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Tips and Tricks for Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom – Part I

Whoever said managing your own castle was easy clearly didn’t know about Hustle Castle. Studio Nord’s newest game puts you under the management of your very own fortress, including its denizens, as you wage war against enemy forces to bring back your beloved from the clutches of evil. It is your duty to gather the strength of the kingdom and create a squad of elite fighters to take the fight to the Abyss Lord and put an end to his evil schemes once and for all.

At least, that’s what the game says you should do. However, getting from point A to point B in Hustle Castle is easier said than done, and getting lost in the middle is quite common for most players.

There are several methods you can use to speed up your projects and to help matters flow smoothly. In this article, we are going to share several tips and tricks you can use in this game to secure victory, maximize your gains, and minimize your potential losses due to defeat, and enemy attacks.

Prepare Accordingly for Battle

Contrary to most games, the power rating in Hustle Castle is not completely indicative of your odds of winning. Sure, a much larger power rating than the enemy will likely lead to victory but, in most cases, it’s the strategies you use that will seal the deal. Nevertheless, you should ensure that, at all times, your fighter dwellers are equipped with the best gear you have in stock, as these items can give them a much-needed boost to their attributes and traits. In some cases, a good piece of armor might even give an attack boost to certain types of warriors.

Tips and Tricks for Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom – Part I

Furthermore, your dwellers don’t even have to be warriors to enjoy the benefits of certain equipment. For example, you can equip your cooks and treasures with certain gear, which improves their production rate while working in their respective rooms.

Tips and Tricks for Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom – Part I

While in battle, there are some other things you must consider regarding your dweller’s equipment. For example, some types of gear won’t be as effective in certain scenarios as they are in others. In this sense, in some stages where there are many ranged enemies, your melee attackers might have difficulties doing their jobs, as they will be pelted with projectiles far before they are able to even reach the enemies with their swords. Similarly, some mini-bosses target ranged attackers first, quickly defeating them and greatly reducing your potential to do damage. In both cases, you must equip your fighters accordingly, so that they may survive the ensuing battle and come out on top.

Upgrading the Throne Room

The only way to gain access to new rooms and game modes is by upgrading your throne room. However, you might want to reconsider rushing to upgrade this room before making progress on the other parts of your castles. Since you will still need to upgrade other rooms to increase your resource production, to better train your fighters, and to increase your odds of surviving in battle, the throne room should never be a priority. In this sense, only commit to upgrading this room once you have done everything else.

Tips and Tricks for Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom – Part I

Tips and Tricks for Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom – Part I

Our recommendations on this matter are to focus first on upgrading the barracks and training grounds since military might is of great importance in Hustle Castle. These two should be followed by upgrading the treasury and the dining hall to increase your food production. Since you should never be hoarding resources, the cellar and vault are the rooms you should always upgrade last.

Pick Up Your Free Gems

Like with most games, Hustle Castle gives you an opportunity to earn a few gems for free each day. Gems are the game’s premium currency, which can usually only be bought using real money, and which can be spent for awesome prizes. Besides participating in the weekly portal battles, which requires tons of preparation and some initial investments to make your earnings worth your time, you can receive some free gems by completing simple tasks, such as watching in-game advertisement videos and opening the chests you receive by winning battles.

Tips and Tricks for Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom – Part I

Tips and Tricks for Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom – Part I

Furthermore, by completing achievements, you may also earn a decent amount of gems. Click on the crown icon on the right panel to learn which achievements you can complete, as well as the rewards they offer upon completion.

Tips and Tricks for Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom – Part I

No Room for the Weak

As soon as you unlock the Living Room, you will be able to put a male and female dweller inside, so they can get together and have a baby. Once the baby grows, he can inherit the potential of his parents, so he or she has the possibility of having better attributes. For instance, a couple of 3-star parents may have a good chance of bearing a 4-star baby. Similarly, a couple consisting of a 4-star and 3-star individuals could potentially bear a 4 or 5-star baby. The higher the potential of the parents, the higher the probability of having a better baby.


Tips and Tricks for Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom – Part I

Once you have many 4-star and 5-star dwellers, you can go ahead and banish the weak 2-star and 3-star villagers you began with. While it sounds cruel, this is the only way to actually grow stronger in Hustle Castle, and allow your dwellers to realize their full potential.

Tips and Tricks for Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom – Part I

It’s OK to Suffer Defeat

In most games, being defeated often carries dire consequences, such as the loss of hard-earned units and resources. In Hustle Castle, however, your units don’t die, so the only loss you suffer is of the material nature, such as when you lose resources after being attacked by an enemy castle. This presents an opportunity to use the defeat to your advantage.

As you grow stronger, your power ranking and rating will increase, which can draw enemies towards you. In order to keep a low profile, a good idea is to maintain a low battle rating, which you can do by suffering defeat. In order to do this intentionally, you can go ahead and do a revenge attack on every person that has attacked you overnight. However, instead of launching a serious attack, you can go ahead and send a single unarmed dweller. You will suffer obvious losses, and it will set you back some resources, but this is a good price to pay to safeguard the rest of your treasures.

There are many other tips and tricks you can use to improve your performance at Hustle Castle. However, there are only so many tidbits of information that we can put in a single article. Stay tuned for future articles where we’ll share many other pointers for this awesome game.

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