Illusion Connect can be pretty confusing for new players who aren’t used to games with multiple features built into a single compact package. To set up the strongest team, players need to use everything in their kit to upgrade their resources. In turn, they’ll be able to keep up with the heated competition within the server. Casual players who aren’t interested in the PvP aspect may still want to learn how to develop their accounts to progress through the story.

Illusion Connect - Beginner's Guide!

The game takes quite a bit of getting used to before anyone can understand all its features. Having a lot of things built into one game isn’t necessarily a bad thing but can often throw casual players off. You don’t need to get a detailed explanation of all the features the game offers; understanding the basics should be more than enough to get you through the rest of the game. Follow this beginner’s guide to get your adventure started in the best way possible!

1. Spend Your Energy

Illusion Connect, like most mobile games, utilizes an energy system to limit your gameplay to a specific amount between long-intervals of time. To maximize your energy use, you’ll need to empty your energy bar before you stop playing the game. If you don’t know where to spend your energy, go to the trials tab and finish all of those; they offer useful rewards anyway. There’s a chance you’ll get an overflow of energy at the beginning of the game, so use it all up.

Illusion Connect - Beginner's Guide!

Energy can be a tedious feature in every mobile game. Luckily, you can always refresh your energy by spending 80 gems to get 120 Energy immediately. Saya also gives free 60 energy at specific times of the day, so be on the lookout for those as well. Despite having a lot to do in the game, the energy system often cuts you short of achieving a lot at once. Be mindful of where you want to spend your energy to make the most out of the amount you have.

2. Upgrade the Right Characters

Upgrading Radiant costs you EXP Potions and Gold; both are precious resources that get exhausted quickly. Since the game only allows you to have a limited number of characters in your lineup, you might want to save your upgrade materials for more useful characters. If you’re unsure which characters are the most useful, a general rule of thumb is that SR and SSR characters are almost always better than most of the game’s characters.

Illusion Connect - Beginner's Guide!

Upgrading characters also involve upgrading their Lens or equipping them with useful items. You can get additional Lenses from the gacha system after getting the same character from the pool. This means that duplicate pulls aren’t wasted: they’ll make your character even stronger than they currently are. Gear also plays a big factor in increasing your character’s strength. You can get gear from stages that indicated the chance to drop them.

3. Clear the Story

With all the different game modes present in Illusion Connect, some players forget to follow the story or place it in the lowest priority when playing the game. Completing the story is essential since it unlocks new modes after finishing Chapter Milestones. Story chapters also drop items and materials that will help improve your characters’ total combat power. Try to clear at least two stages every time you open Illusion Connect until you finish the current storyline.

Illusion Connect - Beginner's Guide!

4. Start Rerolling

One thing you can do before committing to your account is to reroll for a strong account. You can use the BlueStacks Multi-Instance Function for a quicker and more effective way of rerolling for the perfect account. The main goal of rerolling is to give you the best head start possible by getting the characters you need. The perfect Illusion Connect account will have at least three SSR units at the beginning of the game to help you clear dungeons faster.

Illusion Connect - Beginner's Guide!

5. Tend to the Muscipula

The Muscipula is the game’s housing system that allows you to build additional furniture or items to earn you resources like gold, EXP potions, and gems. These resources will be extremely hard to earn later on in the game, especially with the limited amount of energy you’ll have. To increase these materials’ production, you’ll need to build more of the production stalls and upgrade them to their max level. It’s better to start maximizing production early on to reap more rewards.

Illusion Connect - Beginner's Guide!

6. Make Friends and Join a Guild!

Filling up your friends’ list isn’t merely for the social aspect of the game. Having active friends means that you’ll consistently be receiving energy as a gift daily, depending on the number of friends you have. Make sure to add active friends that send you gifts. Any friends that are inactive or refuse to send gifts aren’t worth keeping on your list, just like in real life. You should toss those friends out and make space in your friends’ list for active players. Guilds also provide players with some benefits, so choose your guild wisely; you’ll be investing in them after all.

Illusion Connect - Beginner's Guide!

Ready to Start Your Grand Adventure?

Being a beginner at any game is always a challenge. Persevering through the tutorial stage of the game and finally doing tasks that you want is the best part of the game, but it can also be the scariest. Players aren’t always sure what move is considered the correct one, but having fun is the ultimate goal of playing any game. Set a goal and follow it through so that you’ll eventually be strong enough to do anything you want.

Illusion Connect - Beginner's Guide!

Illusion Connect takes one of the most familiar game genres and reimagines it to create a unique gaming atmosphere. There is never a dull moment in this game, and even the idle time you have while waiting for energy can be spent doing other things like reading up on each character’s story. The best part about playing this game is that you’re not limited in the things you do. Upgrade your experience by playing Illusion Connect with BlueStacks today!