The combat system in Idle War: Legendary Heroes may be governed by an auto-battler, but fortunately for us, players, this doesn’t mean that we cannot influence the outcome of a fight in any way. In fact, there are a number of tactical options – from team composition to positioning and elemental synergies – that we can take into account in order to increase our chances of victory.

Idle War: Legendary Heroes on PC – The Complete Combat Guide

If you’ve completed the tutorial and the first few chapters of the campaign, you’re already up against increasingly difficult levels that your team can no longer ace without assistance. Some of this is due to the game’s progression walls, but even when your heroes are slightly underlevelled, you can still push past certain fights with the right strategy. We’re about to show you how.

Hero Types and Party Composition

Heroes in Idle War: LH come in five different classes with distinctive features. No class is necessarily limited to a single role, but as a new player, becoming familiar with the characteristics of each class can significantly improve your ability to strategize before a difficult fight.


These heroes usually come with a hefty HP pool and sturdy armor, which is why you will often use them as tanks. In addition, some of their abilities are designed to synergize with the actions that a frontliner might take during combat. For example, Skeleton King’s third skill – Skeleton Shield – allows him to retaliate for 100% damage with every parry. Since this unit will often sit at the front of your team and absorb most of the hits, the chance of a parry is high.

Idle War: Legendary Heroes on PC – The Complete Combat Guide


Commonly used as healers, Priests usually have low HP and armor, but their abilities can restore allies’ health in addition to dealing damage. What’s more, these heroes can buff their teammates with increased HP, defense, damage, and other stat improvements. Some priests are not only useful supports, but can also be decent frontliners. Gabriel, for example, has one of the biggest HP pools in the game, coupled with decent armor and the ability to resurrect any fallen ally.

Idle War: Legendary Heroes on PC – The Complete Combat Guide


The hardest hitting heroes in the game, Mages have powerful AoE abilities and passives that allow even their basic attacks to hit multiple targets. However, these heroes tend to be squishier than most, which is why you should keep them well-protected on the backline. In addition to excellent DPS, Mages are also adept debuffers, which means that they can decrease various stats and make your opponents weaker. Damage over time effects are also frequent and should be used in synergy with the abilities of other heroes.


These heroes are very similar to Mages in that they tend to prefer AoE attacks. Unlike Mages, however, Rangers usually focus on enemies in the backline, which means you can use them to take out the opponent’s main sources of DPS during the first two rounds of a battle. Damage over time abilities, as well as CCs such as confusion and stun are common for Rangers.

Idle War: Legendary Heroes on PC – The Complete Combat Guide


Like Rangers, Assassins target the opponent’s backline, but they focus on a single enemy in order to deal massive amounts of damage per hit. Their basic attacks can place DoTs and debuffs on random enemies so as to increase the damage output of your entire party. Thanks to their very high DPS and targeting mechanisms, Assassins can be used to eliminate dangerous enemies during the first turn of combat.

Classes in Idle War: LH can be fit into three more traditional roles. These are:

  • Tanks, represented by Warriors.
  • Healers or Supporters, represented by Priests.
  • Damage Dealers, represented by Mages, Rangers, and Assassins.

However, building a team is not as simple as following a predetermined formula. While you will usually want at least one Warrior and one Priest in your comp, the remaining four characters should be chosen based on specific enemy groups.

Idle War: Legendary Heroes on PC – The Complete Combat Guide

For example, some battles are made difficult by enemy AoE backliners, which can be eliminated using Rangers and Assassins. Other battles feature one or two single-target hard hitters so you might be better off using two Warriors to cover your frontline. The key is to assess the situation and choose the comp that is most likely to help you overcome the enemy’s strongest assets.

Pre-Battle Hero Positioning

Parties are made up of six heroes in Idle War: LH – 2 on the frontline and 4 at the back. Although, as we have seen, some classes have special targeting mechanisms, the AI will usually target your closest hero on the right side as you look at the screen during combat. During the pre-combat phase, this is the frontline hero on the left side, which you select first.

Idle War: Legendary Heroes on PC – The Complete Combat Guide

To increase your odds of success, use positioning to counter your opponent’s strongest attacks. A typical strategy would be to assign the left frontline spot to a Warrior, while the second frontline spot is assigned to another Warrior, a Priest, or a sturdy DPS. If an enemy Ranger or Assassin is giving you a hard time, don’t be afraid to position a Warrior on the leftmost backline spot during the planning phase. This will protect the rest of your squishy damage dealers from getting one-shotted.

Although some heroes have melee attack animations while others shoot from a distance, this does not matter in any way in terms of positioning. A melee hero placed on the backline will target and hit an opponent in the exact same manner as when he is placed on the frontline. This makes things even simpler.

Hero Factions and Team Synergies

Finally, if you have a lot of good heroes and can afford to pick your choice during combat, you should take into account the factions of the opposing team. All characters in Idle War: LH have a native faction and some are stronger against others. For instance, Fortress is strong against Savage, but weak against Grave, whereas Forest is weak against Savage, but stronger against Grave. Meanwhile, Heaven and Hell heroes cancel each other out. Having the upper hand when it comes to factions ensures that your heroes deal an additional 30% damage per hit.

Idle War: Legendary Heroes on PC – The Complete Combat Guide

What’s more, mixing different factions in your own team can give you certain advantages. Including one character of each faction, for example, will give all of your heroes a 10% boost in Attack and HP. Using six heroes of the same race, on the other hand, increases the boost to 15%.

Idle War: Legendary Heroes on PC – The Complete Combat Guide

Ultimately, whether or not you win a battle in Idle War: Legendary Heroes depends on your Combat Power, but is also a matter of strategic thinking. If you’re having a hard time during a specific campaign mission, take a few moments to study your opponents, choose better heroes, and reposition your team. Most of the times, this will help you emerge victorious. Otherwise, feel free to check out our other tips here. You never know when you might find something useful!