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Honkai Impact 3rd—The Best Action Game on BlueStacks?

Here on the BlueStacks blog, we’re always striving to bring to your attention the most popular games that, due to their innovative concepts, are worthy of notice. However, due to the restrictions of the mobile platform, the vast majority of these Android games are limited to RPGs with turn-based combat, while shooters and other action games, barring some exceptions, are still relatively niche. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of developers around the world—and the versatility of the BlueStacks gaming platform—said niches are rapidly expanding, and more players are seeking action or shooter games to sate their appetite for intense gameplay.

Honkai Impact 3rd—The Best Action Game on BlueStacks?

Today, we’ve come to talk about a special game; a title the likes of which we seldom see on this platform. We’re talking about a game that, due to its fight mechanics, flowy combat, the possibility to string attacks, and its sharp difficulty curve, has become one of the most interesting action games that we’ve had the honor of playing, to date.

Honkai Impact 3rd—The Best Action Game on BlueStacks?

Honkai Impact 3rd, developed by miHoYo Limited, is set in the distant future and follows the adventures of Kiana, a powerful Valkyrie. However, we’re not talking about the Valkyries that most of you may know from Nordic mythos, but of powerful female warriors that fly into battle in special mech-like exosuits. The game tells the story of this young girl, a B-rank Valkyrie, who readily completes missions to eventually attain the title of S-rank Valkyrie.

Honkai Impact 3rd—The Best Action Game on BlueStacks?

Honkai Impact 3rd—The Best Action Game on BlueStacks?

In this world, it is the duty of the Valkyries to protect the world from the Honkai threat, fearsome beasts that target and attack humanity’s largest cities. In the past, these animals have driven the human species to near-extermination before being stopped. Unfortunately, after a long and relaxing peace, the Honkai are back to wreak havoc upon the land. However, this time the Valkyries are here to put a stop to their plans.

Honkai Impact 3rd—The Best Action Game on BlueStacks?

War is coming once again to Earth, will you join forces with the Valkyries to put an end to the Honkai threat once and for all?

Complex and Rewarding Combat

Whenever they’re not occupied training, the Valkyries spend most of their time aboard the Hyperion, the mothership that soars high above the clouds, ever vigilant. However, every time an emergency pops up, the Valkyries deploy from their ship, and drop straight into the heat of battle, ready to kick some butt with their vast arsenal of weapons and skills.

Honkai Impact 3rd—The Best Action Game on BlueStacks?

In contrast to what we’ve seen in any other mobile game, the combat in Honkai Impact 3rd is, surprisingly, very complex. It borrows elements from the games in other platforms, particularly those of other actions games such as Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. Of these two titles, Honkai takes, specifically, the combo-based combat that allows you to string attack after attack to keep your enemies stunned, and destroy everything that stands in your path with complex movements and skills. Unlike other games where you pick your moves from a list, and watch as your character performs them, or where you must simply mash a button and see how the action unfolds, you will have to string precise command inputs if you wish to unleash your strongest combos.

Honkai Impact 3rd—The Best Action Game on BlueStacks?

Aside from attacking freely, you can also perform other moves to extend your combos in this game. For example, you can choose up to three characters for each level, and switch freely between them mid-combo and, once the new character appears on-screen, she will unleash a special attack that counts as a part of the ongoing combo. Furthermore, the game rewards you for your precision when dodging since, every time you evade an attack just as it’s about to connect, your character will use her Ultimate Evasion skill, which can slow down time around you, or unleash a variety of different effects.

Honkai Impact 3rd—The Best Action Game on BlueStacks?

Regardless of your preferred playstyle, we can promise that you’ll have a blast with playing Honkai Impact 3rd on BlueStacks. Furthermore, with our keymapping tool, you can create awesome control schemes to obtain improved maneuverability over your Valkyries, and unleash precise combos using your keyboard.

Gacha Elements and RPG Progression

A mobile game cannot exist without the progression elements to keep their playerbase glued to their screens, trying hard to unlock everything that it has to offer, and Honkai Impact 3rd is no exception.

Consistently logging into and playing this game on a daily basis will reward you with many prizes ranging from new Valkyries, to awesome Stigmatas, which are seals that you can etch onto your characters to improve their skills. Just like in other gacha games, both the Valkyries and the Stigmatas, the gear, and every other object can be obtained by completing missions, or gathering certain materials. Furthermore, there are many ways to upgrade your characters in this game, and you’ll be spending most of your time re-running levels to gather all sorts of materials.

This game is rife with gacha goodness, as well as other interesting mechanics, which we’ll address later on. If you want to learn more, stay tuned to our blog where we’ll be posting useful information and tips for getting good at Honkai Impact 3rd. For now, we’d love to know your opinion about this game: do you think it’s a good adaptation of the genre for mobile devices? Leave us a comment on the section below!

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