Combat Power (CP) in Idle Heroes of Light isn’t a value that players should take lightly. Though the game offers other ways to secure advantages even when the disparity from their opponent’s CP is huge, the contribution of CP still gives players a general way to gauge if their team has the ability to challenge an opponent. It’s important for the player to raise their CP according to their account’s level so that they won’t get overwhelmed or get left behind by the difficulty of the game mode they’re facing.

How To Increase Combat Power in Idle Heroes of Light

The game offers a lot of ways for players to increase their combat power. The first step to having a good amount of CP is to create a good squad, which you can study more about in our Teambuilding Guide. Other methods aren’t mentioned there though, so we’ll be expanding on the topic to discuss factors that don’t involve teambuilding, such as the equipment and upgrades that you can give to a specific unit. Here are some ways a player can increase combat power in Idle Heroes of Light.

Leader Upgrades

The leader is the most major source of CP since it’s the only member of your team that can’t be replaced. The Hero of Light requires players to give them a lot of attention by giving them the items that they require and upgrading them to their fullest potential. Having a weak leader can lead to your team falling apart, so here’s how to avoid that.

  • Gear

Gear is the best way to increase your leader’s CP since it’s easy to collect. The leader can equip one weapon type, five armor pieces, and two accessories. Players have the option to farm gear through the main campaign or create them using the Crafting System they can find in the Main City. The resource to craft gear can be acquired either by forging the excess gear that you farm from the campaign or idle rewards system.

How To Increase Combat Power in Idle Heroes of Light

Aside from equipping gear, a player has options to upgrade the gear further. As the player progresses through the main campaign, the quality of the item increases, so replace your gear often. Gear can also be enhanced so that the level cap can be increased. Keep in mind that the enhancement is inherited, so don’t be afraid to use your Tier-Up Stone to enhance it, even if it’s a low-quality item. Refining is also a good way to increase the bonus stats that you get from your gear.

  • Skills

The leader has a lot of skills that they can unlock through leveling up and resurrecting. The leader only has a specific set of skills though, so there’s not exactly a choice for what to use when in combat. However, players will still need to unlock them by progressing their account, which is important if they want to enjoy all three active and two passive skills.

How To Increase Combat Power in Idle Heroes of Light

A player also has the option to level up the skills they already have. Once again, players will need to reach a specific level and class to upgrade certain skills. Since this feature doesn’t require a lot of hard-to-get resources, you can simply leave it alone until it asks you to activate an ability or promote it to the next level.

  • Talents

Talents are the final source of Combat Power that you can get from your leader. Talents basically allow players to unlock or upgrade passive stats for the leader. This is a bit more complicated than the rest because it involves a huge amount of resources before the player can complete the list and benefit from all of the passive bonuses that can be found here. 

How To Increase Combat Power in Idle Heroes of Light

To upgrade your leader’s talent, players will need to farm Fruits. Fruits can be acquired by defeating enemies in the Sky Tower, which can be found in the Dungeons tab on your menu. The higher you climb up the tower, the better quality fruits you get. The amount of fruits that the stage drops also increase as you climb higher up the tower.

Atlas Completion

The Hero Atlas is a special feature in the game that rewards players for acquiring unique heroes. Unlocking a unique hero will award the player a small amount of permanent stats and will apply those stats to all of their deployed heroes in the team. While the amount of stats may seem minuscule individually, unlocking a lot of heroes can give a huge surge of CP instantly.

How To Increase Combat Power in Idle Heroes of Light

Completing the Hero Atlas is easier said than done, especially since you’ll need to get 12 SSS+ heroes before you can complete it. Keep in mind that the higher the rarity of the unique hero unlocked, the bonus that you receive is proportionately bigger. Luckily, you only need to unlock each hero once to take advantage of the permanent benefits provided.

Hero Crystals

Crystals are a type of equippable item that can raise the specific stat of a hero. Crystals will need to be collected from the Crystal Trials in the Dungeon. Players can acquire different types of crystals, each varying in rarity and provision of a specific stat type. The better the crystal’s rarity, the better the passive stats acquired from that item.

How To Increase Combat Power in Idle Heroes of Light

Crystals can also be upgraded using gems that are also acquired from the Crystal Trial. It might serve in the player’s interest if they only upgrade Blue Quality or above crystals so that they don’t end up wasting precious gems. Also, it’s important to equip the right crystals on heroes by basing it on what type of stats they might need most. For example, the right way to use ATK and CRT crystals is by adding them to DPS heroes. 

Hero Rank

As mentioned in our teambuilding guide, Hero Rank offers a huge boost in CP. We need to reiterate the importance of this because it is the highest source of CP in the game, especially if you do so on an SSS Character or above. If you can get your SS, SSS, or SSS+ heroes ranked up, you’ll instantly receive a spike of CP.

How To Increase Combat Power in Idle Heroes of Light

Keep in mind that ranking up heroes is the most difficult way to upgrade your CP because the resources to do so aren’t easy to get. Farming both gold and duplicates will take some time, so be patient when going about it. However, you’ll soon realize that the reward is well worth the time that you spend on doing so.