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Tinkering With PvP and Editor Mode in LastCraft Survival

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When it comes to game modes in games like LastCraft Survival, players hardly expect anything other than gathering resources, constructing buildings, crafting tools and weapons, and completing missions. However, as it turns out, this game has much more to offer other than these tasks, which helps to break the monotony and spices up gameplay for those times when you simply don’t want to collect the same items over and over.


Tinkering With PvP and Editor Mode in LastCraft Survival


These modes are PvP and editor mode, which allow players to go against each other in the arena and customize their camp to their heart’s content, respectively. The editor mode is very important to keep in mind at all times since, as a game heavily inspired by Minecraft (which also has a creative mode), most of its amazing creations are developed in this mode. Furthermore, PvP mode is also great for breaking the routine and simply entering an arena to deliver a proper smackdown to your enemies.

In this guide, we’ll explain the essential aspects of both these modes.


PvP Arena

All the PvP in this game takes place in the arena, which you can access after completing the quest “First Strike” for the Sheriff.

This area is called the stadium and is an instanced zone apart from the rest of the world. In direct contrast to all other places in the map, traveling to the stadium will not cost time, fuel, or money. Furthermore, you can actually fight and kill players here, unlike other places where friendly fire is disabled.


Tinkering With PvP and Editor Mode in LastCraft Survival


Upon reaching the arena, you will meet Torchio, the manager of the stadium, and the NPC who will give you most of the arena missions. Yes, the arena has missions as well, though these are arguably more dangerous than normal since the monsters in this place are very dangerous, and you are always at risk of being ambushed by enemy players. Luckily, these missions are optional, and you can complete them at your own pace, with no strings attached.

As we mentioned above, the arena is a completely hostile zone, where you can be attacked on sight by both players and NPC mobs. However, there is a safe zone in this area, which is the hut in which you spawn. All the other zones are entirely dedicated to PvP. In this sense, all the weapons, armor, and other items you craft will be paramount to achieving victory over other players seeking to take your life.

When playing in the arena, you have to be very careful not to die. In any other occasion, when you die to a mob, you simply must endure a penalty to the durability of your items, as well as wait a few seconds before respawning. In the arena, everything changes: this area is loaded with valuable materials that you can take back to your camp, and which are used in the crafting of interesting items. However, if you die, either to a mob or to a player, you will drop all that items that you have collected. Luckily, you can just pick them up again, as they can’t be stolen in this manner. However, getting your items back can be challenging, especially if you died far from the spawn.

This is where BlueStacks come in handy since, with its intuitive controls, you’ll be able to aim better, move with more speed, and naturally react to a wide variety of situations, compared to those who are playing with the touchscreen controls of their phones. Furthermore, be sure to bring plenty of adrenaline shots, and keep them in your hotbar in case you need a quick health boost in the middle of battle. Also, make sure to bind your number keys to the hotbar slots using the keyboard control UI in BlueStacks, so that you can have easy access to fyour items with the press of a button.


Tinkering With PvP and Editor Mode in LastCraft Survival


Editor Mode

The other game mode other than story and PvP in LastCraft Survival.

In this mode, you can essentially break free of the laws and restrictions of the game world, and fly across your main camp in order to build amazing structures without limitations. This mode is accessed by clicking on the pickaxe icon in the top right corner of the screen while in your camp. As we mentioned above, editor mode is very reminiscent of Minecraft’s creative mode, which gives the players access to unlimited blocks of various types, which they can use in any way they want in order to build awesome creations.


Tinkering With PvP and Editor Mode in LastCraft Survival


Although the blocks you have at your disposal in this mode are essentially unlimited, you first have to “unlock” them, which you can do by crafting them at least once in the normal game mode. In this sense, you can basically gain access to every single block in editor mode by crafting them with wood and scrap metal, which are common materials, found in many parts of the world.


Tinkering With PvP and Editor Mode in LastCraft Survival


When we said that you can break free of the laws and restrictions of the game world, we meant it quite literally, as you can even make your character fly in editor mode, in order to have full freedom of movement while working on your creations. Additionally, you have free reign to remove blocks from your default camp. You can remove mountains, vegetation, and other parts of your camp to make room for your creations, or simply to create a different aesthetic. However, take care not to remove too many blocks near the Sheriff’s office, as you may accidentally lock the Sheriff or Sergeant Dave in a ditch that they won’t be able to crawl out from. This is important since these two NPCs give you many missions which you’ll need to clear in order to advance in the game.


Tinkering With PvP and Editor Mode in LastCraft Survival


Tinkering With PvP and Editor Mode in LastCraft Survival


Now that you know about these two game modes, you’ve learned basically all you need to know about LastCraft Survival. All that’s left for you is to go out and enjoy this awesome game. 

Until next time!

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