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Tier List for Idle War: Legendary Heroes – The Best Heroes in the Game

Idle War: Legendary Heroes is a curious gacha game that, while offering lots of RPG elements and unlockable characters, also adds a bit of auto-battler elements to the mix. In this sense, while you can definitely upgrade and summon many different characters, it’s your team who will actually handle all the fighting, with no input on your part. In fact, when it comes to fighting in Idle War, you’re more a spectator than a commander.

Tier List for Idle War: Legendary Heroes - The Best Heroes in the Game

However, your role in this game is to assemble awesome teams that can destroy anyone that stands in their way. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, considering that there’s a very wide variety of unlockable champions in this gacha game, which makes building good teams a bit difficult, if not impossible the first time around.

Luckily, we always got your back here at BlueStacks, which is why we spend a considerable amount of time researching the best strategies for your favorite games, just so you don’t have to. And when it comes to Idle War, some characters are actually stronger than others, and when used within certain compositions, they can trivialize the game, especially at the beginning. For this reason, we have compiled our own list of the best characters in Idle War: Legendary Heroes.

Tier List for Idle War: Legendary Heroes - The Best Heroes in the Game

1. Phantom Assassin

Role: Assassin
Type: Fortress

Phantom Assassin is a 5-star hero that packs a punch, especially for the squishy enemies that like to sit on the rear lines and launch ranged attacks at the group. She has the ability to slip through the frontlines and attack the enemy’s fragile DPS and healers where it hurts them the most. Furthermore, with the ability to leave lasting bleeding debuffs, her attacks continue chipping away at the enemy’s health even after the initial blow.

Tier List for Idle War: Legendary Heroes - The Best Heroes in the Game

Her Master Assassin passive buff makes her an especially deadly champion as she has increased attack, crit chance, and HP, making her an ideal fighter for the frontlines, next to your dedicated tank.

2. Dainslef

Role: Assassin
Type: Savage

Another assassin joins the rank as Dainslef, aside from boasting some of the best single-target damage in the game, also has tons of survivability to supplement his kit. This character has a penchant for dishing out tons of damage, especially the enemies with the least armor, as well as for having quick access to his special skills thanks to his Sword of Rapidity skill, which restores action points every time he gets a kill. In this sense, Dainslef is like an unstoppable avalanche that only gets stronger as the battle goes on and he racks up kills.

Tier List for Idle War: Legendary Heroes - The Best Heroes in the Game

And if you thought Phantom Assassin’s passive was strong, Dainslef’s is even stronger as it gives him more HP, attack, and crit chance than the former. This assassin is a formidable force on the battlefield, indeed.

3. Thunder Apostle

Role: Mage
Type: Savage

With lots of AoE damage and some CC, the Thunder Apostle is a welcome addition to any group. His kit allows him to whittle down the enemy team, while also preventing their heavy hitters from taking action, which is mostly thanks to his Thunder Storm ability that attacks 4 random enemies and has a 30% chance of disarming them for 2 turns. Aside from that, his normal attacks also affect a random enemy with increased damage, allowing him to strike two targets at once. Lastly, he’s also a crit machine thanks to his Power of Thunder skill, which increases both his crit chance and crit damage for 2 rounds after each normal attack.

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Tier List for Idle War: Legendary Heroes - The Best Heroes in the Game

Sustained damage is what this character is all about. However, with his increased critical damage and critical chance, he also has the ability to burst down some of the squishier enemies in just a few hits.

4. Pharaoh

Role: Priest
Type: Grave

While Pharaoh is a priest character, his role is far from actually healing the group. However, he has many powerful buffs that, in the right team composition, can dramatically increase the damage output of the entire team. For instance, his primary attack skill, Entangled Bandages, deals damage to 3 random enemies, while also increasing the critical chance of 3 random allies for 2 turns. Furthermore, every basic attack also increases the accuracy of 2 random allies, further increasing their damage output as they’re less likely to get parried by the enemy. Finally, his last skill randomly and automatically increases the critical damage of 2 random allies for 2 rounds by a whopping 60%.

Tier List for Idle War: Legendary Heroes - The Best Heroes in the Game

Due to his buffs that considerably increase critical chance and critical damage, Pharaoh goes well with a team of assassins or other characters that can deal lots of damage with basic attacks. While your mileage may vary, both Phantom Assassin and Dainslef come to mind when thinking about who to pair this powerful support character with.

5. Storm Guard

Role: Warrior
Type: Fortress

While damage and survivability are obviously crucial for many team compositions, having someone to soak up all the damage is also paramount if you want to survive. And as luck would have it, Storm Guard offers some great tanking ability, as well as awesome self-sustain to keep himself in the fight while your other characters deal with the enemy.

Tier List for Idle War: Legendary Heroes - The Best Heroes in the Game

His regular skill, aside from dealing damage to an enemy and all the other units around it, also has a chance of confusing them for 1 turn, temporarily putting them out of commission. However, his Shield Storm skill is also quite impressive since it allows him to restore HP for every attack he manages to parry. Considering this character has a whopping 30% chance to parry at the max level, he’ll be staying healthy consistently throughout the battle. This survivability is further increased by the fact that his basic attacks increase his parry chance and attack by an extra 15%.

In short, Storm Guard is a very tough nut to crack and is a welcome addition to any team.

And these were five of the best picks for champions in Idle War: Legendary Heroes. While this game is played mostly automatically, having a good team composition can definitely help you, especially when doing PvP in the arena or for beating those difficult levels in the main campaign.

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