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Hero Wars – How to Become a Titan Master

What’s better than a good gacha RPG? One that also features a variety of interesting game mechanics to help you progress further: something to break the routine of farming and to remind you that you’re still playing the game to have fun. Hero Wars managed to accomplish just that with their Titans and we figure it’s about time we discuss what you can do to become a master of these large elemental monsters.

Hero Wars on PC – How to Become a Titan Master

Basically, Titans are the number one reason you’ll want to join a guild in HW. You can only use them in guild wars, guild dungeon, guild training, and cross server battles. Since they were too big a part of the game to cover in our tips and tricks article, we’ll go over the most important aspect of Titan mechanics, building them, as well as dungeon approaches here. To be able to join a guild and use Titans, you’ll need to achieve player rank 30.

Where Do I Get My Titan?

Titans are classified according to their elemental affinity. These are Water, Earth, and Fire. As you probably sense by know, each of these has their own strengths and weaknesses. Water is powerful against Fire, but weak to Earth, while the latter is at a disadvantage against Fire. To make things even more complex, each category contains four types of Titans – a tank, a support, a sniper, and an almighty super-titan. Needless to say, the latter will always be the strongest of the bunch.

Hero Wars on PC – How to Become a Titan Master

Immediately after joining a guild, you’ll be able to summon some of these powerful monsters. To get more of them, you’ll have to farm Titan Spheres, which are easily obtainable if you regularly progress through the guild dungeon. The great part about the latter is that everyone in the guild is rewarded with some Spheres as people get further. This means that you ought to find an active group of people to join; otherwise you won’t get much benefit from it.

Hero Wars on PC – How to Become a Titan Master

Also, don’t forget that completing daily quests will reward you with 75 Titanite. The amount is doubled for the guild dungeon. Ideally, you’ll want a nice stack of at least 30 Spheres before you go on a summoning spree. Sometimes, it can take a while before you land on some goodies. If you don’t, just continue farming and be patient. Your luck will change.

Reasons to Regularly Play with Titans

To evolve these outstanding monsters, you’ll need Titan Potions (for levelling up) and Emeralds (for upgrading/awakening). You’ll have a hard time coming across those Titans you don’t already own, since HW’s mechanics are a bit sadistic and will favor existing characters as opposed to new ones, as is the case with heroes. Always keep an eye out for on-going events, since they’re known to reward players with Titan Chests or Spheres.

Hero Wars on PC – How to Become a Titan Master

The bad news is that super-titans will require roughly 8 times more spheres to unlock. Unlike your regular heroes, which can have up to 4 skills, Titans only have one. Aside from helping out with guild dungeon progression, another reason to level your Titans is the elemental sparks they provide. You can use these sparks to actually upgrade your heroes under the “Gift of the Elements” tab. Each spark will provide your units with a +3 bonus to their attributes.

Hero Wars on PC – How to Become a Titan Master

In time, spark upgrades can really stack up to have a meaningful contribution to your lineup. But it doesn’t end here. Guild activities commonly reward you with enchantment runes. These will enable you to level the glyphs of your heroes. And it’s well worth levelling the glyphs beyond the blue rank, as each new stage after this point will provide you with an important bonus to one of your major attributes – armor, physical attack, piercing, health, and so on.

Hero Wars on PC – How to Become a Titan Master

The second major reason why you want to join an active guild is to win guild wars. If you happen to land in the midst of a good group, regularly winning these confrontations will reward you with precious trophies. This currency is the gateway to endgame progression, as it lets you buy hero skins, Soul Stones, as well as any upgrade material either for your Titans or regular units. If there is a way to keep playing HW and stay relevant without having to pay, this is it. You can bet that cross-server tournaments are just as juicy in terms of what you can obtain: artifact coins, currency you can use to purchase Soul Stones, and more.

Which Are the Best Titans?

Until you get fortunate enough to land on one of the super-titans, it would be best to know which of the regular ones can help you get further into guild content. So far, the most effective tanks seem to be Angus and Siguard. You’ll want either of the latter accompanied by no more than 2 support Titans (sometimes one, if they can handle it), while the remainder should be snipers.

Hero Wars on PC – How to Become a Titan Master

Avalon, Ignis, and Nova seem to be among the most favorite of snipers, while Sylva, Vulcan, and Mairi are less picked. When you get lucky enough to pull a super-Titan, level them as fast as possible and replace either a support or a sniper in your current team. We wouldn’t advise you to let them tank, since this is usually not the best use of their strength. In terms of which monsters should get your experience potions (and emerald upgrades) first, it’s the tank(s), then the super-Titans, and, lastly, the supports/snipers. You might be tempted to jump straight to the OP beasts, but this is rarely the best way to go. From what we gather, as well as from what veteran players indicate, more survivability guarantees better overall progression.

Hero Wars on PC – How to Become a Titan Master

Don’t forget that you cannot heal your Titan team in the dungeon. Hyperion is the only one who can keep them going, but he’s a rare sight. If they die, you’ll have to wait for the day to end for them to respawn, so make sure to limit your Titan dungeon time. Try to aim for that 75 Titanite sweet spot, as this will help everyone else earn Titan Spheres.

That’s it! These are the fundamentals of Titan gameplay in Hero Wars. Now, you are ready to progress through all the guild activities and benefit from all the amazing loots they have to give.

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