Idle Heroes of Light belongs to a unique combination of idle games and dungeon crawlers, which makes for a refreshingly fun vibe. Idle games are notorious for having simplistic gameplay, but that isn’t the case for this game since it gives players the option to complete a multitude of tasks to avoid getting too boring, too quickly. To keep up with all of the things that players need to do, players will need to familiarize themselves with a handful of mechanics that might feel overwhelming if you’re new to the genre.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing Idle Heroes of Light

The game features a lot of fun game modes and helpful features that players need to know about. Even though there’s an existing tutorial system to help players get started with the fundamentals of the game, it can still be disorienting to start off where the game drops you. In this case, the lack of information might hinder the player’s progression. This beginner’s guide aims to reintroduce some parts of the game that players need to have more information on to succeed.

The Campaign

The main campaign is the highlight of the entire game. This is where the players will follow the Hero of Light’s adventure through the main story as he overcomes difficult challenges and meets new people along the way. Since this is an idle game, there is no way for the player to gain any control over the combat system or progression, aside from toggling the Boss tab which allows you to automatically challenge the boss once the requirement to do so has been completed.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing Idle Heroes of Light

In the campaign, players will have to defeat six main bosses before they can proceed to the next area. Each area is separated by stages, which all have one main boss. Players will need to defeat a certain number of monsters before they can challenge a boss. The campaign is directly related to the idle rewards system which allows players to gain Idle Rewards boxes in their inventory based on the stage they are on. The higher the stage, the better the rewards, and the faster the progression.

The Heroes

There are two types of heroes in this game – The Hero of Light and their companions. Since the game revolves around The Hero of Light, this character is the primary piece of your team and can’t be removed from your lineup, no matter what game mode you’re playing. However, you can change this character’s placement. The Hero of Light’s level is directly linked to the account level. The skills, talents, and gear of the hero can also be upgraded or changed as the game progresses.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing Idle Heroes of Light

The companion heroes are special units that are acquired exclusively through the gacha system. The hero that you get depends on rarity, with the higher rarity ones being inherently stronger when it comes to stats and abilities. Each hero has a specific role and specialty, which we’ll be discussing more of in a later article. Upgrading these heroes requires experience potions. Players may upgrade them even further by ranking them up. It’s a good idea to start collecting all the heroes, especially the ones that are SSS and above.


Resurrection is a special feature in the game where players will get to reset their level after being promoted to the next class. The player starts out as an Apprentice and moves on to Warrior after resurrecting at Level 50. Keep in mind that the game will not let you level up further until you resurrect, so it’s highly advisable to do so. After resurrecting, players will once again start at Level 1, but it’s important to note that you don’t lose any of your other stats or gear in the process.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing Idle Heroes of Light

A lot of game modes and features are gated behind the account’s level. For example, a player will be able to unlock the 5th companion slot once they reach Level 50, and the 6th companion slot at RE 1 Level 50 (1st resurrection). Leveling up will be more difficult after every resurrection, so it might take some time before you can try out the advanced game modes. However, it’s important that the player try to race towards the highest level as soon as possible by doing the campaign.

The Main City

The Main City is the place where the non-combat utility features and the PvP Arena can be found. In this place, players will be able to check out their quests, join guilds, summon new companions, and look at the new events. It’s important for the player to explore all of the features in this place so that they don’t miss out on rewards that they have earned, specifically those from limited-time events that are only active for a certain period of time.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing Idle Heroes of Light

On this page, players can find the Daily Quests and Daily Sign-in tabs. Make sure to do all of the daily quests so that you earn all of the rewards before it resets the next day. Some important rewards that you might acquire here include Summoning Tickets, Experience Potions, and Gems that can be used to purchase in-game items. Even though those things feel abundant at the start of the game, you’ll soon reach a point where you’ll be earning them less and less.


The Dungeons Tab is the place where players can play different game modes. All of these game modes have a daily reset, so you can only do a limited number of attempts per day before you’re locked out of the game mode completely. These dungeons offer distinct rewards that the player will need to progress through the game and upgrade their units. It’s advisable to complete all of them before the game resets.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing Idle Heroes of Light

As mentioned before, these Dungeons can only be unlocked by leveling up your character, resurrecting to the next class, or by completing a certain number of stages in the campaign. Each dungeon also has ascending levels of difficulties which can also only be unlocked by leveling up. The higher the dungeon’s difficulty, the better the rewards are provided to the player after completion.