When you play Idle Warriors: Three Kingdoms consistently, you are undoubtedly going to encounter stronger enemies as you progress through the Conquest Chapters. You may have a long streak of victories during the early chapters but you may reach a point wherein your team of generals is unable to get past a strong wave of enemies. This can become a major problem and the only remedy to it is to upgrade your generals to make them more powerful on the battlefield. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to upgrade your generals through features such as training, general star ups, and equipping gear.

Basic and Special Stats

Before we tackle how to upgrade your generals, we first need to have a clear idea of what exactly are we going to upgrade. Each general in Idle Warriors: Three Kingdoms is not only defined by their quality and faction, but also by their Basic Stats and Special Stats. 

A Guide to Upgrading Generals in Idle Warriors: Three Kingdoms

Basic Stats consist of ATK, DEF, HP, and SPD. ATK indicates attack power, DEF indicates defensive capabilities, HP indicates the total amount of health, and SPD indicates the speed at which your general performs in combat. Every general in the game has Basic Stats.

A Guide to Upgrading Generals in Idle Warriors: Three Kingdoms

On the other hand, Special Stats are what the name implies. These are additional stats that indicate a general’s special capabilities and advantages. Unlike Basic Stats, Special Stats are gauged with a percentage value, that starts at zero percent, rather than a whole number value. It is common for heroes to not have all Special Stats above zero percent.

Crit Rate The probability of hitting a critical hit to an enemy
Crit RES The probability of blocking critical hits from enemies
Crit DMG Amount of additional damage dealt by a critical hit
Tenacity Amount of damage reduced when you receive a critical hit
Control Chance of initiating ‘control’
Control RES Probability of blocking ‘control’ from enemies
Hit Rate Chance of landing an attack or skill on an enemy
Damage Additional damage dealt by a general’s attack or skill
DMG  RES Amount of damage reduced from enemy hits
Healing Amount of HP replenished to other generals
Recovery Amount of additional ‘Healing’ received
P.DMG Amount of additional physical damage (i.e., damage from physical weapons like swords)
P.DMG RES Amount of P.DMG reduced from physical enemy attacks
M.DMG Amount of additional magical damage (i.e., spells)
M.DMG RES Amount of M.DMG reduced from magical enemy attacks

Upgrading Generals

Now that you know Basic Stats and Special Stats, it is time to know how to make your generals stronger. Upgrades can be accessed by clicking on the ‘General’ button on the bottom menu. Afterward, select the general that you want to upgrade. There are two ways to upgrade your generals: Training and Star Up.


Training is where you can level up your generals to increase their Basic Stats, which are again, ATK, DEF, HP, and SPD. Training your generals requires specified amounts of General EXP and Coins. These resources can primarily be obtained through Autoplay mode or by completing Conquest Chapters. 

A Guide to Upgrading Generals in Idle Warriors: Three Kingdoms

When you have enough resources, click on the ‘Raise 5 levels’ button to level up your general by five levels. There is currently no way to upgrade your general by just one level. Leveling up becomes more and more expensive as the level becomes higher.

A Guide to Upgrading Generals in Idle Warriors: Three Kingdoms

Every general can be upgraded up to Level 30. Upon reaching the maximum level, the general needs to be advanced to increase the level cap by 10 levels. To advance a general, Coins and General Star Stones are required. The latter can be found primarily from Autoplay, Conquest Chapters, Trial Tower, Warsoul Hall, and the Mystery Merchant. Advancing a general not only increments their level cap but also significantly increases their Basic Stats. But aside from that, the advanced general also unlocks new General Skill which are either active or passive skills that can greatly benefit them in battle.

A Guide to Upgrading Generals in Idle Warriors: Three Kingdoms

The number of times that you can advance a general is still finite and depends on the quality of the hero to be advanced. For instance, five-star heroes can be advanced five times while four-star heroes and below can only be advanced four times. Despite the limitations, advancing your generals is still a very effective way of adding more power to your team.

Star Up

A general can have their quality upgraded through Star Up. Starring Up a general adds one star to their quality. When a general already has five stars, those stars will be replaced with purple ones to indicate higher quality.

A Guide to Upgrading Generals in Idle Warriors: Three Kingdoms

Aside from an upgrade in quality, a starred-up general also has their max level dramatically increased and receives additional buffs like +10 SPD or a leveling up of General Skills.

A Guide to Upgrading Generals in Idle Warriors: Three Kingdoms

Unlike conventional training where you just spend Coins and General EXP, you need to expend other generals to star up a general. For instance, starring up Zhao Yun requires a duplicate of Zhao Yun himself, one copy of Ma Liang, and three five-star generals. The requirements of each general are different, but they all require you to sacrifice other generals to proceed with the start-up process.

Equipping Gear

Another way of making your generals stronger is by equipping them with gear. Gear gives your general specific buffs to certain Basic Stats. There are currently four slots allocated for gear items.

A Guide to Upgrading Generals in Idle Warriors: Three Kingdoms

Your general can equip a weapon, gloves, chest armor, and head armor. The weapon and gloves increase your general’s ATK while the chest armor and head armor increases DEF. Gear can be equipped manually or you can click on ‘Equip All’ to make the game automatically equip gear for you. Conversely, you can click on ‘Quick Unequip’ to instantly remove all gear from a general.

More gear can be acquired from Autoplay rewards and can also be obtained from Conquest Chapters. 

A Guide to Upgrading Generals in Idle Warriors: Three Kingdoms

Additionally, you can also craft gear in the Workshop, which can be accessed through the Main Camp. In the workshop, you can spend Coins to fuse multiple gear items into one new gear with higher quality. For instance, fusing three bronze swords (one star) results in one fine iron spear (two stars).