Illusion Connect lets you choose from dozens of characters to build the perfect team. Upgrade and use them at their highest potential to beat increasingly tricky stages and players in the PvP arena. Building a team might seem like an unfamiliar task for new players, especially since there’s a wide range of characters to consider when making your team the right way. Learning how to make the perfect team can’t be done overnight, but with these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to achieve it in no time at all!

Illusion Connect - Tips & Tricks To Build The Perfect Team

The Perfect Team is a concept that talks about having the most efficient characters in their roles placed in the Lineup to increase your chances of victory. Playing Illusion Connect isn’t always about finding the characters with the highest damage output; characters that deal lots of damage tend to die quickly as well. Having the right mix of characters will ensure that you have a fighting chance to defeat enemies, regardless of how strong their team is compared to yours.

Character Classes

Character classes vary and exist in a rock-paper-scissors like relationship with each other. Each character class represents a different role that you need to fulfill to create the perfect team. Spamming your teams with characters with similar character classes often spells disaster; you can get countered easily by an enemy team that is strong against the class you chose. Balancing your team gives you a more flexible way of fighting enemies no matter what their lineup is.

  1. The Basic Trinity (Guardian, Attacker, Sorcerer)

The basic trinity is the backbone of any good team. It is often recommended that teams have these three in the team as primary components before venturing into other character classes. Tanks help defend your most important members by soaking up most of the damage from the enemy team. Attackers deal massive amounts of damage to a single unit to get rid of big threats with ease. Sorcerers can attack multiple enemies at once in their areas of effect (AoE).

Illusion Connect - Tips & Tricks To Build The Perfect Team

  1. Spell and Light

Spell and Light classes are strong with each other offensively but are weak against each other defensively. Spell units deal enormous amounts of damage in a wide area but tend to have low defensive stats and die easily. Light units, on the other hand, deal high magic damage to individual targets. Most players will add two or more of these units in the party to increase their damage output, provided that they can protect them from direct threats.

Illusion Connect - Tips & Tricks To Build The Perfect Team

  1. Healers and Summoners

Unlike the first two classes, Healers and Summoners are not particularly strong or weak to any other classes since they play a more supportive role in the Lineup. Healers help your team by recovering HP so that units will be able to fight longer in the battle. Summoners can call upon additional non-Radiant allies to their side by fulfilling different conditions. Most summoners can call additional units when they die, which makes them perfectly suited for the frontline.

Illusion Connect - Tips & Tricks To Build The Perfect Team

Combat Power

Combat Power (CP) is the average rating of your character’s overall strength. It calculates your character’s stats, which is increased when you promote them, level up, or equip items. Increasing an individual character’s combat power will also increase your lineup’s total combat power – this is necessary to enter specific stages. You’ll need to learn how to increase your characters’ combat power so that your perfect team will be efficient in battles.

  1. Max Your Characters Out

Maxing out your characters means upgrading them to their fullest potential as much as you can. Each character has a level limit that restricts you from upgrading them further. You can increase the level limit by promoting that character. Promotion materials are collected in various stages of the game. Promotion itself increases the character’s max available combat power, but to fully capitalize on their CP, you’ll need to upgrade that character to max level once they’re promoted.

Illusion Connect - Tips & Tricks To Build The Perfect Team

  1. Gear Up

Gear can be found in different stages and chapters in the story. Equipping strong gear will increase your combat power significantly. Like Radiants, Gear has varying rarity levels, with SSR being the highest-quality weapon in the game. At the beginning of the game, you should be content with filling up your roster with R quality gear to fill up the voids and ensure that all of your units are well-equipped for battle. Don’t send out your characters without proper weaponry!

Illusion Connect - Tips & Tricks To Build The Perfect Team

The Perfect Lineup

The perfect lineup includes a variety of characters from different classes who are all maximized and fully-equipped with the right gear. Remember that even the most powerful DPS characters can’t survive a dragged-out fight without a Guardian unit to block for them. Unlock as many team lineup slots as you can quickly so that you’ll be ready for the endgame. Once you get there, you’ll mostly play PvP and spend most of your days trying to climb up the ranked ladder to reach the top spot.

Illusion Connect - Tips & Tricks To Build The Perfect Team

Sending Out Units In Battle

The hardest question of who to send out first in the battle depends on the situation. A general rule of thumb is that you should try to send out units that have the class advantage over the enemy’s starting units. When trying to fight high DPS enemies, you should send out a Guardian or Summoner unit first so that your leader doesn’t get burst down. Try to watch your opponent’s moves; match who they bring out with a counter-pick of your own to dominate the fight completely.

Illusion Connect - Tips & Tricks To Build The Perfect Team

Fights won’t always go your way. Fighting against enemies with the sheer level advantage over you will often result in an immediate, predicted loss. The only way to ensure being the strongest in the game is to overtake the competition and steamroll your way to the top of the ladder. Leveling up and collecting materials can be a pretty daunting task, but with the different features that BlueStacks has to offer, you’ll never find yourself lagging behind the competition. Time to show them what you’re made of as you take on the challenge of reaching the top!