In this Into the Dead 2 farming guide, we will offer you some great tips on how you can gather up all of the gear you need without spending any real money. Because Into the Dead 2 is a free to play game, it can take some time to gather up different currencies and parts so you’ll need to be patient.

With that being said, the tips we offer below will give you the quickest methods for getting weapon parts, silver, treats, and all other gear in Into the Dead 2.

Understanding the parts you need

There are a number of different resources you will be constantly on the lookout for in Into the Dead 2. Let’s take a look at these parts, how they work, and how you can get these items.

First, let’s talk about silver. You need this currency to build weapons and upgrade weapons once you have the gear. The later level weapon upgrades require stacks upon stacks of silver, so it’s a resource you really don’t want to be throwing around. It can take a long time to acquire a lot of silver for free, but thankfully there is a method to do it quite easily. We’ll talk more about that later.

Next, we have gold. This is the premium currency that can be used to buy any other resource type, and sometimes buy special boosts or gear. You can get free gold for completing certain offers, and you can sometimes get free gold here and there from the in-game inbox, but you can’t reliably get gold without spending real money on it.

Into the Dead 2 Farming Guide

Next, we have the two types of components in Into the Dead 2 that are used for becoming more powerful. This includes weapon parts and treats. Weapon parts are used in conjunction with silver to upgrade existing weapons or build new weapons. Treats can be used to adopt new companions or train existing companions.

You can get treats and weapon parts from a variety of sources, but when you do, the material will be drawn from a loot table. For example, treats have the following drop rates:

  • Border Collie – 14.89%
  • Bullmastiff – 8.51%
  • Crossbreed – 21.28%
  • German Shepherd – 8.51%
  • Golden Retriever – 10.64%
  • Malayan Tiger – 8.51%
  • Bengal Tiger – 8.51%
  • Alpha Wolf – 6.38%
  • Slimer – 6.38%
  • Terror Dogs – 6.38%

Essentially, the best companions have the smallest drop rates. If you get treats for a specific companion, for example, the crossbread, those treats will only be useful for adopting or training the crossbreed.

For weapon parts, it’s the same story, with drop rates being higher for the lower tier weapons. If you don’t have blueprints for some of the weapons, the drop rates will be adjusted based on the blueprints you do have. For example, you’ll get far more D9 Defender and T9 Bandit weapon parts than you will get parts for something like a Spirit DDX or an ARC-7 Legion.

This means that if you want to upgrade the best weapons and companions, you’ll need to spend extra time farming. So, let’s take a look at the best ways to farm below. Finally, we have basic items such as weapon boosts, ammo, silver, grenades, and companion food. All of these items can be collected from loot at the end of each level.

How to get more weapon parts

The best way to get more weapon parts quickly is to earn more stars in the campaign levels. Each level can offer a total of five stars for completing challenges, and each star gives you progress towards opening a big weapon part box.

Into the Dead 2 Farming Guide

Besides that, you will also get a big weapon part box for completing the campaign finale. For repeatable weapon parts, make sure to visit the daily event. You’ll get a number of free runs each day, and you will be rewarded different things based on how many zombie kills you get. Once again, the parts you can get will only be for weapons you have unlocked the blueprint for, but it’s often for higher tier weapons.

Into the Dead 2 Farming Guide

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You can also get more weapon parts by watching ads in the supplies tab in the store. An advert won’t always be available, but it can be a quick way to get 10 or more weapon parts for free. You should always visit the store after each level to see if any adverts are available to watch.

Typically, the ongoing event can be a great way to get more weapon parts too, so make sure to look out for that.

Into the Dead 2 Farming Guide

How to get more silver

Silver needs to be earned in buckets to be able to upgrade your weapons to later levels. It can be quite a grind to get the silver you need at times, but rest assured, you won’t need to spend money on earning silver.

Firstly, if you can, try to save up your gold from completing in-game offers and opening your inbox so that you can buy silver with it. It may also be worth spending some leftover gold on event tickets because later events can give you huge silver boosts. You’ll need to perform well in these events to get the most silver, so keep that in mind. You can often practice on level one of an event because that level won’t cost any tickets.

Into the Dead 2 Farming Guide

Make sure you have gear that is the same level or higher than what the event recommends. If you don’t, you’ll just be wasting your gold. You can also get silver from claiming loot at the end of each campaign level. Read until the end on the best method for acquiring silver through this method.

How to get more treats

Into the Dead 2 Farming Guide

Treats work similarly to weapon parts, but there are times where it can be a little more difficult to acquire them. You can’t get treats for completing star challenges, nor can you get them from daily events.

Instead, you can get treats from loot at the end of campaign levels, and you can also get treats by watching adverts on the store. Make sure you navigate to the treats section. Remember that you only get to watch ads periodically, so if you really want a specific companion or want to train one, you should use your ads to get treats instead of anything else in the store.

The best way to farm silver and basic gear

Into the Dead 2 Farming Guide

If you want more boosts, ammo, grenades, silver, weapon parts, and treats, you can get all of this by completing campaign levels. What many people don’t realize though is that you can complete the earlier levels and still get rewards based on your current progress.

This means you can complete the first level over and over and still get the best possible rewards from loot bags. Make sure you watch adverts at the end of each level because you’ll also get double loot this way. Watching an advert is far quicker than repeating a level twice.

When you complete the first level, don’t worry about attacking zombies, and don’t take your companion with you. It’s best that you don’t waste any ammo or any companion food. That way, you aren’t wasting any resources to get the gear you need. The great thing about repeating levels is that they cost less energy too, so you can complete more levels per hour.

If you are new to Into the Dead 2, you should progress through the campaign levels as much as possible first before you try this strategy. Remember, the further you progress, the better loot you’ll get from loot bags, so it’s worth to get through a few chapters before going on a lengthy farming run.

One final thing to consider is that if you need more ammo or grenades to get past challenging levels, you can find a level with lots of ammo boxes, loot them up, and then run into a zombie. You will keep the ammo and grenades you find, even if you die.


That brings us to the end of our Into the Dead 2 farming guide. We hope that the tips we’ve included in this guide will help you to get the items you need in-game. Good luck out there!

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