Honkai: Star Rail has just released globally on 26th April, 2023! Developed by Hoyoverse, the makers of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3, the game is expected to break multiple records upon release. Popularity from the sister games of Honkai: Star Rail already seems to be trickling to their success as the game has successfully been pre-registered over 10 million times globally. Honkai: Star Rail has everything a classic RPG requires – appealing visuals, strategic turn-based combat system, fluid animations, and a great storyline to work with. Honkai: Star Rail is available as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store with in-game microtransactions enabled. You can also Play Honkai: Star Rail in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

Honkai: Star Rail – Tips and Tricks for Early Game Progression

Table of Contents

  1. Tip #1. Re-rolling to Get a Strong Start
  2. Tip #2. Combat Tips – Match Light Cone Paths and Elemental Weakness
  3. Tip #3. Make Sure to Constantly Upgrade your Heroes!
  4. Tip #4. Gain Trailblazer Levels Quickly!
  5. Tip #5. Understanding the Roles of Heroes

In this article, we will be providing some of our personally observed and community driven combined tips and tricks for Honkai: Star Rail. As the game is fairly new, being globally launched just today itself, most of the information gathered is from reputable sources such as Honkai: Star Rail Wiki, and the official website for Honkai: Star Rail. Early game progression is going to be our main focus when writing this article as many players might be in the early game stage as of now. Regardless, many of the tips mentioned are viable even well after the early game.

Tip #1. Re-rolling to Get a Strong Start

Re-Rolling is one of the best methods that avid gacha games use while trying to get the best start possible in any summoning related game. The re-rolling process refers to creating multiple accounts in hopes of getting your desired hero at the beginning by making use of the pre-registration rewards. However, in Honkai: Star Rail, this process can get extremely painful as a single re-roll takes up to 30-40 minutes depending on your speed. We have an exclusive in-depth rerolling guide for Honkai: Star Rail that players can read to understand the entire process in detail. 

Honkai: Star Rail – Tips and Tricks for Early Game Progression

The process is quite time taking and not recommended for all players. With the help of BlueStacks Multi-Instance manager, the process time can be reduced significantly as players can play multiple accounts at the same time without the need of spending 30-40 minutes on each account simultaneously. In short, re-rolling helps you with a strong start that can later come in handy whe you have no summoning currencies left to get stronger characters from the Warp system. As usual, games like Honkai: Star Rail are not to be completed in a day but portray more like marathons that take time and effort to progress. As with any live service game, players will get stronger over time.

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Tip #2. Combat Tips – Match Light Cone Paths and Elemental Weakness

Honkai: Star Rail is a RPG where players need to build up their acquired characters from scratch. This includes the basics that we all know by now – levelling up, eidolon insertions, and light cone insertion. A big tip that we can provide is regarding Light Cones and their usage. Players might know but Light Cones have a specific Path associated with them, much like the characters do as well. A character having Path of Destruction, when paired with Light Cone having Path of Destruction, matches significantly more and boosts their effect. A special skill, innate to Light Cones, are activated when the paths of the character and light cone match. Hence, we would recommend players to rather equip a matching path 4-Star Light cone than a non-matching path 5-Star light cone.  

Honkai: Star Rail – Tips and Tricks for Early Game Progression

One major tip while fighting any boss in Honkai: Star Rail is to check their elemental weaknesses. The toughness gauge of the boss can break if you hit them with character that have elemental advantage over them. The elements the enemy is weak to can be seen on top of their heads. It can be multiple elements or a single element, depending on the difficulty of the stage.

Tip #3. Make Sure to Constantly Upgrade your Heroes!

If you ever feel like you’re getting gated in progression due to losing battles, make sure that you are consistently upgrading your heroes as you progress. Many players often forget the cumulative rise in power your heroes get as they are levelled up. Getting duplicates of characters also unlocks their Eidolons. Eidolons are one of the best ways to guarantee power enhancement while also enhancing their abilities. One more strong tip, if you have faced a strong enemy and barely been able to defeat them, there’s a high chance your heroes are injured and at low HP. Make sure to retreat for time being heal them from a healing pod before starting another match. 

Honkai: Star Rail – Tips and Tricks for Early Game Progression

Another major tip would be to upgrade your healer characters first. It’s no fact that healers are perhaps quite broken in Honkai: Star Rail. Much more than damage dealers. These characters follow the Path of preservation and can heal your allies to keep them topped up. This minimalizes your chances of heroes dying and thus increases your chances of winning. One drawback of such tactics can be quite a long wait time as battles will take time. But that’s a short price to pay for reducing your chances of losses. 

Tip #4. Gain Trailblazer Levels Quickly!

To set the premise, main story missions are locked behind your current trailblazer level or player level for ease of use. This is the overall level of your account. Increasing this level can help you not only unlock more main story missions but also to increase level cap of your characters. 

Honkai: Star Rail – Tips and Tricks for Early Game Progression

Sadly, there’s no easy to get more experience faster. Here are the current popular methods we know of:

  • Daily Training – This should give you about 1000 Experience if you complete all the missions.
  • Companion and Adventure Missions – These are the missions you are given as you progress. Also called as Side missions, they are a great source of experience. Each mission can give you a handy reward along with 300-400 Experience.
  • Trailblaze Power – Spending your daily quota of TP also results in you getting some experience.
  • Operation Briefing – The Operation Briefing missions also award you with experience ranging from 100-200 per mission.
  • Open-World Exploration – Ever wondered what would happen when you collect those chests you encounter? Well, you will get tons of rewards is what happens! EXP, Stellar shards, and other materials can be found from these treasure chests. Killing the NPC monsters also grant you with more EXP along with some crucial ascension materials.

Tip #5. Understanding the Roles of Heroes

Just like there are different classes in MMORPGS, there are different paths assigned to all characters in Honkai: Star Rail. There is no single Path that is termed as the best as each of them does different things. At the time of global launch, there exists 7 different paths according to official in-game terminology. Here are all of them along with some notable examples of characters that fall under these Paths: 

Honkai: Star Rail – Tips and Tricks for Early Game Progression

  • Path of Abundance – Characters under The Abundance path are the healers in the team. They are tasked with healing/supporting allies and helping the team stay healthy. For example, Bailu, Luocha, and Natasha fall under Path of Abundance.
  • Path of Preservation – Characters under The Preservation path are the Tanks/Shielders for the team. They are tasked with protecting weak allies by soaking up damage. For example, Gepard and March 7th fall under Path of Preservation.
  • Path of Hunt – Characters under The Hunt path are the Assassins. They have exceptionally hard-hitting single-targeted damaging skills and can destroy squishy enemies. For example, Dan Heng, Seele, Yanqing, and Sushang fall under Path of Hunt.
  • Path of Harmony – Characters under The Harmony path are the Supports for the team. They help the team by providing allies with different buffs. For example, Bronya, Asta, and Tingyun fall under Path of Harmony.
  • Path of Nihility – Characters under The Nihility path are the Debuffers for the team. They help disrupt the synergy of enemies by debuffing them and crowd-controlling them. For example, Kafka, Pela, and Sampo fall under Path of Nihility.
  • Path of Erudition – Characters under The Erudition path are the AOE-DPS of the team. They have exceptionally strong AOE-targeted damaging skills. For example, Herta, Himeko, and Jing Yuan fall under Path of Erudition.
  • Path of Destruction – Characters under The Destruction path are Mixed DPS. They have high levels of AOE-targeted and Single-targeted damaging capabilities. For example, Clara, Hook, and Arlan fall under Path of Destruction.

To play Honkai: Star Rail on a bigger screen of your PC, it is highly recommended to use BlueStacks along with your keyboard and mouse. You can also Play Honkai: Star Rail in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!