Like all other ARPG games, Immortal Destiny offers a very long gaming experience. To reach the last level, you must continue playing for weeks or even months. Moreover, most of this gaming experience consists of repeating the things you have already done. For example, you will keep killing enemies you have already killed to gain experience points. As we mentioned in our review, this is called “grinding”. And when you think that there are also different game systems to learn, it is clear that you really need to work hard and play for a long time to reach the last level in Immortal Destiny game. But don’t worry, you can shorten this time with a few simple tips and tricks. Below, you can see our suggestions that will allow you to reach the end game faster and more efficiently.

`Immortal Destiny Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Remember to Empower Your Equipment

Until you reach the hundredth level, you will not experience any problems related to new equipment. You will even forget about their existence, because Immortal Destiny offers a new piece of equipment that you can use almost every time you level up. However, after the hundredth level, the game is no longer so generous. After that, you have to find (or buy) new equipment to strengthen your character and increase your CP score. If you don’t want to do both, you can try to enhance your existing equipment. Doing so will suffice until you find new equipment with a higher Tier. You can even choose to use only enhanced equipment if you are not interested in end-game group activities. You can easily do this through the “Craft” menu: The following screenshots contain more detailed information.

Immortal Destiny Tips & Tricks For Beginners

You can enchant any equipment from this screen. The numbers next to the “+” sign show how strong that item is. For example, this sword in this screenshot is “+10”, so it is enchanted 10 times so far.

Immortal Destiny Tips & Tricks For Beginners

And now the ring is enchanted – note the change in Combat Power. This process will increase the power of our hero too.

Don’t Forget Your Daily Tasks

If you want to earn more experience points and better equipment, you must complete all daily missions. These are pretty simple missions, and you already complete many of them while playing the game as usual. For example, even equipment enhancing is set as a daily task. Completing these simple missions allows you to get powerful equipment, bonus experience points, and more levels, as a result: Don’t forget to check the daily missions screen every 24 hours and learn what you can do (don’t forget to collect your rewards too).

Immortal Destiny Tips & Tricks For Beginners

This screen shows all of your daily goals. Take a look at the categories on the right side: You can list these tasks according to your needs.

Also keep in mind that there are weekly activity rewards: You are asked to do different activities at different times of the week. If you do these, you earn “activity points”. Using these points, you can buy lots of useful things and loot chests every week at no cost.

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Immortal Destiny Tips & Tricks For Beginners

And here are the weekly activities: Some of them are available right from the start, some require being at least level 100.

Easily Find Everything You Are Looking For With The Map

Immortal Destiny has a very crowded interface: There are so many effects and notifications that sometimes you don’t even understand what you’re doing. If you are looking for something specific on a map (a quest giver, a specific enemy, etc.) but cannot find it, you can easily solve this problem using the minimap. Clicking on the region name in the upper right corner will open the map of that region. In the menu on the left, you can see the list of all the major targets on that map. You can even see the level of these targets and how much XP they give. This feature is especially useful for grinding because you can always find targets that give high XP. Note that you can exit to the world map from this screen too.

Immortal Destiny Tips & Tricks For Beginners

You can keep grinding on this map until you reach level 140.

The Best Thing You Can Buy With Ingots

Ingots are the most valuable currency in the Immortal Destiny game. They are normally sold for real money, and it’s pretty hard to get them by playing for free. Therefore, you need to learn what is the best way to use the few ingots you will have. Do not buy VIP membership or open loot chests with them: These are not things that will give you a significant advantage and their effects are temporary. However, if you buy a “demon”, you get an experience bonus with lasting effects. Demons allow you to earn 55% more experience points both online and offline. Once you buy them (they are sold for 380 ingots) you will level up 55% faster for a month – this is one of the best bonuses you can get. Moreover, you can increase the level of the demon and increase this bonus too. Therefore, save your ingots to buy a demon: There is nothing better you can buy with them.

Immortal Destiny Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Cute, deadly, and gives a bonus: We like this combination.

You are now ready to reach the last level in the fastest way possible: These tips will be very useful. You can check out other Immortal Destiny guides we have prepared to see more advice; each one contains useful information. Now if you let us, we have to return to the battlefield: There is a world to save and experience points to win!

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