Immortal Taoists is a refreshing game that introduces new gameplay mechanics that most players won’t be familiar with. Despite having such simplistic gameplay, it can be rather confusing to start from scratch when learning these new things that players don’t often encounter in other games. This BlueStacks’ beginners guide will help familiarize some important elements of the game that new players need to know about in order to get a decent sense of direction.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Immortal Taoists

The game doesn’t have a lot of action and animation involved, but that’s just enough to keep players busy from the drudgery of everyday life. Believe it or not, there are thousands of players who enjoy playing Immortal Taoists regularly, which you might understand once you understand how the game actually works. The goals set by the game gives players a sense of purpose that isn’t stressfully immediate, but provides them a decent sense of satisfaction after reaching specific milestones.


Players in Immortal Taoists begin at the Mortal Realm. Once they’ve reached a certain stage in Adventure mode, they’ll gain access to open The Gates of Heaven. The gate allows players to ascend to Heaven, but still allows them to travel back and forth to Heaven and Earth freely as they continue the next phase of their journey through immortality in another plane of the spiritual world. In Heaven, players will unlock new modes to improve their character in the game.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Immortal Taoists

There are three ways to ascend to Heaven, which are all achieved by completing different tasks. The rewards of these ascension methods are also entirely different in terms of which stats are awarded upon completion. While a player is still playing on the Mortal Realm (Earth), they are considered pre-ascended. The game truly begins to hit its stride once the player has managed to overcome all trials and tribulations to reach this next phase of their adventure as Immortal Taoists.

Realms & Body

Realms and Bodies are the classification that shows what state the player’s character currently is. Players may look at their Realm and Body status by going to the main lobby and clicking on the character to enhance or level them up. The main purpose of upgrading your realms and body level is to unlock more game features that will speed up the process of growing your character more rapidly while gaining different methods of producing necessary resources that upgrade your other structures.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Immortal Taoists

Realm Upgrades: Qi Gathering > Foundation > Gold Core > Soul Wandering > Nascent Soul > Ensoulment > Nihility > Ascension

Body Upgrades: Mortal Flesh > Soul Forming > Mind Scattering > Sarira > Bone-Refining > Nirvana > Golden Body > Godly Force > Heavenly Being

Each of these Body and Realm upgrades have 10 stages before the player reaches the next stage. Players need to use cultivation points in order to upgrade one or both of these abilities one at a time. Realm upgrades are a bit harder to achieve since there’s a chance that the attempt will fail, causing the player to lose a portion of the cultivation points that they used to fuel the attempt. Although, players can buy pills that increase the chances of these attempts to succeed.


Attributes refer to the stats that a character has. You can check the attributes of your character by clicking on the character icon on the upper-left corner of the screen and going to the Attribute tab. Take note that players need to purchase the Spirit into Body item – costs 20,000 spirit stones, found on the 2nd Floor of the market – to be able to see their attributes.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Immortal Taoists

Stats affect everything you do in the game, ranging from combat capabilities to resource production. Players may increase their stats either by buying scrolls or cultivating their current skills and abilities. Items and equipment that players collect from exploration also play a big part in increasing the character’s stats. It’s important that players continuously increase their attributes so that they can attempt to ascend to Heaven by completing Adventure Stage 20.

Choosing Sects

Sects are a choice given to the player early on in the game. There are four tiers of sects in the Mortal Realm where players start at Tier 1 and eventually climb to the highest tier – Tier 4 – before ascending. Sects are important because they provide bonus attributes and an ultimate skill to help the player progress through the Exploration or simply increase their production and cultivation bonuses passively.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Immortal Taoists

One unique feature of joining a sect is that players have the option of attaining up to five companions that each give them rewards after some lovey-dovey time in your character’s quarters. This is done by raising a candidate’s affection to 100 before asking them to be your permanent companion. Take in mind that players have the choice to pick sects at Tier 1-2, but the game will randomly assign you a new sect once you decide to upgrade your sect to the next tier level.

Managing Resources

There are four primary resources in Immortal Taoists: Food, Wood, Iron, and Spirit Stones. These resources can all be produced at the Spiritual Mountain. Food is used to train apprentices and increase production. Wood is used to upgrade the production limit and efficiency of almost everything. Iron is used to increase Qi Gathering and the Blacksmith. Finally, Spirit Stones are used to buy items in the Market or pay for some specific tasks in the game.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Immortal Taoists

Players need to constantly increase the productivity of their resource-gathering and upgrade the limit so that they won’t end up having too much overflow during the time they’re not logged in. The best resource to upgrade is food since it allows players to assign more apprentices and frees space to upgrade the production of all other resources. Upgrade wood and iron equally. Lastly, put at least 1 or 2 points in Spirit Stone since, while it consumes a lot of food, is still an important resource to produce passively.