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Beginner’s Guide For LastCraft Survival

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LastCraft Survival is a brilliant survival game that looks strikingly similar to Minecraft. Those who are fans of the hugely popular pixel art sandbox game will feel right at home in Lastcraft. This game plays as a first-person shooter, which puts you in the role of a person who survived the apocalypse alongside his (or her) family, and who is currently completing his training to become a soldier. The soldiers in the bunker are trained to repel the invasion of zombies and other nasty creatures that have appeared since the nuclear disaster that eradicated most of mankind. However, things quickly take a turn for the worse, as your bunker is broken into, and most of the residents are either killed or taken hostage. Only you and your Sergeant survive, and it is up to you two to scramble what resources you have left, craft yourself some gear, and take the fight to the enemy.


Beginner’s Guide For LastCraft Survival


Despite looking quite similar to Minecraft, their similarities end past the aesthetics and gameplay, as LastCraft throws you in a devastated world where you have to complete quests and achieve objectives in order to progress the story. In this sense, the sense of freedom that you’re given in the former is replaced in the latter by a sense of duty as you’ll always have something to accomplish or an objective to fulfill.

In this guide, we’re going to explain how to get started in this awesome game, as well as how to advanced through its initial stages.


During the Tutorial

You start the game by witnessing the initial cutscene, which explains that you used to be a happy, carefree family. That is until disaster struck, and you were among the lucky few who managed to flee into a bunker before things took a turn for the worse.


Beginner’s Guide For LastCraft Survival


After the cutscene, you’ll be able to choose your gender and character, as well as enter a name. The type of character you choose has no bearing on anything other than looks, as all of them have the same stats and are capable of performing any task with the same efficiency. Once you’ve chosen a character, you will be introduced to your bunker, where you can interact with several NPCs to learn about the world, as well as advance the story.

At this time, you will also learn several skills, such as hitting enemies with your knife, shooting enemies with a rifle, and learning how to eat and drink. The shooting mechanics are really simple; you only have to put your crosshairs on the enemy, and the game will autofire once you have acquired the target. This process is much easier when playing on BlueStacks, as you can aim using your mouse with much more accuracy and speed.


Beginner’s Guide For LastCraft Survival


Once you finish the tutorial, you’ll go to sleep, and this is where the real game begins. Your bunker is attacked, all the residents are either dead or missing, and you’re left to tend to your wounded Sergeant. After a few short missions where you find a medkit and craft an axe, you drive away from the scene and arrive at the Sheriff’s office, who offers to give medical aid to the Sergeant in exchange for your services as a crafter and builder.

Suffice to say, welcome to your main camp, where you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time when playing LastCraft.


Your Base Camp

As soon as you arrive, the Sheriff will ask you to build a water tower, which is essential for survival in the desert. It’s important that, at this time, you become acquainted with the crafting and building system since some of these structures are very important. For example, the forge and kitchen should be built as soon as they become available as they allow you to craft bullets and food, respectively.  You might find the BlueStacks Guide for Crafting in LastCraft Survival especially useful here.


Beginner’s Guide For LastCraft Survival


When it comes to finding crafting materials, you will be able to locate them all around the map. If you’re having troubles with a specific material, however, you can simply go to the sign corresponding to the structure you want to build, and scout for each material, after which you’ll be able to travel to the zones where you can find them.


Completing Missions

The only way to advance in the game, besides crafting and improving your base, is by completing missions. You’ll likely be spending most of your time performing tasks for the different NPCs you meet along the way, some of which might even be too complex for you, at the moment.

If you’re having trouble with a mission, remember that you can always craft better armor and weapons from the materials you pick up on the way. However, be mindful about your inventory space, as it is very limited, and will fill up quickly if you’re not selective about what to pick. For this reason, we always recommend leaving behind the items you don’t need when heading out on a mission, which you can do by depositing them in the storage box beside the Sheriff’s office.

In order to complete the various tasks you’re entrusted with, you’ll need to travel all across the map.

There are three ways in which you can reach your destination:

  • Using Fuel: You can use your truck to travel instantly to any location. This process requires fuel, however, which is finite and scarce.
  • Going on Foot: You could also travel on foot to your destination, which requires several minutes of waiting.
  • Watching an Ad: Lastly, you can teleport instantly to your destination by watching a short ad. After the advertisement ends, you’ll arrive at your objective.


Beginner’s Guide For LastCraft Survival


Beginner’s Guide For LastCraft Survival


For obvious reasons, we always recommend using the third option, as it is free and the ads are always short. This is another place where BlueStacks shines, as you can simply minimize the app and do something else while the advertisement plays.

After completing each mission, you will receive rewards, which usually consist of experience and a handful of other useful items. Keep in mind that, as your level increase, so do your crafting options. In this sense, make sure to pick any and all crafting materials lying around on the various maps that you visit; you never know when you’re going to need them!


Beginner’s Guide For LastCraft Survival


Lastly, remember to take only the absolutely essentials on each mission, as you will need inventory space to bring back lots of materials. As a general rule of thumb, you should bring only water, food, and lots of ammo on each mission. You could also bring some medical kits but, as you improve your skills, you’ll notice that you will get hit less, and won’t have as much need for healing items.


Beginner’s Guide For LastCraft Survival


These are all the basics you need to understand in order to get started in this awesome game. Stay tuned for more guides and walkthroughs on other aspects of LastCraft that you will be able to find on the BlueStacks Blog.

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