In order to succeed in LastCraft Survival, it is imperative that you become intimate with the crafting system (it’s right there in the name). This system, while not quite at par in terms of complexity with its doppelganger game, Minecraft, still has a considerable learning curve, especially in the advanced stages of the game. There is a wide variety of materials, buildings, and other resources that you’ll have access to as you complete quests and advance through the game’s story.



In this guide, we’ll go over all the different crafting materials and resources that you’ll find across your travels in LastCraft. Furthermore, we’ll also explain the importance of each main building, as well as list the most valuable supplies that you can take on your various missions around the world.


The Raw Materials

In LastCraft, you will find raw materials wherever you go. These materials are used for crafting every single item in the game. This process takes place in several phases, starting with collecting the raw materials and then accessing your crafting menu to see what you can make, followed by crafting the actual item. The buildings that make up your main base are constructed in a similar fashion. However, instead of crafting them from your personal crafting menu, you must approach their signs, from which you’ll be able to issue the build command once you bring the necessary materials. Depending on the structure, constructing it will take some time.

When it comes to raw materials, however, it’s important that you learn where to find each and every material. Luckily, the exploration in this game is not as free-form as in Minecraft, so you won’t have to scour aimlessly for very long. Instead, the map is divided into zones, which you’ll unlock by completing missions. Each zone has several materials in abundance, and you’ll need to become acquainted with this variety so that you can come back whenever you need these resources. In order to collect raw materials effectively, you’ll need to always carry around 2 tools, your axe, and your pick; the former is used for gathering materials, while the latter is used for breaking blocks that block passage to certain zones.

Here is a list with the most common raw materials, as well as where to find them:

  • Wood: From the trunks of trees; strike them and wood will come out.
  • Fiber: From the leaves of trees, as well as from cacti plants.
  • Rubber: From stacks of old tires, or from destroyed vehicles.
  • Plastic: Dark cubes in or around buildings.
  • Scrap Metal: From metal barrels.
  • Leather: By killing enemies or opening crates.
  • Weapon Pieces: From mechanical cubes; very rare.
  • Rock: By breaking greenish cubes.





Main Buildings

Besides crafting weapons and tools, raw materials are used for constructing buildings in your base. These buildings are very important, as they are often used to create essential items such as food and water, as well as ammunition for your guns, and other objects. The first two buildings that you’ll build, the water tower and kitchen, take your water purification capsules and raw meat and transform them into clean water and food, respectively, which you can consume to sustain yourself in the field.




The workshop, which is another type of building, takes your fiber and turns it into cloth, which you can use for crafting armor. However, it’s true purpose lies in the creation of ammunition for your guns. In this sense, it is one of the most important structures in the entire game.

However, before creating ammunition in the workshop, you’ll first need to craft gunpowder, which you can synthesize from coal in the laboratory, another very important building. You can gain access to the laboratory once you get to level 8, which will allow you to use wood and coal, as well as other materials, for more advanced purposes. You can get coal from cubes with black spots in several areas. You can also refine it from wood in the foundry, another type of building that specializes in working with metal and wood to make ingots and coal respectively.

Lastly, another important building, which you probably should construct as soon as you hit level 7, is the Medcenter, in which you can produce medical kits, as well as other items that give you temporary boosts to your attributes.


What Should I Craft?

At the very beginning of the game, you’ll need to create a water tower and a kitchen. After these two buildings are ready, you’ll basically have free reign of your base, which can be daunting if you don’t know how to proceed.




The very next thing you’ll want to craft after you’re given control of your base is a pick and a rusty revolver, the latter being the object of a mission. Don’t forget to create the appropriate ammunition for your new gun. However, the most important items you can craft right now are clothing to protect yourself from the baddies. Try to create a shirt and some pants, for starters, and work your way towards creating a bandana, some shoulder pads, a pair of gloves, and some boots.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of usable items have a durability meter, and will break after enough use. At this point, you can either create a new one or repair the one that just broke. The second option, however, costs valuable coins. In this sense, you should only use this alternative when strictly necessary.



Once you’ve made significant progress into the game, you can consider building a forge, so you won’t have to find coal in the field anymore, and will be able to synthesize it from wood, instead. As a general rule of thumb, try to construct each building as soon as they become available, so you can experiment with them and discover all kinds of interesting combinations and uses.

Before long, you’ll have your very own fortress, chock-full of resources and buildings to help you survive in the post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland. Good luck!

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