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How To Make Swift Progress in LastCraft Survival

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Getting started in LastCraft Survival is fairly straightforward. All it takes to progress through the tutorial and first few missions is simply following the on-screen instructions, and collecting your rewards as you complete each task. However, once you’re given free reign of your base, and it’s up to you to decide which buildings to construct, and which areas to focus on, the game suddenly becomes much more complex.

In this sense, there are several tips you should keep in mind in order to make swift and steady progress beyond the initial missions of the game. In this guide, we’ll talk about said tips, so you can put them to practice and gain an advantage over players.

Experience is Important!

Like many mobile online games, LastCraft features an experience that allows you to grow in levels, which symbolize your character’s growth after completing each survival task. There are many ways in which you can gain experience points (XP), such as gathering resources from the world, killing monsters, hunting animals, and constructing crafting stations such as the lab, the mines, the kitchen, and the workshop, among others. However, the best way to gain experience points and levels is by completing the many missions entrusted to you by the NPCs in the game.


How To Make Swift Progress in LastCraft Survival


It doesn’t take long to find out that completing quests is, by far, the fastest way to gain levels. However, as you progress through these tasks, you will notice that simply increasing your level is not enough to strengthen your character, as you’ll have to balance out your XP gain with steady progress in constructing your buildings and crafting gear for yourself.


How To Make Swift Progress in LastCraft Survival


In this sense, we recommend first going around the map, accepting every single quest you can get from the Sheriff, as well as the various characters in Las Vegas, and going around the world completing them one by one. However, make sure to only take the very essentials when setting out, such as your axe, and your pickaxe, as well as a ranged weapon, food, water, and maybe a medical kit or two. This is in order to save inventory space so that you can pick up all the materials that you can carry in each map that you visit. As a general rule of thumb, you should focus on bringing lots of materials from each new map you visit, so you won’t need to come back for some time.


Priority Buildings

As soon as you arrive at your base camp, you’ll notice all these wooden signs planted around various empty lots. This is where your new buildings can be constructed, an action that is performed by interacting with these signs while having the necessary materials in your inventory. There are several buildings that are obviously meant to be built as soon as possible, such as the water tower, and the kitchen, through which you can synthesize food and water. The workshop is the third essential building, which is used in the creation of ammunition, as well as in the synthesis of raw materials.


How To Make Swift Progress in LastCraft Survival


How To Make Swift Progress in LastCraft Survival


One of the most important things that you’ll need to progress in LastCraft is proper sets of armor. These are even more important than weapons as they will allow you to survive the onslaught of enemies in each area for longer periods of time. However, in order to create these pieces of armor, you’ll need processed materials, which are created in the workshop. Alternatively, you can acquire these materials by killing monsters in certain maps, which is imperative if you still don’t have access to this building.


How To Make Swift Progress in LastCraft Survival


When it comes to food and water, however, you’ll need water capsules and raw meat to synthesize them in the kitchen and water tower buildings, respectively. The water capsules can usually be obtained from fallen enemies. Meanwhile, the raw meat can be acquired either by slaying monsters or by hunting animals. If your character is hungry, and you have no way to craft some food, you could also forage for apples in the trees you find around the world. These can help restore your hunger meter in a pinch when you’re in trouble.


Completing Difficult Missions

There will surely come a time when you run into a mission you can’t complete on the first try, either because of a strong enemy, or because you’re overwhelmed by a horde of baddies. Luckily, getting through these missions is as simple as getting the best armor you can craft at the moment. In this sense, if you’re having trouble with a mission, go back to your camp, and check to see if you have the best equipment you can get. If not, go back to the maps that you have already explored, and scavenge for materials to upgrade your armor. Make sure to use the search function in the crafting menu, which will always point you in the direction of the materials you need, as long as they exist in the zone you’re currently in. Furthermore, once you find a cache of materials in a certain zone, make a mental reminder of its location, as they always respawn in the same place when you load into the zone.


How To Make Swift Progress in LastCraft Survival


How To Make Swift Progress in LastCraft Survival


If, after upgrading your weapon and armor, you’re still having troubles with a mission, then you definitely need to increase your character’s level. Try to focus on other tasks such as gathering materials, or killing enemies in maps to grind for XP to level up. Additionally, you may participate in the arena, which is a place where players clash against each other in friendly matches. This feature has its own set of missions, which are a good source of extra XP.

There’s really more to LastCraft Survival than what you find in other games. However, with this guide, as well as the other articles in our blog, you’ll have all the necessary tools to get started and make fast progress in the game.

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