Resources such as Coins, Angel EXP, EXP, Holy Core, Enhance Essence, and more are very important when you play Idle Angels. You are going to need these items such Coins, Angel EXP, Holy Core, Enhance Essence, and even gear to give upgrades to your Angels and make them stronger in battle. On the other hand, you are going to need EXP to increase your own level which is required to unlock certain features in the game that can help you become more powerful or have more opportunities to loot resources. Below is a list of features unlocked at certain levels:

Level Unlocked Features
12 Guild, Clash of Guilds
15 Enhance (gear enhancement), Ranking
20 Arena
25 World Boss (Daily)
30 Adventure (Daily), Angels Temple, Favorability
35 Clash of Titans
40 Training, Sky Tower
50 Glory Arena, Artifact, Substitute, Glory Arena
60 Secret Abyss, Relic, Epic Summon, Limited Summon, Chaotic Realm, Angel Trial Event, Conqueror of Legends
70 Gem, Star Trial
80 Career Tower
90 Gear Ascend
100 Legend Summon, Attire, Wish

There is a large incentive to acquire as much EXP as possible early in the game as you’ll quickly have access to new features. Similarly, there is also a large incentive to acquire resources for Angel upgrades so that you can strengthen your Angel quickly through methods explained in this guide. Resources are essentially crucial in Idle Angels and in this guide, we’ll show you certain ways you can acquire resources more quickly and effectively through some game features that you can easily miss.

Idle Rewards and Quick Combat

Idle combat is the primary way of earning plenty of resources in Idle Angels. Pretty much every resource mentioned above can be acquired from idle combat rewards. 

The only problem with this however is that it can take a substantial amount of time to earn a large revenue. Idle rewards are generated at a per-minute rate, and it could take hours for the rewards chest to be full. This rate increases whenever you complete a BOSS Battle. However, even with an increased production rate, a sizeable revenue still takes a lot of time.

Fortunately, Quick-Combat instantly gives you two hours’ worth of idle rewards with just one press of a button. Quick-Combat can be activated by going to the ‘Battle’ tab and clicking on the ‘Quick-combat’ button beside the big ‘BOSS Battle’ button.

Quick-Combat can only be activated once per day. To have more Quick-Combat activations, you will need to have a higher VIP Level. Your VIP Level can be increased by purchasing diamonds from the Gift Center. The caveat is that you must purchase these diamonds packs with real money. The more diamonds you buy, the faster you increase your VIP Level.

Completing Quests

Idle Angels has an assortment of side quests that you can accomplish for bonus rewards. These can be accessed by going to the ‘Battle’ tab and clicking on the ‘Quest’ button on the top-right of the screen. There are three types of ‘quests’ in Idle Angels: Main Story, Daily, and Achieved. We’ll go through these one by one.

Main Story quests usually reward you with Coins and Diamonds whenever you accomplish a milestone related to the game’s story such as reaching a certain level or dungeon (BOSS Battle). The game also rewards you for completing small tasks involving Angel upgrades and, in these cases, you can be rewarded with other resources like Enhance Essence.

Daily quests consist of plenty of small tasks that change every day. These tasks are as simple as logging into the game, smelting gear, and the like. For every daily task you do, you earn activity points (ACT) and with enough ACT, you can open a special rewards chest to acquire bonuses. Below are the contents of each chest.

Amount of ACT Required Reward
30 50,000 Coins
60  500 Enhance Essence
90 Fashion Scroll I
120 100 Diamonds
160 Adv. Summon Scroll

Achieved quests are similar to main story quests in that they involve accomplishing milestones related to in-game features. The difference however is that the tasks under achieved quests tend to be more difficult or at least take longer to accomplish compared to main story quests, let alone the daily ones. For instance, one quest requires you to defeat a Lv.30 World BOSS which is not really an easy feat. Nevertheless, you are generously rewarded with an assortment of resources such as Diamonds, Coins, Quick-Combat Scroll I, and even frames for your profile picture.


The game offers you several other questlines that generously give you quality rewards for completing its challenges. These are what the game categorizes under ‘Daily’. Note that these questlines under ‘Daily’ are entirely different from ‘Daily Quests’ mentioned previously.

To access them, go to the ‘Hall’ tab and press on the ‘Daily’ button located on the bottom-right of the screen. There are five Daily questlines, and these are progressively unlocked as you level up.

  • World Boss (unlocks at Level 25) – Choose from a selection of bosses, challenge them, and ultimately defeat them to earn red-quality (strongest quality) gear. The level of the gear is the same level as the boss. You can unlock more bosses by completing certain BOSS Battles. Additionally, challenging one boss consumes one challenge point and these points are shared for all bosses. Challenge points are refreshed every day.

  • Adventure (unlocks at Level 30) – Send one of your Angels to an adventure to one of several locations and have them return with resources. While in an adventure, an Angel is unavailable for several hours. Diamonds can be spent to instantly finish the adventure. The locations are refreshed every day at 00:00 server time.
  • Sky Tower (unlocks at Level 40) – Eliminate enemies from every story of the Sky Tower to earn rewards. Bonus rewards are given when you manage to clear a story in the first try. Additionally, the game also displays the leaderboards of each story.
  • Secret Abyss (unlocks at Level 60) – Explore the three layers (containing five levels each) of the Secret Abyss to earn plenty of resources. The catch is that the HP of your Angels will not replenish so they need to survive every level of the abyss. Downed Angels can be revived with resurrection/recovery potions.
  • Star Trial (unlocks at Level 70) – Survive 19 stages of grueling combat without refilling HP, MP, and resurrecting downed Angels. Before each stage, you can recalibrate your Angel line-up, but downed Angels can no longer participate. The 19 stages can be done in one of four difficulties: Regular, Master, Nightmare, and Hell, but the succeeding difficulty can only be unlocked after beating the previous one.