About a month ago, we briefly discussed some of the best units you can play with in Hero Wars and, although some of these recommendations are still sound, we’d like to expand on that initial classification with an updated tier list. This time around, we’ll be focusing mainly on those heroes that are worth keeping for the late game. As such, you’ll be able to form an opinion abut who to invest resources in from early on.

Hero Wars: Men's Choice Epic Fantasy RPG on PC – Updated Hero Tier List

Despite the fact that the game has been out for over a year now, there haven’t been many attempts to come up with a definitive Hero Wars tier list. This information usually requires a lot of experience with endgame content. Fortunately for you, we did our homework and you can now benefit from invaluable hindsight. Let’s dive right in.

The Indispensables

This is the S category of Hero Wars, namely those units that you can always use. If you find either of these, hold on to them with everything you’ve got. Some of them are so useful that people struggle to get them even when they’ve reached the late game.

Astaroth – even if you get him early-game he is a powerhouse and an incredible tank. His Flame Veil will shield your entire team for a considerable amount of damage and the bubble increases proportionately to his magic attack. If this wasn’t enough, his Demon Alliance passive increases your party’s overall survivability by reducing their physical damage taken when somebody’s low on health.

Hero Wars: Men's Choice Epic Fantasy RPG on PC – Updated Hero Tier List

Martha – even though we skipped on her in our last article, she’s actually considered one of the best healers in the entire game. Few people even dare to debate her prowess anymore. The old lady’s Tea Party is essentially an AoE heal that will keep you going through the most difficult of fights. She can also increase everyone’s speed by 240% for 6 seconds, while her basic attack heals her based on the distance between her and the enemy.

Hero Wars: Men's Choice Epic Fantasy RPG on PC – Updated Hero Tier List

Cleaver – you’d think his looks deter players from wanting him in their line-up, but he happens to be one of the best physical tanks you can get your hands on. Unlike Astaroth, he can also control his enemies with the help of the Rusty Hook, which can pull mobs nearer, as well as his Mutilation, which stuns everyone in front of him in a cone. He is really annoying in PvP.

Jorgen – we could not have completed this category without an outstanding support character. He truly shines when he’s paired with other magic characters (Astaroth and Martha included). His Torment of Powerlessness prevents enemies from gaining energy for a full 9 seconds, while his Tainted Wounds drains some of his opponents existing energy supply. If there’s one sure-fire way to disrupt your enemies’ plans, it’s him.

Hero Wars: Men's Choice Epic Fantasy RPG on PC – Updated Hero Tier List

A-Tier Characters

Although not as strong as the ones above, these characters can easily help you steamroll endgame content given appropriate gear, glyphs, artefacts, and overall strengthening. Galahad, whom we’ve previously mentioned, was recently buffed and, thus, got promoted to this category.

Celeste – every experienced player recommends you take the $1.99 beginner offer to buy this hero. It doesn’t always appear, so there’s a bit of fortune involved. In PvP especially, Martha’s Teapot can be dismissed with AoE spells. These are the situations where Celeste truly shines. Aside from being an outstanding healer, she does a bucketload of magic damage in her Dark Form. She is extremely effective in Magic-based lineups.

Hero Wars: Men's Choice Epic Fantasy RPG on PC – Updated Hero Tier List

Nebula – aside from Jorgen, she’s the most wanted support in Hero Wars. Place her in the middle of your line-up and witness how her Equilibrium increases both the Magic and the Physical Attack of a nearby ally, whereas her Serenity cleanses them of debuffs and restores a fair amount of health. You don’t want to face her without being thoroughly prepared.

K’arkh and Faceless – they make much more sense together than apart. K’arkh’s massive physical damage can be further enhanced if Faceless’ Doppelganger ability allows him to replicate his buddy’s ultimate. Even though we’re not major fans of physical line-ups, these two will constitute a great core to them. Alternatively, Faceless might also fit well into a magic composition.

Hero Wars: Men's Choice Epic Fantasy RPG on PC – Updated Hero Tier List

Helios, Orion, and Dorian – these are the three musketeers of magic line-ups. Dorian will give everyone lifesteal when attacking a particular target with the help of his Fountain of Blood, while his Ancestors’ Amulet will give the lowest health ally 20% of the vampire’s hp. If we add Helios’ Celestial Guardians, there is no way any opponent will defeat this combo any time soon. By the time they’re doing some progress, Orion’s massive DPS will ensure they go back to the drawing board.

Maya – if you can’t get your hands on either Celeste or Martha, she’s your next best healer option. Her Poisonous Bonds pulls all enemies together so you can AoE them better, while her ultimate ensures they stay in place and take damage for as long as 8 seconds. Together with Cleaver, she’s a toxic combo in both PvE and PvP.

Hero Wars: Men's Choice Epic Fantasy RPG on PC – Updated Hero Tier List

The Strong Alternatives

Whether because you’re generally unlucky or just looking for other interesting team compositions, these characters are strong alternatives to the best units.

Cornelius – if you’re dabbling in PvP a lot or you’re finding that the main story throws too much magical damage your way, he will turn their strongest abilities against them. His Heavy Wisdom does damage to his opponent based on their own Intelligence, while the Protective Dome increases your allies’ magic defense for 6 seconds.

Hero Wars: Men's Choice Epic Fantasy RPG on PC – Updated Hero Tier List

For another way to mitigate physical damage, Ziri and Ishmael seem to be a favorite solution among the Hero Wars community. Once every 30 seconds, Ziri will burrow in the sand and regen health, thus avoiding enemy attacks. The problem is that you need a good backbone to stay there when she does and this is where Ishmael comes in. The dodge from his Mirage, as well as the lifesteal from his Dark Craft really come in handy.

So far, these are the absolute best characters in Hero Wars. Each and every one of these units holds great end-game potential (some more than others), so you can invest in them at your own discretion.