Most mobile RPG games like Hero Wars have a unique pacing to them. While these games frequently share many aspects in common such as combat mechanics, progression, and how to unlock new characters, among others, they also have certain unique features that help them to stand out among the rest. In this sense, you have to adjust your approach accordingly if you want to dominate in these games.

The Best Tips and Tricks for Hero Wars

If you’re just starting out in Hero Wars and want to absolutely crush your enemies in this game, then you’ll need some of the best tips and tricks to speed up your progress and power up your team.

Remember the Missions List

It’s easy to get enraptured by these games and simply devote yourself entirely to completing one game mode before moving onto the others. In Hero Wars, you’ll be drawn to completing the campaign as soon as you start, especially since it’s one of the only game modes available to you from the very beginning.

The Best Tips and Tricks for Hero Wars

However, while progressing through the main story is a solid way of obtaining valuable materials for upgrading your team, there is also a list of tasks that you can perform, and that can reward you greatly as you complete them. You can access this quest list from the main menu screen to consult the tasks available for completion. These missions reward you with everything from gold and emeralds, to energy, soul stones, and even Exp Potions. For this reason, it’s important that you always consult your mission list to reap those sweet, sweet rewards and keep your team properly updated at all times.

Your Daily Missions are another source of useful material, which refreshes every 24 hours. You can find these tasks on the upper left corner of the main screen, alongside the login bonuses, achievements, and other tasks (which are also a great source of rewards as you progress through the game). Make sure to visit these menus often to claim your free stuff as you complete missions and reach new milestones!

The Best Tips and Tricks for Hero Wars

When You Reach a Wall in Difficulty, Go Back and Start Grinding

Hero Wars is unlike most other RPG games that we’ve played before, particularly due to its difficulty curve. In other games, you could easily steamroll through the first few chapters of the campaign with the team you get in the tutorial. However, the exact opposite happens in this game as, after you unlock the Paladin Aurora, the game gets much more difficult.

After you unlock this character, it’s very likely that you won’t get any 3-star ratings on any stages for a while. This increase in difficulty is mostly due to the fact that, despite being a tank, Aurora is actually quite squishy at the beginning. If any of your characters fall in combat during the stage, your rating is automatically capped at 2 stars. If more of your characters are defeated, then you’ll drop down to one star.

The Best Tips and Tricks for Hero Wars

The difficulty spikes at mid chapter 2, and you’ll sometimes even find yourself unable to complete certain stages due to the difficulty. Luckily, there are many ways to power up your characters other than increasing their level. By backtracking, you can farm certain stages for gear to promote your roster and unlock their skills. Furthermore, you could also grind for materials to unlock new characters, which leads to our next point.

Grind for Soul Fragments During Events

Some of the rewards that you can obtain from beating stages are soul stones. These items are paramount to your success as they’re the only method through which you can receive new characters. Unlike other mobile RPGs, Hero Wars is not a gacha and doesn’t rely on random summonings to unlock new characters (with the exception of receiving heroes from opening chests), which is a blessing in disguise as you’re never at the mercy of the RNG gods.

The Best Tips and Tricks for Hero Wars

You can consult the Hero menu to check where you can receive the specific soul stones to unlock them. After that, all you need to do is to farm the corresponding stage until you have enough items to unlock the hero. Keep in mind that these stones are not only important for unlocking the said character, but also for evolving them and greatly increasing their stats.

In Hero Wars, it’s not uncommon to see certain active events, which reward you with additional soul stones on top of the standard rewards for completing the stages. If you play while these events are active, you can essentially kill two birds with one stone by grinding for two heroes simultaneously. At the time of writing, there’s an Arachne event active. While we’re grinding for soul stones to evolve our Aurora, we’re also on our way to unlock Arachne, a powerful assassin hero.

The Best Tips and Tricks for Hero Wars

The Best Tips and Tricks for Hero Wars

Sadly, the number of times you can challenge certain levels per day is limited by your VIP level, so you probably won’t be able to farm certain characters endlessly. Nevertheless, while the aforementioned events are active, you can receive these bonus soul stones from virtually any level. Keep an eye out for these events and make sure to play as much as you can while they’re active so you can unlock additional heroes and add them to your roster.

Use Auto-Battle Sparingly During Tough Challenges

Simply put, the AI in these games is, for the most part, very dumb, and Hero Wars is not an exception to this statement. While auto-battle can help to reduce the tedium of grinding the same easy stages over and over, it falls flat on its face if you try to use it on the toughest stages.

The Best Tips and Tricks for Hero Wars

If you’re challenging new content, make sure to switch the auto-battle off and control your characters manually to ensure that they use their skills correctly and have no issues completing the stage. If you still have trouble completing challenges when manually controlling your characters, then consider following any of the other tips and tricks we shared here to strengthen your team.

Automate Watching Ads With the Macro Recorder

When it comes to progressing and powering up your team, Hero Wars is nice enough to give players plenty of freebies to expedite the process. If you’re a f2p player and don’t want to invest any money in this game, then you’ll need to be diligent in completing all your daily missions to keep up with other players who pay to receive certain benefits. One of such tasks involves claiming your free items from the merchant. Some of these freebies involve watching ads to receive special tickets, which you can then use for purchasing important items.

The Best Tips and Tricks for Hero Wars

Some of the items you can receive by exchanging them for tickets include gold, emeralds, and even energy to extend your play time. You can receive up to 8 tickets per day if you watch all 8 ads. However, if you don’t want to sit through this ordeal on a daily basis, you can simply automate it using our BlueStacks Macro Recorder.

This tool allows you to create strings of commands, which you can then reproduce with the press of a button. On this occasion, what this means is that you can record yourself watching the 8 ads back-to-back (there’s no way to skip this initial viewing, sorry!), and then use the macro to automate the process on every subsequent occasion. From there on out, you can just press the button and go afk for a few minutes while BlueStacks watches those pesky ads for you.

The Best Tips and Tricks for Hero Wars

If you want to learn more about how to use BlueStacks to elevate your experience with Hero Wars, then take a look at our BlueStacks usage guide we wrote specifically for this title. The above mentioned are five of the most important tips and tricks that you should keep in mind at all times when playing this awesome RPG game. As you progress, you’ll unlock different features that will modify your daily routine somewhat. Nevertheless, the info we shared in this guide applies throughout your entire experience in Hero Wars.

Do you have any other awesome tips and tricks about Hero Wars that you’d like to share? Feel free to leave a comment in the section below and help your fellow gamers out.