Legend of Pandonia is a game that will test a player’s patient and resource management abilities by introducing different game mechanics. Many beginners often get lost in the first stages of the game, where they often don’t know which direction they should go when trying to climb up the standings. Some players just end up playing casually, but many want to make the time they spend playing this game efficient by doing the right things during the packed schedule.

BlueStacks has already prepared some in-depth guides on many of the game’s most complicated features. However, there are still some things that we’d like to share with the players to ensure that they have the best possible start when playing the game. Legend of Pandonia can still be pretty tricky, especially if you’re not sure what to do daily. These tips and tricks will help players get a better idea of what the most important things to do in the game are if they plan on playing seriously.

Complete Your Dailies

Daily tasks are the core of any RPG as they introduce goals that players can do regularly to play the game without losing track of the direction they’re going. The purpose of daily tasks is to introduce tasks in the game that are important. Daily tasks aren’t just limited to the list of missions that a player can do daily but also dungeons and events which reset the next day. It’s essential to complete all the daily tasks and dungeons before they reset to maximize the rewards that you can get.

Tips & Tricks in Playing Legend of Pandonia

The most important daily tasks are dungeons where players can farm materials. These materials practically only arrive once per week since they come in rotations depending on the week’s time. Even if you don’t think that you’ll need the materials now, you’ll appreciate farming them early when you pull a hero that needs those materials. Many veterans’ biggest regrets are not farming materials early since they thought that they didn’t need it only to come short when the time comes.

Rush Adventures

Adventures are where players need to farm materials from and progress through the story. Even if you don’t care about the narrative behind Legend of Pandonia, you’re still forced to play through every chapter of the game if you want to get loot. We’ve mentioned in our Combat Power the importance of gear and how it helps players tackle more challenging monsters and opponents. The best place to farm gear is through the adventure mode, which rewards players with unlimited chances of getting items.

Tips & Tricks in Playing Legend of Pandonia

The reason why players are encouraged to rush their adventures is that the quality of drops increases as players move into higher chapters in the adventure. Naturally, players want at least green armor sets for their heroes to have the minimum power required to challenge high-tier game modes. Once you’ve reached a point where your hero can’t beat the stage anymore, it’s recommended to start farming upon previous stages to upgrade your current team.

Save Your Summons

The hardest part about gacha games is saving enough gems to summon a hero. In most gacha games, there is the 10-summon bonus that increases the chances of getting a higher rarity hero or, in some cases, guarantees the opportunity to get an SR and above unit. The problem here is that many players often don’t have the patience to wait for 10-summons because they want to take the chance of getting an excellent unit by doing solo yolos since it gives them more thrill doing so.

Tips & Tricks in Playing Legend of Pandonia

There’s nothing wrong with solo yolos since it works for people blessed by RNGesus. Statistically speaking, the increased chance of getting a higher rarity champion by saving your gems can help players struggling to get a unit they want. We’re not just talking about saving gems. Legend of Pandonia also awards players with summoning tickets that players should save until they have at least ten to increase the chances of summoning something good.

Expend Your Energy

Expending your energy means that you should always zero out before logging out for a prolonged period. The game features an energy system that limits the amount of time they can play at specific periods. There are many ways to get more energy for free since Legend of Pandonia is extremely generous at giving away energy points to players after completing specific tasks or achievements. However, players shouldn’t always accept it right away.

Tips & Tricks in Playing Legend of Pandonia

Energy is replenished only if it is below the maximum quantity. If the player gains energy that’s over or equal to the limit, energy production will stop. This is a complete waste because it doesn’t allow the player to get valuable resources by attempting certain adventure stages. If you’re going to leave the game, it’s recommended that you spend at least half of the entire pool before logging out, but it’s always better if all of the energy is expended. It doesn’t matter what you do with the energy since any stage awards exp anyway.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild is an integral part of any adventure RPG since it allows players to take on more tasks and be included in a social community. Even if you’re not fond of socialization in games, there are still many benefits to joining a guild. For example, the guild shop sells exclusive items only to players that earn guild points, a currency acquired by helping out the guild with specific tasks and missions.

Tips & Tricks in Playing Legend of Pandonia

When joining a guild, it’s essential to choose one that is active and is placed in the higher rankings. This is because lower-tier guilds tend to be dead weight since they almost always never host events or activate bonuses even if the members donate a lot of stuff. By joining a top guild, you’ll not only gain more recognition but also benefit from a lot more exclusive bonuses.