Idle games are a rare breed. Some of them offer exciting gameplay with plenty of automation features to improve the grinding, while others are simply tap games where most of the gameplay is automatic and the player only needs to check in every few hours. Whatever the case, all these games have one thing in common: They’re designed for the busy gamer who can’t spend hours playing, and Immortal Taoists is a good example of this.

Beginner’s Guide to Immortal Taoists on PC

However, one of the main drawbacks of some of these games is that, precisely due to all their automation features, the objective is not always clear, and the player might not always know how to proceed. To this end, we’ve created a beginner’s guide for Immortal Taoists, so that you may learn how to get started on the right foot in this idle game.

Choose Your Own Destiny

The very first thing you’ll need to do before getting started in this game is to choose your class and create your character. The character creation is pretty straightforward and allows you to customize your avatar however you see fit. However, you will always have to choose a class and backstory which, in turn, determines your resources when starting out. The available classes are the following:

Beginner’s Guide to Immortal Taoists on PC

  • Civilian: 5 Strength, 5 Dexterity, 5 Life Essence, 5 Vital Energy, 5 Fortune, 5 Absorption, 5 Perception.
  • Orphan: 4 Strength, 4 Dexterity, 3 Life Essence, 4 Vital Energy, 7 Fortune, 10 Absorption, 3 Perception.
  • Farmer: 8 Strength, 6 Dexterity, 3 Life Essence, 3 Vital Energy, 3 Fortune, 5 Absorption, 0 Perception.
  • Hunter: 6 Strength, 7 Dexterity, 1 Life Essence, 7 Vital Energy, 4 Fortune, 8 Absorption, 2 Perception.
  • Scholar: 4 Strength, 4 Dexterity, 6 Life Essence, 2 Vital Energy, 10 Fortune, 3 Absorption, 6 Perception.

Your stats will affect several elements of the game such as Qi generation, and combat prowess, among others. However, the game is not very clear on what each of these stats does exactly. Furthermore, it’s quite simple to boost your attributes with gear and other upgrades, so we suggest simply going with the Civilian class if you don’t feel like putting much thought into this.

It’s an idle game, after all. We don’t really want to think, we just want to get started with farming and grinding!

How to Cultivate Your Base and Qi, and Build Your Power

In Immortal Taoists, one of the objectives is to grow your cultivation base, which is a measure of power in this idle game. Luckily, farming this resource is quite easy and achieved with a single click of the “Cultivate” button on the main screen. You can only cultivate power up to 5 minutes at a time, after which you must click the button again to continue the process. The yield of cultivation base is determined by your efficiency, a stat that you will increase later on.

Beginner’s Guide to Immortal Taoists on PC

As an idle game, you really don’t have to worry too much about cultivating your power, especially once you ascend to Foundation I, which activates auto-cultivating permanently, removing the need for manually clicking on the “cultivate” button every time you want to farm resources. For this reason, your very first priority in this game is to achieve Foundation I to automate your farming.

Alongside your cultivation base, there is yet another resource that is farmed automatically in Immortal Taoists, your Qi. However, unlike with the former, Qi is farmed from the very beginning without the need for manually clicking on a button, within the Spiritual Root menu. You can, however, significantly increase the amount of Qi that you produce every 5 seconds by investing resources like Wood and Iron in the Qi-gathering Array upgrade. The cost increases as you upgrade this feature.

Beginner’s Guide to Immortal Taoists on PC

Both Qi and cultivation based are produced even while offline, which is what gives Immortal Taoists its classification as an idle game.

Advancing to Foundation I

As we mentioned above, one of the most important parts of progressing in Immortal Taoists, which should be everyone’s priority from the very beginning, is achieving Foundation I in order to unlock automatic cultivation. While the game does a poor job of explaining how to go about this (and elaborating on any of its mechanics, in general), reaching Foundation I is quite simple, actually, as all it requires is obtaining enough cultivation base to unlock the first tribulation, and then some more to actually attempt the challenge.

Beginner’s Guide to Immortal Taoists on PC

Overcoming the first tribulation is purely luck-based as you have a 90% chance of coming out victorious. These odds are quite easy to overcome, and most of you will likely beat them on the first try. However, if you don’t want to risk it, you can always use Foundation Pills to increase your odds by 5% for every one of these items that you use. These pills are pretty easy to find while exploring dungeons, so feel free to take a couple if you want to maximize your odds of succeeding in the first tribulation.

Play Immortal Taoists on PC

Beginner’s Guide to Immortal Taoists on PC

Once you’re done, you’ll have reached Foundation I in Immortal Taoists, and will be well on your way to becoming a powerful cultivator.

Your Dwelling and Workers

After advancing a bit into the game, you’ll eventually unlock your dwelling, which is a place where, among other things, you can set workers to farm for resources, create a variety of items, and even to spend time with the people that could become potential love interests.

Beginner’s Guide to Immortal Taoists on PC

What’s most important about the dwelling at the beginning is how you can hire and assign workers in the Spiritual Mountain, which can then labor to generate resources for your base. Similar to Qi and cultivation base, these resources are farmed automatically every 10 seconds, with the amount of resources produced depending on the number of workers assigned to each station.

You start off with a limited number of workers, which you can distribute freely across your multiple stations. You can also pay a fee in food to hire additional workers, with the fee increasing for every extra laborer that you hire. Keep in mind, however, that as you add more workers to your dwelling, their food upkeep will increase. In this sense, as you grow, you will need to upgrade and assign more workers to farm food in order to fuel your efforts in a sustainable manner. Otherwise, your food reserves will be continually drained.

Beginner’s Guide to Immortal Taoists on PC

When In Doubt, Following the Missions in the “Encounter” Menu

It’s really difficult to know what to do in Immortal Taoists, especially since this idle game offers no tutorials whatsoever. Luckily, what really helped us from the beginning is visiting the “Encounter” menu on the main screen, in which you can find many different NPCs that give you assignments and tasks to complete. These missions go from everything like upgrading skills and producing items in your dwelling, to beating certain dungeons, upgrading your Qi production, and overcoming tribulations.

Beginner’s Guide to Immortal Taoists on PC

Whenever you find yourself lost and without a goal in Immortal Taoists, just swing by this menu and you will likely find an NPC that will point you to your next objective in this idle game.

Keep in mind, however, that, even with a clear goal in mind, achieving even the smallest tasks can take a lot of time in this game. Luckily, most of the heavy lifting will be done automatically, and all you’ll have to do is wait until you have the required resources to keep advancing. To this end, make sure to check in every few hours to claim rewards, perform upgrades, and spend resources if your storage is full, so that you may continue farming uninterrupted.

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