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BlueStacks Farming Guide for Hero Wars: Men’s Choice Epic Fantasy RPG on PC

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All mobile games have some sort of restriction in place that prevents you from powering up too fast unless you sink countless hours into its many challenges. In the case of Hero Wars, your progress will always depend on your ability to obtain many different types of resources such as gold, soul stones, experience potions, gear, energy, and emeralds, among a few others. These materials are used for a wide variety of purposes, though they all contribute towards the same outcome: getting stronger.

BlueStacks Farming Guide for Hero Wars

Nevertheless, with these many different types of resources comes many methods for obtaining and farming them. In this guide, we will talk about the best places for obtaining all resources in Hero Wars. If you want to skip spending time and resources on the wrong tasks, and want to go straight for the source of whatever you’re looking for, then read on!

The Different Types of Resources

If you’re new to the game, then you’ll first want to know what you can do with each type of resource in Hero Wars. Those who are already familiarized with this aspect of the game, and simply want to learn where to farm for resources, should skip to the next section.

BlueStacks Farming Guide for Hero Wars

There are several types of resources in Hero Wars, all of which are used for many different purposes. Here is a breakdown of the most important ones:

  • Gold: The main currency of the game, used in many different transactions, the most important of which being the upgrade of your character’s skills as well as to evolve them and increase their rank.
  • Experience Potions: Despite not being a listed resource, experience must be treated as such as they are the only way to rapidly level up a character. They’re especially important for when you unlock a powerful hero and need to help him catch up to your main squad.
  • Emeralds: The premium currency in Hero Wars. This currency is used to speed up virtually anything, as well as for purchasing some premium benefits. It can also be used to purchase energy and extend your playtime. Depending on your status as either a f2p or p2p player, your use for this currency will vary.
  • Soul Stones: This one isn’t a listed resource either, but it’s something you’ll want to farm, regardless, especially if you want to quickly evolve your characters to unleash their true potential.
  • Gear and Equipment: While gear can improve a character’s stats when equipped, they are also necessary for promoting them and giving them permanent stat boots. Once a character is fully-geared, you can pay gold to promote them, which consumes the gear in the process so you can re-equip them, and promote them further. The maximum rank is Orange+4.
  • Friendship Coins: A special type of currency that you can use in the friendship merchant to purchase useful goodies such as soul stones and rare, powerful gear.
  • Energy: A resource used for entering missions in the main campaign. Without energy, the main game mode in Hero Wars is unavailable to you.

BlueStacks Farming Guide for Hero Wars

Where to Farm Resources

Depending on the type of resource you’re looking for, you will want to engage in different tasks in Hero Wars. Before we get into the list, however, we’d like to remind you that most of these tasks can be either automated or streamlined using our powerful BlueStacks tools. Take a look at our BlueStacks usage article for this game if you want to read more about this topic. With that out of the way, let’s move onto the best farming methods for Hero Wars.

BlueStacks Farming Guide for Hero Wars

Gold and Gear

Before farming for gold and gear, you’ll first want to grind your account to team level 40, which is when you unlock the Tower challenge. This game mode allows you to enter a dungeon with multiple floors and will reward you depending on how far you can get each time. It goes without saying that, the higher you go, the larger your reward. In this sense, it’s important to do your best when challenging the tower.

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BlueStacks Farming Guide for Hero Wars

While the tower is definitely the best way to farm for rare gear and gold, there are also other methods for acquiring the latter. Specifically, if you can get your hands on a few raid tickets, you can replay past campaign levels and quickly reap the rewards. The beauty of using raid tickets to replay missions in Hero Wars is that you don’t actually have to fight against the enemies. Instead, the game instantly gives you the rewards for completing the level without having to enter it. Keep in mind that you still need energy to replay these missions.

Soul Stones and Experience Potions

While you can get gold and gear from the Tower mode, both soul stones and experience potions are more straightforward as you can receive these as rewards from completing the main campaign levels. You can receive large experience potions from completing levels that require 8 energy, while you can also get smaller experience potions as rewards from completing levels that cost 6 energy to enter. When it comes to soul stones, however, you need to farm the levels that are marked with the portrait of the hero in question.

BlueStacks Farming Guide for Hero Wars

For instance level 2-10 is marked with a portrait of Astaroth. This means that, every time you complete it, you will receive a small number of soul stones for that hero. Unfortunately, you are limited to a maximum of 3 daily runs per soul stone mission. Nevertheless, if you’re intent on unlocking and upgrading a specific character, you’d do well to farm these missions every 24 hours.

BlueStacks Farming Guide for Hero Wars


There are many ways to collect Emeralds in Hero Wars, other than purchasing them using real money, that is. This premium currency is very valuable and can be exchanged for many benefits, the most important of which being opening Heroic Chests for a chance to receive powerful heroes.

The best ways to farm small amounts of emeralds every day is by competing in the Arenas. While the normal arena rewards you with emeralds daily depending on your performance in the previous day, the Grand Arena grants you emeralds depending on your current standing in the leaderboard. If you manage to get into the top 600 in your server, you will receive 60 emeralds every 24 hours.

BlueStacks Farming Guide for Hero Wars

Energy and Friendship Coins

These last two resources are very simple to obtain, and can’t really be farmed at all. Instead, you can get a set amount of each per day with only a few clicks. You can receive 1 friendship point per person on your friends list, but only if they hop online and manually send you the points. Similarly, you can send a friendship point to every person on your list at no expense to you. Make sure to only add people that are active in the game if you want a steady influx of friendship coins.

BlueStacks Farming Guide for Hero Wars

When it comes to energy, however, you can either wait 5 minutes to replenish one point of energy, or purchase recharges with emeralds. You can purchase two recharges of 120 energy for 50 emeralds each. However, if you log in at certain periods, you can also receive 60 free energy. The periods are from 13:00 to 16:00 hours, and from 20:00 to 23:00 hours.

BlueStacks Farming Guide for Hero Wars

These are some of the most important resources that you’ll be constantly farming in Hero Wars. There are obviously many more that we could’ve listed, but they’re not as common as the ones in this list. Hopefully, with the info we shared, you should be set for farming everything that you need to upgrade your team and increase your power in Hero Wars.

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