Immortal Taoists sets different goals and milestones for players to achieve towards their journey to ascension and enlightenment. In order to reach these goals, the player must be worthy of defeating or conquering any hurdle that comes in their way. To do that, they must have the proper Attributes to conquer these challenges and aid in the production of their basic needs so that they can lay out an easier path for their journey.

BlueStacks' Guide to Attributes in Immortal Taoists

Players don’t receive a very in-depth tutorial from Immortal Taoists, as only the basics are introduced during their initial playthrough. One of the most critical things that new players should learn about are the Attributes, their uses, and how to upgrade these modifiers to benefit their character. This guide to attributes in Immortal Taoists should give the player a deeper understanding of all of the most important modifiers they need to know to play.

The Primary Attributes

Immortal Taoists has four primary attributes which mainly affect the Hero’s combat stats. The game uses spiritualist terms to fit the theme of the game, but the attributes are actually pretty easy to pick up. All four of these attributes can be upgraded by going to the cultivation tab and leveling up all of the skills or equipping better items on your inventory.

  1. Spirit

Spirit converts into Attack Points. Attack is an offensive stat that translates to the amount of damage that your character deals to the enemy every time they successfully land an attack on the target. Every 1 point of Spirit converts into 5 points in Attack Damage, which is significant growth to your character’s offensive power.

BlueStacks' Guide to Attributes in Immortal Taoists

It’s important to keep up the character’s attack since it allows them to kill an opponent with as few hits as possible. One of the biggest win conditions in both PvP and PvE is that the character is able to defeat the opponent after one successful attack. Since Evasion makes it difficult to hit the opponent, it’s better if you can defeat the opponent in as few shots as possible before they reverse the situation by getting lucky.

  1. Strength

Strength converts into Defense Points. Defense is the more passive stat that allows your character to withstand more damage every time the opponent successfully lands an attack on them. Every 1 point of Strength converts into 5 points of Defense which is actually one of the less important defensive attributes in the game.

BlueStacks' Guide to Attributes in Immortal Taoists

Defense is important, of course, as it helps the user scale with the offensive capabilities of their opponent and prevents being killed after one shot. Among all three defensive attributes, Strength has the least important factor in the game since the conversion of resistance isn’t high, but it should still be taken seriously since it helps the hero survive more punishment from the opponent’s attacks when they do manage to land.

  1. Vital Energy

Vital Energy converts into Health Points. Health is another defensive attribute that helps the user take more damage from the opponent regardless of other defensive modifiers. HP is a great stat to have when you’re running a lot of Evasion on your character because it gives the character more allowance to attempt to dodge more of the opponent’s attacks during a fight. Every 1 point of Vital Energy converts into 15 Health Points.

BlueStacks' Guide to Attributes in Immortal Taoists

Health isn’t necessarily the best stat in the game but it is one of the more useful ones that players can focus on to help gain a bit of survivability in fights. Having a large Health Pool combined with a beefy defense stat makes for a character that’s difficult, if not impossible, to kill.

  1. Dexterity

Dexterity converts into Evasion. Evasion is probably the most important stat in the game with one of the most practical uses in a combat situation. Basically, evasion helps the player dodge most of the opponent’s attack, effectively nullifying all the damage that they tried to deal to your character. This essentially renders your character invincible when the level difference is high enough.

BlueStacks' Guide to Attributes in Immortal Taoists

Evasion is undoubtedly the best stat to have since it gives the player a lot of survivability. The biggest problem with evasion though, is that it’s extremely dependent on RNG (luck). That means that a really lucky player might have weaker overall stats, but could still beat you in a fight simply by dodging your attacks and having more opportunities to hit you. 

The Five Elements

The five elements are another attribute in the game that influence the nature of a fight. The five elements include Gold, Wood, Fire, Water, and Earth. These elements increase the damage dealt by your ultimate ability. The ultimate ability ignores all of your opponent’s defenses, which makes it one of the most useful abilities to have. A player may check the nature of their ultimate ability on the cultivation tab, where all of your character’s information is contained.

BlueStacks' Guide to Attributes in Immortal Taoists

The player has the option to automatically upgrade all of their elements. Players may think that it’s more important to focus on one element at a time like a skill tree, but the truth is that you should continuously upgrade all of the elements. After all, the nature of your ultimate ability might not be the same once you get promoted and join a sect from a higher tier. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about not having the means to do so, since Qi Gathering is pretty easy and will allow you to max all elements quickly.

Cultivator Attributes

Cultivator Attributes refer to Perception & Absorption. These two attributes affect the rate at which the character gains cultivation points passively to attempt Realm or Body challenges that are necessary for ascension and enlightenment. Perception converts into Efficiency – the attribute that directly increases the cultivation base of your character – while Absorption only affects the Qi Gathering in the cultivation tab to increase or level up skills.

BlueStacks' Guide to Attributes in Immortal Taoists

There are a few ways to increase cultivator attributes, but the most effective ways are to choose sects that increase these stats or to increase a character’s enlightenment level in the study room. Players that have faster cultivation efficiency will be able to reach the Heavenly Realms with more ease because they have more chances to attempt challenges.