Combat power in Legend of Pandonia is an extremely important value because it doesn’t only calculate the average strength of your team, it also gives players access to higher-level game modes that are usually locked when players don’t meet the requirements. Players strive to raise their combat power as quickly as possible but find very little success because it’s difficult to find ways to do so. In this guide, we’ll be discussing the ways how to raise your combat power in Legend of Pandonia.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Legend of Pandonia

Combat power is the average value of all of your heroes’ stats combined. This includes base stats, bonus stats, and parameters that affect the potency of your skills and abilities. By understanding this, it becomes easier to understand why leveling up heroes is one of the easiest ways to raise your combat power, but that’s not necessarily the only way to do this. Let’s take a look at the most efficient ways to increase combat power so that you can climb the rankings much faster.

Choosing Heroes

The most important way to raise the combat power of your team is to choose which heroes you place. Naturally, players want all six team slots occupied by a hero so that their combat power is always maximized. The second thing that players need to keep in mind is to place heroes of higher rarity. We’ve discussed the importance of rarity in our Team Building Guide to help players get a better idea of how they can create the perfect team, which will help boost their combat power rating.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Legend of Pandonia

Higher-rarity heroes have stronger stats and better skills and abilities compared to lower-rarity units. A player’s goal is to try and get their team only to include 4-star and above units, but that might take a while depending on how lucky they are or how much resources they are willing to invest into the game. SSR units will always be superior even if a player tries to raise a lower-rarity hero’s rank manually. Competitive players shouldn’t keep low-rarity units for the sake of sentimentality.

Gearing Up

Gearing is another excellent way to increase your total combat power quickly. This is also a lot faster because the resource required to farm gear is more accessible as compared to summoning, which requires premium currency to achieve. Of course, faster doesn’t mean it’s easy because the gear is also a random drop from stages. Hence, there’s a chance that the player won’t get all the items they need even after expending all their energy to complete multiple runs, especially if they’re hunting high-rarity items.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Legend of Pandonia

The best way to make farming gear easier is to defeat higher-level chapters. By increasing the difficulty of the dungeon being farmed, the drop rate of items also becomes higher. A common mistake that beginners make is choosing the easiest dungeon to run that drops the same loot they need because the stage is completed faster. Running low-level stages is a complete waste of time and energy, which is why you might notice fewer drops whenever they are completed.


Evolution is the best way to increase the combat power of your team. The most common reason why players experience like they’re gaining combat power slowly is that their teams have low total star grade value. Star grade (or rarity) affects the level cap of each hero, so it’s an excellent way to make sure that your team reaches the next tier. Once a hero evolves, they’ll be stronger and more efficient in combat, so it’s recommended that all party members are at least 4-stars to reach a competitive level.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Legend of Pandonia

Evolving heroes is a pretty simple concept. Feeding them heroes of the same star grade will allow the evolution process to commence. However, the higher the unit’s level, the more difficult it is to evolve them because it’s harder to obtain the materials needed for the sacrifice. Most players don’t want to sacrifice their other 5-star units since they are extremely difficult to acquire. Once a player has acquired at least 6 SSR units, all extras can be used as fodder for evolution.

Skill Level Up

Leveling up skills is another difficult but effective way of increasing your combat power. We mentioned that combat power is the average value of stats, but skills also add value to a player’s rating because the system counts the combat value of the skill’s damage output or support value into consideration. Those values increase whenever the skill is leveled up, so it shouldn’t surprise that combat power is also upgraded alongside it. However, leveling skills is not an easy task.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Legend of Pandonia

There are also resources necessary to level up skills, such as for sacrificial units, specifically made to upgrade skills. To get these materials, players will need to earn them by completing missions or farming them at the dispatch during a specific time of the week, depending on the element being upgraded. Make sure to attend this game mode every day. When a player upgrades a skill, they upgrade all of the available abilities, so they’ll gain a massive boost in combat power once it is completed.

Synergy Bonus

Synergy bonus is another unique feature in many RPG games like these. The system combines two or more heroes who are related by their in-game stories or by other traits such as elemental affinity, class, or even simple aesthetics. When a synergy bonus is completed, the player gains permanent bonus stats when those two are members of the same party. It’s a good idea to check out which characters have synergy bonuses but consider if they are worth placing in the team.

How to Raise Your Combat Power in Legend of Pandonia

Even if certain heroes have synergy bonuses, players should think about their team composition when those are included. Sometimes it’s not worth forcing a synergy bonus if your team will end up getting clogged with heroes of the same element or class. Since synergy bonuses are only active in Synergy Dungeons, this isn’t something that players should think about too much. Hence, it’s better to focus on the previous ways to increase combat power.