Hustle Castle’s Arena represents the PvP side of this immensely successful game. The fun, as well as rewards that are to be had from winning Arena tournaments is a major part of the reason why HC is so popular within the mobile gaming community.

Hustle Castle: The Complete Arena Guide

Before anything else, if you’re a beginner, you might want to check out our guides to keeping your dwellers happy, as well as to playing Hustle Castle on BlueStacks. Both of these will help you determine what the game is about and play it better. There are quite a number of things to take into account when delving into this topic, which is why you need to be up to date with the game’s fundamental mechanics.

In this article, we’ll focus exclusively on how you can improve your performance and your standings in the Arena so that you can get better rewards. In turn, this will give you access to more powerful items from the Arena shop. You can also Play Hustle Castle in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

HC Arena Basics

First of all, to access the Arena, you have to go into the world map and click on the Arena island at the bottom of your screen. To get in, your Throne Room will have to be level 5 or higher. You can obtain access either by spending juicy apples (5k at the lowest Throne Room and the amount will always be proportionate to the level) or by using Arena tickets, which you can get from completing daily quests or clearing invasions.

Hustle Castle: The Complete Arena Guide

Every time you use a ticket, you’ll get 60 Badges of Valor, the main currency of the Arena shop, for which you don’t have to win a single match-up. The way that the PvP system works in HC is through mini-tournaments. Every time you spend a ticket (or buy-in with food) you’re ranked up with 14 other players who have the same Throne Room level and who are in the same bracket as you.

Hustle Castle: The Complete Arena Guide

The winner gets an additional 250 Badges, while 2nd place gets 200, third obtains 150, 4 to 6 are given 100, and 7 through 9 get 50, so you don’t need to be extremely high to reap good rewards. However, there is a small chance that either of the top three finishers gets a Royal Tournament Chest that contains amazing prices.

In each tournament, there are 5 rounds, each with a time limit of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Every round, you get the chance to attack 1 other player. If you win, you get points, depending on the other player’s current rank, as well as how fast you beat them. If you lose, you get nothing.

Hustle Castle: The Complete Arena Guide

As you may have noticed, you can have anywhere from 3 to 6 characters in your party. The game matches you with people who have the same number of units, as well as roughly the same level of fighters. Based on this, there are a number of brackets in Hustle Castle.

The Bracket System

HC’s bracket system is designed to pair people of similar strength in Arena Tournaments in order to prevent a few individuals from constantly steamrolling everybody else. As such, your winning will come down to two things: tournament strategy and itemization.

Hustle Castle: The Complete Arena Guide

Itemization is all about getting your warriors equipped with the best gear that you currently have. You can craft gear, but also get it from the daily chest, the ad watcher’s chest, the Arena shop, as well as the Dark Portal store. To consistently get top 3, you’ll need to have epic (if not better) gear on all of your party members. Why wait? Play Hustle Castle instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now.

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The other thing you can do to increase your odds of finishing in top 5 is to adopt an appropriate Tournament strategy. Generally, you want to start off by defeating the players that are closest to your level first. This will help keep individuals you can defeat ahead of you, making it possible to challenge them in later rounds.

Hustle Castle: The Complete Arena Guide

The power of your enemy’s team is a good indicator, but, by no means, a perfect one. We’ve consistently beaten better-geared players because we happened to have a healer/resser in our team. For a better assessment of somebody’s strength, you should also check their team composition, as well as their items.

A win is always better than a loss, so don’t attack players unless you’re sure you can beat them. You can easily be outranked by somebody weaker than you if they won all of their fights. Lastly, you can work your way around the bracket system to give yourself a shot at better Tournament places.

Currently, there are 26 Arena brackets and they are as follows:

  • 3×30, 3×40.
  • 4×30, 4×40, 4×47, 4×55, 4×62, 4×70.
  • 5×40, 5×47, 5×55, 5×62, 5×70, 5×77, 5×85, 5×92, 5×100.
  • 6×40, 6×47, 6×55, 6×62, 6×70, 6×77, 6×85, 6×92, 6×100.

The first number represents the size of your party, while the second one is the average training level of your best fighters. Note that this number is extrapolated by averaging all of your castle’s dwellers, not just your dedicated combat team.

Hustle Castle: The Complete Arena Guide

Once you play in a higher bracket, you can’t go back to a lower one, so make sure to only advance if you’re completely certain you can handle the competition. The best way to go about it is to keep your fighters’ level low, as well as massively geared, and prevent yourself from advancing until you can consistently dominate your own bracket. Some people never advance and there’s a high chance you’ll stumble across them in the first bracket (they’re the ones with epic and legendary armor you can’t even touch).

Show Your Kingdom’s Strength

HC’s Arena system might be a bit complicated, but it’s fun nonetheless. It will take some time to get used to it, but, once you do, you’ll find that nothing compares to the competition and adrenaline of vying against 14 other opponents for those coveted Badges.

Hustle Castle: The Complete Arena Guide

One last tip: whatever you do with Arena currency, don’t purchase the chests or any items that are lower than Epic. They’re just not worth the bother – the first because rewards are less than meh and the second because you can craft good gear yourself. Skeleton Armor or very good Legendary pieces are what you want from here. Don’t sell yourself short. Play Hustle Castle on your PC or mobile without downloads! Click and start playing instantly for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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