will also give you the best graphics and performance, without you having to spend tons of money on a decent phone. However, performance is not the only thing that our emulator offers, as BlueStacks also puts a variety of tools at your disposal to help you with many different tasks: from automating your story progression and grind, to assisting in rerolling and unlocking the best characters from the very beginning, BlueStacks has tools to aid in many aspects.

The Best Grimlight Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Newcomers

With that being said, getting started with playing mobile games on PC with BlueStacks is quite simple. And in this case, we suggest checking out our PC setup guide for Grimlight to learn how to download and install the game on your computer. 

Reroll to Get a Head Start in the Story Missions

Grimlight is one of those games that is very simple from the start, but quickly gets tougher after completing the first chapter. In this sense, you’ll not only need to consider your formation and team composition, but also keep your characters upgraded at all times. Similarly, unlocking a few good characters from early on can also give you a significant advantage in the early game, as some of these units can be powerful enough to carry you through most of the game. However, as is the case with gacha games, unlocking these characters is very hard, as the odds of getting them from the summoning system are very low, which is where rerolling comes into play.

The Best Grimlight Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Newcomers

By rerolling in Grimlight, you can maximize your chances of recruiting top tier characters, by significantly increasing the number of summonings you can perform within any given period. And while this process won’t increase the odds of receiving good characters on each summoning, the fact that you’ll be performing so many of these summonings will help to cut down the time required to actually get one or two of these.

The Best Grimlight Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Newcomers

While Grimlight makes it a bit difficult to reroll, since it requires you to login with a different Google account on every attempt; it’s by no means impossible. Check out our Grimlight reroll guide to learn more about this process. And while you’re at it, feel free to read our Grimlight tier list as well, so you know which characters to aim for.

Arrange Your Formation Correctly

Before every battle and between each wave, you have the chance to arrange your formation, as well as place additional units if you have any extra deploy points. This arrangement of units is quite important since it will basically determine the effectiveness of your squad at any given moment. After all, a bad decision here can mean that your squishy damage dealers can be easily targeted and neutralized, or that your tanks and healers can’t move well enough to perform their functions.

Luckily, creating good formations is fairly straightforward and revolves around these simple principles:

  • Melee combatants such as Warriors and Guardians should always be manning the frontlines and preventing enemies from running through.
  • Assassins should be in the middle row, but always behind a Tank or a Warrior, so that they can more effectively slip between the defenses and target the enemy’s high value targets.
  • Ranged units like Mages and Rangers are better in the middle or back rows.
  • Similarly, Sages are in their element when placed in the back, as they can simply relax and lend aid to their team while staying safe

The Best Grimlight Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Newcomers

Whether you’re choosing your initial formation, or adding more units as the stage goes on, these principles will carry you from beginning to end in Grimlight.

Elemental Matchups Are Important

Another tip that’s not quite as important as your formation, but that can give you a little extra push when clearing stages, revolves around the elemental system in Grimlight.

Like in many other gachas, the units in this game each have a specific element, which doesn’t affect much, but that can give you an advantage over some other units. Specifically, by targeting an enemy’s elemental weakness, you can deal 25% more damage to them with every attack. However, the same can be done to you, if you’re attacked by an enemy that has an elemental advantage over their target.

The elemental system in Grimlight is quite simple, and revolves around the following dynamic:

  • Nature defeats Water
  • Water defeats Fire
  • Fire defeats Nature
  • Light and Dark are opposites and defeat each other, though they don’t interact with any of the other three elements.

The Best Grimlight Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Newcomers

Though this will likely almost always be the least of your concerns, keeping the elemental matchups in mind might help to give you an extra push in the toughest stages.

Work Through the Missions to Maximize Resource Gain

Last but not least, you’ll need tons of resources to keep your characters upgraded as much as possible, as well as to continue summoning powerful units. And while you’ll get a lot of resources and materials by progressing through the story, you should always consider completing your weekly and daily missions as one of the highest priorities in Grimlight.

The Best Grimlight Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Newcomers

These missions are unlocked after beating stage 1-3, and consist of very simple tasks like completing campaign missions, completing dungeons, earning gold, acquiring gear, or participating in the arena, among many others. If you have limited time to play, and need to prioritize, we suggest focusing solely on the daily missions, since these are the tasks that will give you the best returns for your time. 

Keep Your Strongest Units Upgraded as Much as Possible

This might go without saying, but the stronger your units, the better your odds of winning in Grimlight. And while a significant chunk of your power in this game comes from having good units in your squad at any given moment, you still need to upgrade your characters if you want them to perform their best in combat. After all, even the top tier units in Grimlight are utterly useless if you take them into battle at level 1.

There are quite a few ways to upgrade your units in Grimlight, with some being more complicated than the others, though they are overall quite easy to understand:

The Best Grimlight Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Newcomers

  • Leveling Up: As your units clear levels, they will get a small amount of XP towards the next level. By increasing in level, they gain permanent stat boosts. Players can also use the Emeralds obtained from clearing levels and completing challenges to grant heroes tons of XP instantly, rapidly boosting their level.
  • Equipping Gear: You can receive different pieces of gear from progressing through the game, completing certain dungeons, and by working through your missions, among other methods. This gear can be equipped to your characters to give them a quick boost to their stats. Additionally, just like with the characters themselves, the gear can also be upgraded to enhance its stats, only this time it’s by “feeding” them duplicates of the same piece through the gear menu. You can enhance a piece of gear up to five times.
  • Enhancing Potential: By using the corresponding Tomes, you can unlock a unit’s potential and grant them percentage-based boosts to their stats, vastly increasing their power.
  • Awakening: If you receive a duplicate of a hero from the gacha, they are immediately turned into hero shards, which can then be used to Awaken new powers in the corresponding hero. For every tier that you Awaken, you’ll receive a random bonus to one of the character’s stats.

And that’s most of what you need to know to get a good start in Grimlight. Feel free to leave your own advice and comments in the section below!