Ascension is the first and most vital goal for players of Immortal Taoists. Reaching Heaven should be one of the player’s priorities in playing the game, but beginners and some veterans might have a problem reaching that point because they’re not sure how to achieve it. Luckily, BlueStacks is here to give you some tips and tricks to help you reach ascension faster using in-game mechanics that most players don’t take advantage of when starting out playing the game.

Immortal Taoists Tips & Tricks To Reach Ascension Faster

The secret to achieving ascension faster in Immortal Taoists is to get a really strong start. Once you get cultivation and production quickly, you’ll be able to attempt challenges faster and reach a point where you’re consistently upgrading your hero every few hours. While it takes a significant amount of time, even for a pro, to reach ascension, these tips and tricks should be able to cut down the time you need to reach ascension by a huge margin. Follow these tips, and you’ll become a top player in no time.

Choose A Good Sect

The first and most important choice that players will need to make to create a very strong start in Immortal Taoists is choosing a good sect to join. As we’ve mentioned in our Immortal Taoists Beginner’s Guide, there are a lot of sects to choose from and players will have to go through at least four tiers before reaching Heaven. Choosing a good sect is the most important thing that secures the player’s future in ascending quickly because of the bonuses they receive from it.

Immortal Taoists Tips & Tricks To Reach Ascension Faster

Among all of the sects, players should choose one that gives the biggest amount of Perception or Efficiency. You can read up about what these do in our Immortal Taoists Attributes Guide to learn more about where and how you can increase these stats. The most important part about joining a sect are the ultimate skills and passive bonus stats. Once the player has chosen which sect to join, take full advantage of thoss bonuses to gather as many resources as possible until you get promoted.

Buy All Skill Scrolls

Skill Scrolls are the biggest source of Attributes in this game. Players can purchase different levels of scrolls that reset on a daily basis. Once the players have reached a certain point in the game, they can purchase higher-leveled skill scrolls to further increase the number of stats that they can improve in the cultivation tab. A good way to take advantage of your early game is to buy all of the skill scrolls that you can afford using Spirit Stones that you have and are in your inventory.

Immortal Taoists Tips & Tricks To Reach Ascension Faster

Purchasing all of the skill scrolls can be pretty expensive since it costs a lot of Spirit Stones to complete your collection. A good strategy is to increase your passive production of spirit stones in the Dwelling area after spending all of your current spirit stones on every skill book that you can purchase. Don’t forget to upgrade your skill scrolls so that you’ll be able to benefit from the advantages that each skill has without wasting your Qi with the overflow during offline times.

Importance of Fishing

Fishing seems like an unimportant mini game included to alleviate some of the players’ boredom when playing Immortal Taoists. However, Fishing plays an important role in gathering resources that upgrade the different sectors of your gameplay. Since Fishing can only be attempted a limited number of times per day with a pretty hefty cost of Spirit Stones, players need to maximize the attempts by Fishing at least once a day and catching at least five fishes.

Immortal Taoists Tips & Tricks To Reach Ascension Faster

Players can start fishing at the Saint Cloud River after reaching Realm: Soul Wandering I or above. A great way to take advantage of the system and get all 6 fishes without the risk of losing one or more from failed fishing attempts is to watch a 60-second ad. People might get turned off by the idea of watching ads, but that’s really the most reliable way to do it (remember not to skip the video before the 60 seconds finish). Players may opt to practice their fishing skills and have fun instead.

Avoiding Overflow

Overflow refers to resources such as cultivation base, qi, wood, food, iron, and spirit stones from reaching the maximum limit. All of the resources in the game have a maximum limit of how much you can store. Once the limit is reached, production of said resources will be halted until either the player increases the maximum limit or spends enough resources that the amount the player has is lower than the limitation, after which production will continue again.

Immortal Taoists Tips & Tricks To Reach Ascension Faster

To avoid overflow, players can simply log in every hour to do an action that requires spending resources. In the case of resources from the Spiritual Mountain, players may simply reallocate workers to other production areas if one of the resources is getting dangerously close to the limit to prevent production from reaching overflow. Players need to constantly keep in mind the importance of upgrading production buildings so that your character will get all the tools that they need efficiently.

Fighting Monsters

Going to the Exploration tab is also an important part about playing Immortal Taoists. As long as the player doesn’t forget to buy all of the Skill Scrolls, they won’t have a problem fighting against the monsters in the adventure. Once you enter one of the stages, one of the things that players can do to maximize the amount of loot they get is to fight as many monsters as they can in the stage so that they’ll receive several different rewards from the monsters after they win.

Immortal Taoists Tips & Tricks To Reach Ascension Faster

Keep in mind that players can only get the reward for monsters if they have at least two open spaces on their inventory. Before entering a stage, it’s important that you get at least 8-10 open slots so that you can collect important equipment like armor pieces, weapons, and accessories. Fighting monsters also sometimes drops ingredients used in alchemy and blacksmithing which provide the player with awesome rewards and upgrades to help reach ascension.