You embark on a journey filled with monster slaying from all parts of the world when you play Idle Angels. With that, it is important that the Angels fighting these monsters are constantly powerful enough to defeat them. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the ways to make your Angels more powerful which should grant you more victories during battle.

Angel Stats

Before we delve into the methods of upgrading Angels in the game, we first have to know what exactly we are upgrading. 

How to Make Angels More Powerful in Idle Angels

Angels are comprised of multiple characteristics such as a career, rarity, and level. These basic characteristics have been explained in detail in this beginner’s guide so make sure to check that out if you haven’t. But the most important of these characteristics are the Angel’s attributes which dictate their combative capabilities. Three attributes of your Angel are already visible from their page: their Max HP, Max ATK, and their DEF. However, what do these even mean and in addition, are there more of them? Below is a complete list of all Angel attributes.

Attribute Name Description
STR (Strength) Affects Physical Penetration and Accurate attributes
AGI (Agile) Affects Crit and Evade attributes
INT (Intellect) Affects Mana Resistance and Mana Recovery attributes
EDR (Endurance) Affects Hit Point and FOR attributes
Max HP Maximum amount of Hit Points; total amount of damage an Angel can sustain before dying
Max MP Maximum Mana points; an Angel consumes Mana when using active skills
Max ATK Maximum possible amount of damage an Angel can deal to an enemy
Min ATK Least possible amount of damage an Angel can deal to an enemy
DEF Amount of received damage (in general) reduced
P.Res (Physical Resistance) Amount of received physical damage reduced
M.Res (Mana Resistance) Amount of received Mana damage reduced
ACC (Accurate) Probability of an Angel hitting their target
EVA (Evade) Probability of an Angel dodging an enemy attack
Crit Probability of an Angel unleashing a Crit attack (180% damage)
FOR Ability to reduce the chances of an enemy dealing a Crit attack
MP Recovery (Mana Recovery) Amount of Mana points recovered during battle
DEF.PEN Level Amount of an enemy’s DEF reduced
Crit DMG Amount of added Crit damage
Leech Percentage of received damage that converts to HP
DEF PEN Percentage of an enemy’s DEF reduced
RES PEN Percentage of an enemy’s Mana Resistance and Physical Resistance reduced
Debuff RES Probability of receiving debuffs
DMG Reflection Percentage of enemy damage reflected back to them
Restore HP Percentage of Max HP that becomes restored HP during battle
Speed Determines the attack order of angels in the same position (front-row or back-row)
Charm Used in Apple of Discord

The plentiful attributes an Angel has dictate how powerful they are in battle. This power is summarized into a single value called CR. The CR is located on the top-left of the Angel’s page and is indicated by a golden fist icon. Every upgrade that we are going to talk about in this guide increases an Angel’s CR.

Basic Upgrades for Angels

An Angel can receive basic upgrades to their attributes by going to the ‘Angel’ tab from the main menu, selecting the Angel that you want to upgrade, and choosing from one of three options.

Level Up

Levelling Up increases many attributes such as STR, AGI, INT, EDR, and much more depending on the current level of the Angel. To level up an Angel, you will need two resources, Angel EXP and Holy Core. These resources are commonly acquired from idle combat earnings or from completing BOSS battles.

How to Make Angels More Powerful in Idle Angels

Go to the page of the Angel you want to upgrade and click on the golden ‘Level Up’ button in the middle. Given you have the necessary resources, the game can give you an option to level up directly to a higher level with one press of a button instead of having to repeatedly tap the ‘Level Up’ button. Leveling up an Angel consumes Angel EXP.

How to Make Angels More Powerful in Idle Angels

Where does the Holy Core come into play? As an Angel levels up, they’ll eventually reach a level cap and to level up further, you will need to spend Holy Cores as well as Angel EXP. The price for bypassing the level cap becomes more expensive as the Angel progresses to a higher level.


Angels have active and passive skills which they frequently use during battle to defeat enemies. These skills are not unlocked instantly however and they must be individually earned through Awakening.

How to Make Angels More Powerful in Idle Angels

Awakening an Angel can be done by going to the ‘Skill’ tab of their page. To awaken an Angel, you need to have enough Coins and Shards of the hero that you are about to awaken.

How to Make Angels More Powerful in Idle Angels

For main character Angels (ones with a red star), a certain number of Angels of the same rarity (the required rarity depends on the rarity of the main character Angel) is required in lieu of Shards. Shards and new Angels can be summoned in the ‘Hall’ tab. When awakening an Angel, active skills are unlocked first before passive ones.

Equipping and Enhancing Gear

Angels are given six slots for equipping gear which can further increase their attributes. Each gear piece affects one or several specific attributes. Gears are usually acquired as idle rewards or rewards from beating bosses but they can also be crafted.

Gear Type Affected Attributes
Main-Hand (i.e., swords) Min ATK, Max ATK
Helmet M.RES
Shoes P.RES
Armor DEF
Belt Max HP

How to Make Angels More Powerful in Idle Angels

Gear can be equipped to Angels by going to their page and manually inserting a gear piece into a selected gear slot or by clicking on the ‘Auto-equip’ button. Pressing ‘Auto-equip’ automatically gives the Angel the best available gear. Pressing the same button even when there’s already gear equipped results in weaker gear being replaced with stronger ones.

How to Make Angels More Powerful in Idle Angels

Like Angels, gear pieces also have a level and rarity. The higher the level and quality are, the stronger the attribute boosts that the gear can give out. The quality of a gear is indicated by the color of their icon’s background and the hierarchy goes as follows: Red > Orange > Purple.

How to Make Angels More Powerful in Idle Angels

Gear can receive separate upgrades through enhancement. Enhancement requires two resources: Enhance Essence and Coins. This can be done by going to an Angel’s page and clicking on the ‘Enhance’ button on the middle-right part of the screen. Enhancing a gear piece increases the enhancement level (Enhance Lv.) of the piece but do not this is completely different from the normal gear level. The enhancement level can be seen on the top-right of the gear icon.